Publications sustainable consumption week 28, 2018

[PDF] The Generation Y’s sustainability perceptions and consumption habits in the footwear industry in Portugal

JP Bernardes, AD Marques, F Ferreira, M Nogueira… – 2018
… There are several aspects to consider when analyzing fashion consumers and
sustainability: the consumer nowledge about sustainability, consumer behaviour and
consumption habits and feelings associated with sustainable consumption …
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[PDF] Academic background as an influencing factor in the Gen Y’s sustainable consumption habits

AD Marques, JP Bernardes, F Ferreira, M Nogueira – 2018
The main goal of this paper is to understand if a different academic background can
have an influence in the Millennials’ perceptions regarding sustainability and their
‘green’consumption habits of footwear in Portugal. The research method will be …
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LWT Lo – 2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo, 2018
… In last few decades, more attention has been given to the study of the bright side, for
instance, green purchase (eg, Lee, 2008 & 2009; Chan, 2008); sustainable consumption
(Lee, 2014), or fair trade (Chatzidakis, Kastanakis, & Stathopoulou, 2016) …
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N Kitsanarom, P Pongsakornrungsilp… – 2018 Global Marketing …, 2018
… It causes the impacts to overconsumption in natural resources and also affects to social
and environment problems. Sheth et al. (2011) provide alternative framework for
developing sustainable consumption through the concept of mindful consumption …
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Sustainable Higher Education Teaching Approaches

NT Krogman, A Bergstrom – Handbook of Engaged Sustainability, 2018
Page 1. Sustainable Higher Education Teaching Approaches Naomi T. Krogman
and Apryl Bergstrom Contents Introduction . . . . . 446 …
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Green consumption: a network analysis in marketing

E Semprebon, D Mantovani, R Demczuk… – Marketing Intelligence & …, 2018
… Third, 11 keywords were defined by three consulted experts: green
consumption, green behavior, sustainable consumption, sustainable behavior,
sustainability, ecological behavior, environmental behavior, social …
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[PDF] Applying System Analysis and System Dynamics Modelling In Complex Research Projects-The Case Of VALUMICS

AH Olafsdottir, I Gudbrandsdottir, HU Sverdrup… – Proceedings in Food …, 2018
… 26, No 1, pp. 55-65, UNEP (2015). Post 2015 Note #2: Sustainable
Consumption and Production and the SDGs. Available at: www.cbd.
int/financial/monterreytradetech/unep-scp.pdf. Weidema, BP, Wesnæs …
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Energy Consumption as Part of Social Practices

A Horta – The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society, 2018
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Theorizing the Behavioral Dimension of Energy Consumption

MA Brown, BK Sovacool – The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society, 2018
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The energy-mineral-society nexus–A social LCA model

H Schlör, S Venghaus, P Zapp, J Marx, A Schreiber… – Applied Energy, 2018
… 1. Introduction. Sustainable development goal 12 of the UN agenda for sustainable
development urges the global community to ensure sustainable consumption and
production patterns [1] in order to enable a transition to sustainable global development …
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European Plastics Strategy: What promise for global marine litter?

J Penca – Marine Policy, 2018
… They include the UNEP-led Global Partnership on Marine Litter, the
Sustainable Development Goals (in particular Goal 12, which seeks to ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns, and Goal 14, which seeks …
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User Innovation and Peer Assistance in Small-Scale Renewable Energy Technologies

S Hyysalo, JK Juntunen – The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society, 2018
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Collaboration for Regional Sustainable Circular Economy Innovation

R Buch, D O’Neill, C Lubenow, M DeFilippis… – Handbook of Engaged …, 2018
… Planet – we are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including
through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing
its natu- ral resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that …
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Gourmet Products from Food Waste: Rethinking Food Management and Social Justice

I Alegre, J Berbegal-Mirabent – Handbook of Engaged Sustainability, 2018
… 685 Page 4. Sustainability in the Food Industry Food waste is generated throughout all
the stages of production and consumption. About 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every
year ( development/sustainableconsumption-production/) …
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Religious Orientations and Consumer Ethics: The Mediating Role of Personal Moral Philosophies

RMMI Chowdhury – Journal of Macromarketing, 2018
This study examines the roles of intrinsic religiosity, quest religiosity and personal moral
philosophies (idealism and relativism) as predictors of consumers’ …
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Energy Cultures as Sociomaterial Orders of Energy

T Pfister, M Schweighofer – The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society, 2018
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Teetering on the Brink: Subversive and Restorative Learning in Times of Climate Turmoil and Disaster

D Selby, F Kagawa – Journal of Transformative Education, 2018
Unchecked climate change poses a self-inflicted existential risk to humanity as it
exacerbates the multiple-crisis syndrome facing global society. In internatio…
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[PDF] Societal Perspectives on a Bio-Economy in Germany: An Explorative Study Using Q Methodology

C Hempel, S Will, K Zander – Proceedings in Food System Dynamics, 2018
… Likewise, other recent publications describe bio-economy as a holistic approach, in which
sufficiency as well as sustainable consumption behaviour, and established practices and
processes also play an important role (cf. Schmid et al., 2012; Priefer et al., 2017) …
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Dances with potential food waste: Organising temporality in food waste reduction practices

