Publications sustainable consumption week 24, 2018

Examining the role of Big Data & Predictive Analytics on Collaborative Performance in context of Sustainable Consumption and Production Behaviour

R Dubey, A Gunasekaran, SJ Childe, Z Luo… – 2018
The organizations engaged in sustainable development programmes are
increasingly paying serious attention towards synergetic relationships between focal
firms and their partners to achieve the goal of sustainable consumption and …
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Carbon reduction from sustainable consumption of waste resources: an optimal model for collaboration in an industrial symbiotic network

B Zhang, Z Du, Z Wang – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Inter-firm collaboration is an effective way to achieve carbon emission reduction by
sustainable consumption of waste resources. To find out how to bring collaborative
effects to bear upon emission reduction for multiple-firm networks, industrial …
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Drivers of sustainable consumption in a developing sub-saharan african setting: perspective of nigerian academic staff.

S Ukenna, EC Idoko, OJ Kehinde, ME Ogbari – 2018
Sustainable consumption bahaviour is silently becoming a pivotal phenomenon in
Nigeria, just like other developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) which
arguably is affecting purchase patterns. Despite the amazing growing interest in …
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Social predictors and implementation intention of drivers to use public bus transport

AS Kang, K Jayaraman, KL Soh, WP Wong – Management of Environmental Quality …, 2018
… Abstract: Purpose. This purpose of this paper is to contribute to the understanding of social
sustainable consumption in the context of improved ridership in public bus transport (PBT).
It investigated the social predictors and implementation intention of drivers to use PBT …
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A Running Start or a Clean Slate? How a History of Cooperation Affects the Ability of Cities to Cooperate on Environmental Governance

R Mu, W Spekkink – Sustainability, 2018
… Wouter Spekkink () (Sustainable Consumption Institute, The University
of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK). Registered: Abstract. Since
2013, the Chinese central government has pushed cooperation on …
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[PDF] Solutions Menu-A Nordic guide to sustainable food policy

MF Fischer-Møller, M Persson, E Skylare – 2018
… environmental impact. National climate mitigation strategies are also starting to make
the much-needed connection between sustainable consumption and production.
Despite these efforts, there is a long road ahead. Lessons …
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[PDF] Innovative projects for sustainable development of cities (case of Saint-Petersburg)

S Evseeva, O Kalchenko, O Evseeva – MATEC Web of Conferences, 2018
… United Nations Sustainable Development Goals): Ensure access to water
and sanitation for all; Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and
modern energy for all; Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable; …
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A framework of actions for strong sustainability

GC de Oliveira Neto, LFR Pinto, MPC Amorim… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
Strong sustainability (SS) aims for the maintenance of economic, environmental, and
social capital through an efficient use of resources and by replacing non-re.
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Digital Behaviour Change Interventions to Break and Form Habits

C Pinder, J Vermeulen, BR Cowan, R Beale – ACM Transactions on Computer …, 2018
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Stock Market Reactions to Auto Manufacturers’ Environmental Failures

LC Wood, JX Wang, LNK Duong, T Reiners, R Smith – Journal of Macromarketing, 2018
The automotive sector must meet strict regulations to increase mobility while reducing
emissions to demonstrate environmental stewardship. Trust in the promise …
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[PDF] Impact of ecosystem services on a sustainable business strategy in urban conditions

E Balashova, S Sharipova – MATEC Web of Conferences, 2018
… Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster
innovation» [1]. Additionally relevant objectives in the development of cities
can be identified: «Ensure access to water and sanitation for all», «Ensure …
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Do you act as you intend?: Discovering differences in the attitude-behavior gap between national context.

M Welén, A Zabarauskas – 2018
… Abstract [en]. Keywords: Attitude – behavior gap, sustainable consumption,
national influence, comparative study … 2018. Keyword [en]. Attitude – behavior
gap, sustainable consumption, national influence, comparative study National …
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P MERONI – Fashion through History: Costumes, Symbols …, 2018
… are several actors, including consumers, companies, the media, voluntary
associations, and suppliers, operating at these three levels of social interaction,
which stimulate our knowledge and conscience and encourage us to …
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[PDF] Seeing is believing is doing?: On the role of future-oriented imagination in developing motivation for a sustainable lifestyle

V Vingmarker – 2018
Page 1. Master thesis in Sustainable Development 2018/10 Examensarbete i Hållbar
utveckling Seeing is believing is doing? On the role of future-oriented imagination in
developing motivation for a sustainable lifestyle Viktoria Vingmarker …
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[PDF] Cluster Analysis for the Determination of Innovative and Sustainable Oriented Regions in Europe

C Pelau, AC Chinie – Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldiş” Arad, Seria Ştiinţe …, 2018
… The strategy has established several directions such as climate change and
clean energy, sustainable transport, sustainable consumption and production,
conservation and management of natural resources, public health, social …
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M MUSARRA – … History: Costumes, Symbols, Communication (Volume I …, 2018
… The theoretical model is based on exogenous variables related to the qualities of the
ingredients in cosmetics to determine the relationship between the purchasing process
and environmental awareness in the promotion of sustainable consumption in this sector …
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Heartware as a Driver for Campus Sustainability: Insights from an Action-oriented Exploratory Case Study

ZF Mohamad, SNA Kadir, A Nasaruddin, N Sakai… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
Literature on campus sustainability transitions is mainly focused on the hardware and
software approaches, with less attention on the so-called ‘heartware’.
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[PDF] Lessons on the Right to Health Litigation and MDGS for Implementing Health Related SDGS in South Africa

AO Jegede, A Lansink, CCA Hagenmeier – Ghana Journal of Development Studies, 2018
… OHCHR, 2010), are Goal 3 which expressly deals with ensuring healthy lives
and promotion of well-being for all at all ages, and other goals such as Goal
6 on availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation, Goal …
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Exploring the production of Bio-Succinic acid from Apple Pomace using 1 an Environmental approach

