Sustainable consumption research articles for week 29, 2018

Households’ Energy Consumption Change in China: A Multi-Regional Perspective

H Zhang, ML Lahr – Sustainability, 2018
… consumption demands. Based on this multi-regional and multi-angle study, we provide
some regional-specific policies that would help curb household energy demand and
promote sustainable consumption in China. Keywords …
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Beyond an absolving role for sustainable development: Assessing consumption as a basis for sustainable societies

KJ Bonnedahl, MJ Caramujo – Sustainable Development, 2018
… Geneva, Switzerland: IPCC. Jackson, T., & Michaelis, L. (2003). Policies for Sustainable
Consumption: A report to the Sustainable Development Commission. Oxford, UK: Sustain-
able Development Commission. Jones, CG, Lawton, JH, & Shachak, M. (1994) …
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Factors Affecting Environmental Sustainability Habits of University Students: Intercomparison Analysis in Three Countries (Spain, Brazil and UAE)

E Chuvieco, MB Burgui, EV Da Silva, K Hussein… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… This disconnect between values and actions may be particularly evident in the field of
sustainable consumption, which is influenced greatly by other factors such as price, quality,
convenience and brand familiarity, while ethical values only impact a minority of consumers …
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Feasibility of solar-biomass hybrid cold storage for unelectrified rural areas of Bangladesh

P Chowdhury, A Jenkins – The Environmental Sustainable Development Goals in …, 2018
… 2% and 20% in developed countries. This is clearly a major challenge in relation
to Sustainable Devel- opment Goal (SDG) 12: “Ensure sustainable consumption
and production patterns”. The percentage of post-harvest losses …
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Religiousness and environmental concern: A multilevel and multi-country analysis of the role of life satisfaction and indulgence

R Felix, C Hinsch, PA Rauschnabel, BB Schlegelmilch – Journal of Business …, 2018
… Keywords. Religiousness. Environmental concern. Life satisfaction. World
values survey. Single items. Multi-level modeling. Sustainable consumption.
Indulgence … Minton (2013) finds that religiousness is positively related to …
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Enablers to implement sustainable initiatives in agri-food supply chains

SK Mangla, S Luthra, N Rich, D Kumar, NP Rana… – International Journal of …, 2018
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Unsustainable trajectories of domestic information technology use in Australia: Exploring diversity and the life course

R Lane, K Follett, J Lindsay – The Geographical Journal, 2018
… KEYWORDS household, information technology, life course, social practices,
socio-technical transitions 1 | INTRODUCTION Rapid uptake and turnover
of information technology (IT) in households present an emblematic …
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Carbon mitigation in domains of high consumer lock-in

D Ivanova, G Vita, R Wood, C Lausselet, A Dumitru… – Global Environmental …, 2018
… 2015). Most research effort on sustainable consumption focuses on either the physical
dimension (technology, supply chains, urban form) or the social dimension (attitudes,
behavior) (Banister, 2008; Thomsen et al., 2014). For …
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Sustainability and the Currency of Intergenerational Obligations: Norton, Solow, Rawls, Mill, and Sen on Problems of Intergenerational Allocation

C Wolf – A Sustainable Philosophy—The Work of Bryan Norton, 2018
… Sustainable Consumption (Solow Sustainability-2): Institutions, policies, or management
practices are sustainable if and only if their operation in the present generation leaves
later generations with consumption opportunities that are no worse than the consumption …
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on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

K Hanaki, J Portugal-Pereira – Biofuels and Sustainability: Holistic Perspectives for …, 2018
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Gross National Happiness (GNH) Linkages to and Implications for Macromarketing

GR Laczniak, NJC Santos – Journal of Macromarketing, 2018
This theoretical commentary explores the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH)
and connects it with several central macromarketing concepts such as QoL, eth…
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[PDF] Population dynamics and water resource consumption in Spokane, WA

DJ Castillo – 2018
Page 1. Eastern Washington University EWU Digital Commons EWU Masters
Thesis Collection Student Research and Creative Works Spring 2018
Population dynamics and water resource consumption in Spokane, WA …
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Work time reduction and economic democracy as climate change mitigation strategies: or why the climate needs a renewed labor movement

R Gunderson – Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 2018
Page 1. Work time reduction and economic democracy as climate change mitigation
strategies: or why the climate needs a renewed labor movement Ryan Gunderson1 ©
AESS 2018 Abstract Work time reduction (WTR), or reductions …
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Building Meaning: Architectural Dialectic in Spatial Marketing Systems

A Bargenda – Journal of Macromarketing, 2018
This conceptual article seeks to demonstrate the pertinence of corporate architecture
as an integrative tool in spatial marketing systems. Architecture is explo…
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Do Brazilian cities want to become smart or sustainable?