M Mattila, N Mesiranta, E Närvänen, O Koskinen… – Time & Society, 2018
This study describes and analyses how practices organise temporality to reduce food
waste. The study builds upon the material turn in practice theories and an o…
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Agent-Based Change in Facilitating Sustainability Transitions

K Koistinen, S Teerikangas, M Mikkilä, L Linnanen – Handbook of Engaged …, 2018
… Larsen et al. 2011). Expressions of agency, such as green consumers or civil society,
have also been related to the niche level. Thus, the question of sustainable
consumption is widely acknowledged. Green consumers are …
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[PDF] Building trust in relational services: The analysis of a sharing service between neighbours

MF de Freitas, C Cipolla – ServDes2018. Service Design Proof of Concept …, 2018
… 360 Tem Açúcar? is a platform created in 2014 by Camila Carvalho, a Communications
student engaged in the sustainable consumption cause. It enables the sharing of objects
between neighbours, establishing a local collaboration network …
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[HTML] Sustainability Assessments of Buildings

U Berardi – 2018
… constraining the scale of the human economic system within the biophysical
limits of the overall ecosystem on which it depends; therefore, environmental
sustainability is inherently linked with the concepts of sustainable production …
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[PDF] Designing spaces and services. An experimental project for student dormitories: Collective experiences, connected lives and linked places

L Collina, P Di Sabatino, L Galluzzo, C Mastrantoni – ServDes2018. Service Design …, 2018
… The activities offered by community hubs can be multiple and related to different fields:
culture and creativity; support for families; technology; communication; leisure and sport,
education and training; art; work and new businesses; sustainable consumption, etc …
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[PDF] Estimating the Value of Ecosystem Services for Private and Public Decision Making in Agriculture

R Roy – 2018
… Page 19. 2 Goal 12, which is to “ensure sustainable consumption and production
patterns” (United Nations 2015, p.14), is considered in the third study that investigates
the willingness to pay for environmental and health attributes …
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[PDF] Organizational Commitment Levels of Personnel Working in 4-Star and 5-Star Accommodation Businesses: The Case of Alanya

AB Hayta – Current Perspectives in Social Sciences
… 18th century. In this era, forest lands were calculated and recorded and tree cutting
was begun to be taxed. These measures can be evaluated as the first examples
of the sustainable consumption (Warde, 2011). On the other …
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[PDF] Genetic Diversity and Relationships of Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) Bosser progenies through cluster analysis

MP Shree, N Krishnakumar, KT Parthiban
… for timber. This will increase the nation’s forest footprint, particularly in South East
Asia. In order to minimize the forest footprint, we need to encourage sustainable
consumption of timber by promoting farm forestry. The demand …
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[PDF] Instrumental Aspects of Languages

LQ Trias, CG Collantes
… texts. Assessing the value of correction, adaptation and acceptability in oral and written
productions. Being able to establish links between environmental knowledge and
actions and sustainable consumption. Critically selecting …
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Sustainable Consumption in Everyday Life: A Qualitative Study of UK Consumer Experiences of Meat Reduction

J Mylan – Sustainability, 2018
A reduction in meat consumption is increasingly considered fundamental to a
sustainable food system. This paper contributes to understanding how meat
consumers enact ‘meat reduction’in the context of their everyday lives, exploring the …
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Entangled stakeholder roles and perceptions of sustainable consumption: An evaluation of sustainable consumption practices in Tianjin, China

S Xu, C Chu, Y Zhang, D Ye, Y Wang, M Ju – Journal of Environmental Management, 2018
Sustainable consumption and production are considered to be fundamental ways to
solve problems with environmental resources that human beings are facing. There is
a broad consensus that promoting sustainable consumption requires the joint efforts …
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Pay-per-use business models as a driver for sustainable consumption: evidence from the case of HOMIE

NMP Bocken, R Mugge, CA Bom, HJ Lemstra – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Pay-per-use business models where consumers pay for the unit of service (eg a
wash) without gaining product ownership are often linked to increased
environmental performance. Consumers would become more conscious about …
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How does material possession love influence sustainable consumption behavior towards the durable products?

X Dong, H Li, S Liu, C Cai, X Fan – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Sustainable consumption behavior of residents affects the sustainable development
of the society. Sustainable consumption behavior of durable products involves
interactions between the consumer and product, while emotions are an important …
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[PDF] Sustainable Consumption and Production: An Analysis of Nordic Progress towards SDG12, and the way ahead

B Bauer, D Watson, AC Gylling – 2018
SUMMARY The Nordic Council of Ministers has adopted the Generation 2030
programme to support the Nordic countries in the implementation of the 2030
Agenda. Up to 2020, Generation 2030 places emphasis on sustainable consumption  …
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Organic Private Labels as Sources of Competitive Advantage—The Case of International Retailers Operating on the Polish Market

