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SCORAI is a unique network run by volunteers, with nearly one thousand subscribers. We are a vibrant community that offers high-quality exchanges on issues of sustainable consumption since 2008. Our activities include the listserve and newsletter, workshops and conferences, videos and publications, which are defining the field. The six members of the SCORAI Board and others readily contribute their time and energy without compensation, but we still need financial resources to keep going. To maintain activities at the current level we need you to become a contributing SCORAI subscriber. We are asking for your contribution of US $50 ($25 for students, retired and others in special circumstances) to reach the goal of $10 000 in 2017. Of course, more generous donations are gratefully welcomed! Want to support us? Donate now!
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Social Change and the Coming of Post-consumer Society (2017)

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Eugene Memorandum

The role of cities in advancing sustainable consumption (2016)

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USDN Sustainable Consumption Toolkit

Advancing Sustainable Consumption in Cities

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UNEP Report

Fostering and Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles: Principles and Emerging Practices (2016)

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Watch and make use of several of our talks and keynote presentations on sustainable consumption and related topcis

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Sustainable Consumption and Social Justice in a constrained world: how to make it happen?

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Supporting sustainable consumption teaching worldwide

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Wealth redistribution and population management

Globalisation and trade have enabled too many countries to overshoot their capacities and run ‘ecological deficits’ with other nations

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Working Group Report

Bridging Research, Action and Policy

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How to communicate sustainable lifestyles?



Pan-European research initiative to achieve a greater scientific understanding of the social and cultural influences on energy consumption

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Handbook on Growth and Sustainability

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Future Earth Systems

Report of the SESYNC-Sponsored Workshop of the Future Earth Knowledge Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

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SCORAI China, a new member of SCORAI family, was launched at the International Workshop on Sustainable Consumption Research in China on November 16, 2014 at Renmin University of China in Beijing…


SCORAI Europe aims to support a community that contributes forward-thinking, innovative research in the area of sustainable consumption, while also bridging academic research with mainstream thinking and policy making…


SCORAI Israel is a network of researchers and stakeholders who are interested in the interface between material consumption, technological and cultural transformations, and human wellbeing…


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