CM Junior, DMNM Ribeiro, R da Silva Pereira… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
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Low-carbon transition via system reconfiguration? A socio-technical whole system analysis of passenger mobility in Great Britain (1990–2016)

FW Geels – Energy Research & Social Science, 2018
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Sustainability in marketing: a systematic review unifying 20 years of theoretical and substantive contributions (1997–2016)

MB Lunde – AMS Review, 2018
… In 1997, Kilbourne, McDonagh, and Prothero published a seminal article theorizing that
sustainable consumption is a macro-level idea … Volschenk et al. 2016 Sustainable
consumption is the idea of ethical consumption, anti-corporatism, and green responsibility …
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W Ounsaneha, N Chotklang, O Laosee, C Rattanapan – … JOURNAL OF GEOMATE, 2018
… 41, 2012, pp. 787–794. [3] Tukker A., Emmert S., Charter M., Vezzoli C., Sto E., Andersen
MM, Geerken T., Tischner, U., Lahlou S., Fostering change to sustainable consumption
and production: An evidence- based view, J. Clean. Prod., Vol. 16, 2008, pp. 1218–1225 …
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The Sharing Economy in Turkey: A Marketing Perspective

E Yelseli, HS Karaca, ÖH Karaca – Marketing Management in Turkey, 2018
PERSPECTIVE Elif Yelseli, Hüseyin Sami Karaca and Özlem Hesapçı Karaca
ABSTRACT The sharing economy is a collection of economic …
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[PDF] Green nudging

B Nicolao, H Constantinos, G Michele – Acta Psychologica Sinica, 2018
Page 1. 心理学报 2018, Vol. 50, No.8, 814-826 Acta Psychologica Sinica DOI:
10.3724/SP.J.1041.2018.00814 Received Date: 2017-04-17 * Correspondence
concerning this article should be addressed to Nicolao Bonini, Department …
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[PDF] How to Display Social and Environmental Sustainability of Food Products?

F Fort, L Solaroli – Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies Vol, 2018
… It is important to highlight that when we speak about sustainability we don’t refer only to
environmental – friendly practices but also to social wellbeing and economic profit.
Therefore the sustainable consumption has to take into account all these actions …
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[PDF] Education, Sustainability and Consumption

NB Martinez – Education, 2018
… human rights. Learning outcomes Apply systemic thinking to analysis of environmental
problems and issues. Being able to establish links between environmental knowledge
and actions and sustainable consumption. Practising a …
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[HTML] The Effect of Biofuel Production on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

K Hanaki, J Portugal-Pereira – Biofuels and Sustainability, 2018
… LCA is useful in design for environment and employed for sustainable consumption and
consumption of products with low environmental loading. The environmental loading
associated with creating and disposing of these products may not be immediately apparent …
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[HTML] Socioeconomic Impacts of Biofuels in East Asia

M Elder, J Romero, A Bhattacharya, D Sano… – Biofuels and Sustainability, 2018
This chapter examines the social and economic impacts of biofuels in East
Asia by analyzing four country case studies, Indonesia, India, China, and
Japan. These impacts vary widely depending on…
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[PDF] 绿色助推

B Nicolao, H Constantinos, G Michele – 心理学报, 2018
Page 1. 心理学报 2018, Vol. 50, No.8, 814-826 Acta Psychologica Sinica DOI:
10.3724/SP.J.1041.2018.00814 Received Date: 2017-04-17 * Correspondence
concerning this article should be addressed to Nicolao Bonini, Department …
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Planning for healthy cities

M Grant – Integrating Human Health into Urban and Transport …, 2019
… SDG11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
SDG12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Sustainable
Development Goals can and should be used as a policy spur for healthier planning …
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Purifying: Embodied Cleanliness and Natural Products

L Martens – Childhood and Markets, 2018
… Venn. 2017. Understanding and practising sustainable consumption in early
motherhood. Journal of Consumer Ethics 1 (2): 82–91.Google Scholar. Burningham,
K., S. Venn, I. Christie, T. Jackson, and B. Gatersleben. 2014 …
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A Freimane
… Sustainability issues are mostly viewed and analysed from the perspective
of resource consumption prompting continuous dis- cussions on sustainable
consumption and production that directly and indirectly affect both ecology …
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AP Goyal, S Bansal, S Srivastava
Page 1. DOI:10.24105/gjcmp.7.2.1811 61 GJCMP,Vol.7(2):61-73
(March-April, 2018) ISSN:2319–7285 SENSORY MARKETING:
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[PDF] “Sharing Cities”–A new hype or true potential for sustainability transitions in urban and economic systems?