H Górska-Warsewicz, S Żakowska-Biemans… – Sustainability, 2018
… sustainable diet with low environmental impact. At the same time, the international
retailers can position themselves as chains contributing to more sustainable
consumption. Keywords: organic private labels; competitive advantage …
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Water and climate: From risk management to investment opportunity

X Leflaive, K Dominique – 2018
… crucial policy importance. Though just one of 17 SDGs, this goal also sits at the heart
of many of them: water is essential for food security, health, cities, sustainable
consumption and production, and terrestrial ecosystems. But this …
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Enforcement of Consumer Law in Hong Kong

V Tang – Enforcement and Effectiveness of Consumer Law, 2018
… 7 in the market. 8. The current focus of Hong Kong’s consumer policy is on sustainable
consumption and personal privacy, owing to the fast-paced technology development
and rise of online consumerism. 9 There are also increasing …
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Integrating Sustainability Into City-level CO2 Accounting: Social Consumption Pattern and Income Distribution

J Tian, C Andraded, J Lumbreras, D Guan, F Wang… – Ecological Economics, 2018
… Besides, household lifestyle and behaviors are vital to sustainable consumption at the
household level (Hubacek et al., 2007; Liu et al., 2010). For city-scale CO 2 accounting,
household CO 2 emissions (HCE) have increasingly gained attention from different aspects …
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[HTML] Sustainable Design of Complex Systems, Products and Services with User Integration into Design

N Perry, J Garcia – Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and …, 2018
… a) development of industrial infrastructure capable of enhancing the resource
productivities on one hand and minimizing environmental externalities on
the other, (b) understand the market dynamics & consumer behaviour to …
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Reactive nitrogen spatial intensity (NrSI): A new indicator for environmental sustainability

X Liang, SK Lam, B Gu, JN Galloway, AM Leach… – Global Environmental …, 2018
… The urgency of this issue is underscored by the Sustainable Development
Goals that require the mitigation of Nr pollution, such as: promote sustainable
cities and communities, ensure healthy lives, secure clean water, boost …
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[HTML] Neuro-marketing Tools for Assessing the Communication Effectiveness of Life Cycle Based Environmental Labelling—Procedure and Methodology

A Lewandowska, B Borusiak, C Dierks, P Giungato… – … Technologies, Products and …, 2018
… 8)4, 1993: 26–31.Google Scholar. 6. Nissinen, A., Heiskanen, E., Grönroos,
J., Honkanen, A., Katajajuuri, J.-M., Kurppa, S., Mäkinen, T., Seppälä, J.,
Timonen, P., Usva, K., Virtanen, Y., Voutilainen P, Developing LCA-based …
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Ergonomics as the Common Denominator and Vital Condition to Achieve Sustainability of Buildings of Different Types on Example of Two Built Projects

BP Street – Advances in Human Factors, Sustainable Urban …, 2018
… We are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through
sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing its natural
resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that it can support …
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[PDF] A Design Tool to Apply Distributed Manufacturing Principles to Sustainable Product-Service System Development

A Petrulaityte, F Ceschin, E Pei, D Harrison – 2018
Page 1. 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-
Share Alike 4.0 International License. 2.
sa/4.0/ A Design Tool to Apply Distributed Manufacturing …
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[PDF] Renewable energy sources on the change of energy matrix in Manabí province

JLM Ramos, AV Pérez, MR Gámez, RVH Zambrano – International Research Journal …, 2018
… A working model is presented that allows carrying out the study for the use
of renewable sources and their incorporation into the energy matrix,
contributing to the structuring of a technical scheme of generation, distribution …
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Identifying key components of products based on consumer-and producer-oriented ecodesign indices considering environmental impacts, costs, and utility value

YY Chun, KM Lee, JS Lee, JY Lee, MH Lee, N Mishima… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… global economy. While sustainable consumption depends on consumers, sustainable
production is related to companies and organizations that manufacture products
and offer services (Veleva and Michael, 2001). Ecodesign …
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China’s Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Analysis of Push and Pull Factors and Implementation Challenges

BM Kuhn – Chinese Political Science Review, 2018
… and service oriented growth. It is also evident that the problem of air pollution cannot
be tackled without reducing coal consumption and promoting sustainable consumption
and production (SDG 12). China invested 78.3 billion …
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Exploring Research Networks in Information and Communication Technologies for Energy Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis of the 7th Framework Programme

ASG Muñiz, MRV Cuervo – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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The Role of an Eco-Knowledge Hub in Leveraging Intellectual Capital Green

A Capatina, G Bleoju, A Micu, GB Dragan – … Capital Management as a Driver of …, 2018
… In what concerns the green structural capital perspective, eco-labelling
requires an assessment framework whose main objective is to go beyond
the environmental sustainability by substituting purchases leading to …
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[PDF] Does a market with green goods voluntarily internalize externalities? Evidence from a lab experiment

ME Fernandes, M Valente – WCERE 2018-6th World Congress of Environmental …, 2018
Page 1. 1 WCERE 2018 – 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists
Gothenburg | Sweden 25-29 June 2018 Does a market with green goods voluntarily
internalize externalities? Evidence from a lab experiment Maria Eduarda Fernandes …
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