S González-García, L Argiz, P Míguez, B Gullón – Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018
… Bio-based products have been promoted as part of sustainable consumption strategies,
and are obtained from the integration of eco-innovation approaches aimed at reducing
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and combating the depletion of fossil sources [2]. New …
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K Dahal, PR Pandey – 2018
… economic growth, employment and decent work for all”, Goal 9: “Build resilient
infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”,
Goal 11: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”, Goal 12 …
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Design Guidelines for Assistance Systems Supporting Sustainable Purchase Decisions

N Herbig, G Kahl, A Krüger – Proceedings of the 2018 on Designing Interactive …, 2018
… ACM, 199–208. 37. William Young, Kumju Hwang, Seonaidh McDonald, and Caroline
J Oates. 2010. Sustainable consumption: green consumer behaviour when purchasing
products. Sustainable Development 18, 1 (2010), 20–31 …
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Optimal exploitation of renewable resources: lessons in sustainability from an optimal growth model of natural resource consumption

S Aseev, T Manzoor – Control Systems and Mathematical Methods in …, 2018
… This notion of sustainability is natural, and has also been used by various
authors in their work. For instance, Valente (2005) evaluates this notion
of sustainability for an exponentially growing natural resource, and derives …
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[PDF] 4. Natural capital accounting: Growing experience and testing the 10 living principles to make it fit for policy

A Ruijs, M Vardon
… we extracted important lessons for future progress and key opportunities for the application
of natural capital accounting to the SDGs both as a whole as well as individually (eg those
related to water, climate change, terrestrial and sustainable consumption and production) …
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[PDF] Community Forestry and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Two Way Street

W de Jong, B Pokorny, P Katila, G Galloway…
… A total of five goals were assessed to have medium strength linkages with CSF: SDG
2 (End Hunger), 3 (Healthy Lives and Wellbeing), 6 (Water and Sanitation), 11 (Cities),
12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production), and 13 (Climate Change) …
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[PDF] Mechanization in African Agriculture A Continental Overview on Patterns and Dynamics

OK Kirui, J von Braun
… The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in goal number twelve – SDG12:
ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns – provides a
strong case for sustainable crop production intensification that will protect …
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[PDF] Sharing economy: a drive to success

A Coupez, C Brognaux, C Lejeune
Page 1. Sharing economy: a drive to success The case of GO-JEK in Jakarta, Indonesia
Research Master’s Thesis submitted by Alice Coupez With a view of getting the degree
Master 120 credits in Management, professional focus …
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The many faces of sustainability-conscious consumers: A category-independent typology

I Balderjahn, M Peyer, B Seegebarth, KP Wiedmann… – Journal of Business …, 2018
… Thus, the general objective of the present study is to provide a more
fine-grained picture of distinguishable sustainable consumption styles and
their differentiated product buying effects. 2. Sustainable consumption and …
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Capturing Citizens’ Values: On the Role of Narratives and Emotions in Digital Participation

K Esau – Analyse & Kritik, 2018
… postmaterialist values (see figure 1). Another extract from the online discussion
of coal mining begins with an ex- ample of a participant’s postmaterialistic
value orientation; she argues for reduc- tion of coal mining, encouraging …
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Tourism consumption of biodiversity: A global exploration of forest product use in thatched tropical resort architecture

JA Sierra-Huelsz, KA Kainer – Geoforum, 2018
The influence of tourism on biodiversity consumption is massive, yet poorly understood.
We investigate the emergence of the thatched hut as an icon of tropical.
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Investigation of Regional Conditions and Sustainability Indicators for Sustainable Product Development of Building Materials

J Kono, Y Ostermeyer, H Wallbaum – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
With the increasing importance of the sustainable product development of the building
materials for the sustainable building and its industries, this study stru.
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Estimating the Heating Energy Consumption of the Residential Buildings in Hebron, Palestine

SB AlQadi, B Sodagar, A Elnokaly – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… the energy consumption in the residential sector. The Palestinian energy sector main
challenges are the high fuel prices, lack of sustainable consumption and energy
insecurity. Developing energy policies and studying the potential …
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Developing an indicator set for measuring sustainable development in India

AM Khalid, S Sharma, AK Dubey – Natural Resources Forum, 2018
Page 1. Natural Resources Forum •• (2018) ••–• DOI: 10.1111/1477-8947.12151
Developing an indicator set for measuring sustainable development in India Ahmad
M. Khalid , Seema Sharma and Amlendu K. Dubey Abstract …
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[PDF] Analysis of Annual Precipitation and Water Table Changes in Shahrekord Aquifer

RA Nafchi – Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci, 2018
… has happened while the water scarcity has had a tremendous impact on
the everyday life of the people of the region, and the region has witnessed
the incidents and challenges arising from the lack of belief in the …
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Nostalgic environmentalities in the EPA’s Documerica and State of the Environment projects

DA Greenwalt, B Creech – Visual Communication, 2018
This article argues that environmental citizenship, understood as sustainable forms of
consumption, is increasingly constructed through visual regimes of nostal…
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Environmental protection through societal change: What psychology knows about collective climate action—and what it needs to find out

S Bamberg, JH Rees, M Schulte – Psychology and Climate Change, 2018
Global and societal challenges such as climate change cannot be solved by focusing
on single actors and individual behavior change alone but are inherently soci.
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Leveraging material efficiency as an energy and climate instrument for heavy industries in the EU

AG Hernandez, S Cooper-Searle, ACH Skelton… – Energy Policy, 2018
Material efficiency is indispensable to reaching agreed targets for industry’s energy and
carbon emissions. Yet, in the EU, the energy- and emissions-saving pot.
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