POST-WORK / POST-CONSUMERIST Futures: Mini-Colloquium Series


The Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative
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Halina Brown

Sustainable Lifestyles: Individual Action vs. System Change

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Peter Frase

Technology, Ecology, and Power, Colloquium on “Post-Work and Post-Consumerist Futures”

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Maurie Cohen

The future of the consumer society


SCORAI is a knowledge network of professionals working at the interface of material consumption, human well-being, and technological and cultural change.
We aim to foster a transition beyond the currently dominant consumer society.

SCORAI provides a forum for scholars and practitioners striving to understand the drivers of the consumerist economy in affluent technological societies; to formulate and analyze options for post-consumerist lifestyles, social institutions, and economic systems; and to provide the knowledge for emergent grassroots innovations, social movements, and public policies.


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SCORAI China, a new member of SCORAI family, was launched at the International Workshop on Sustainable Consumption Research in China on November 16, 2014 at Renmin University of China in Beijing…


SCORAI Europe aims to support a community that contributes forward-thinking, innovative research in the area of sustainable consumption, while also bridging academic research with mainstream thinking and policy making…


SCORAI Israel is a network of researchers and stakeholders who are interested in the interface between material consumption, technological and cultural transformations, and human wellbeing…


The Colloquium series is funded by the Rasmussen Foundation

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