K Augenstein, B Bachmann
… As a result of this analysis, six distinct ways of framing the sharing economy
have been identified, ie as either an economic opportunity, a form of
sustainable consumption, a new … Finally, the sharing economy is seen as …
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Sustainable Intergenerational Justice and its Ends

IG Franco
… such an end). That is why sustainable development can ulti- mately consist of many
different means, such as sustainable consumption, sustainable produc- tion,
sustainable agriculture, sustainable transport and so on. I will …
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[PDF] Part I Corporate Social Disclosure in China

MA Ii, MB Haider
Page 1. Page 2. Contents List of Figures and Tables Notes on Contributors vii xi
1 Corporate Social Disclosure in China and Japan: An Introduction Carlos Noronha
1 Part I Corporate Social Disclosure in China 2 The Trend of …
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[PDF] Teaching Oral Language in Early Childhood Education

XF Vicens, MH Lopez, RF Falcó
… language. Assessing the value of correction, adaptation and acceptability in oral
and written productions. Being able to establish links between environmental
knowledge and actions and sustainable consumption. Critically …
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[PDF] Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on Customer Loyalty with Mediating Role of Brand Trust in the Banking Industry of Pakistan

MI Haider, A Qayyum
… Koos, S. (2011), “Varieties of environmental labelling, market structures,
and sustainable consumption across Europe: a comparative analysis of
organizational and market supply determinants of environmental-labelled …
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[PDF] The role of space in the energy-environment nexus: a policy-making perspective

V Talia, S Ferrini
Page 1. Doctoral Program in Economics of the Tuscan Universities Jointly
held by the Universities of Firenze, Pisa and Siena XXX Cycle The role of
space in the energy-environment nexus: a policy-making perspective Scientific …
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RJR BuRalli, T Canelas, L CARVALHO, E DUIM… – Ambiente & Sociedade, 2018
… promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries Goal 11: Make cities
and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Goal 12 …
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The Environmental Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh

SA Selim, SK Saha, R Sultana, C Roberts – 2018
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[HTML] Impacts of shifting to healthier food consumption patterns on environmental sustainability in MENA countries

R Bahn, SEL Labban, N Hwalla – Sustainability Science, 2018
… 2016a). For example, SDG 12 calls for sustainable consumption and production
patterns for all products including food, with sustainability integrating both health
and environmental implications of the food to be consumed. SDG …
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Assessment of human consumption of ecosystem services in China from 2000 to 2014 based on an ecosystem service footprint model

Z Feng, Y Cui, H Zhang, Y Gao – Ecological Indicators, 2018
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Degrowth and other quiescent futures: Pioneering proponents of an idler society

R Gunderson – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… I warn against recuperation via “minimalist” commodities. Readers interested in degrowth
and sustainability will benefit from contributions to discussions surrounding work time
reduction, sustainable consumption, and post-growth imaginaries. Keywords …
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Sustainability Transitions in South Africa

N Mohamed – 2018
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[PDF] Motivations and Shopping Orientations for Engagement in Collaborative Consumption among Fashion Consumers.

S Gopalakrishnan – 2018
… Indeed, public awareness of the environmental and ethical implications of mass
consumption contributed to the emergence of the sustainable consumption concept around
the … Among the evolving examples of initiatives to promote sustainable consumption …
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[PDF] The creation of an ecovillage: Negotiating boundaries and identities in a Norwegian sustainable valley

H Westskog, T Winther, M Aasen – 2018
Page 1. sustainability Article The Creation of an Ecovillage: Handling Identities in a
Norwegian Sustainable Valley Hege Westskog 1,*, Tanja Winther 2 ID and Marianne
Aasen 1 1 CICERO Center for International Climate Research, PO Box …
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[PDF] CASRP Publisher

F Monavvarifard, M Baradaran, B Khosravipour – 2018
… J. Transform. Educ., 7(3), 245-264. Tukker, A., Emmert, S., Charter, M., Vezzoli, C., Sto,
E., Andersen, MM, Lahlou, S., 2008. Fostering change to sustainable consumption and
production: An evidence based view. J. Clean. Prod., 16(11), 1218-1225. Wals, AE, 2014 …
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Green entrepreneurial orientation for enhancing firm performance: A dynamic capability perspective

W Jiang, H Chai, J Shao, T Feng – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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[PDF] Is there green growth in OECD countries?

M Pasche – 2018
… The former means that production becomes less resource- and pollution-intensive while
the latter indicates that the structure and quality of the produced bundle of goods and
services changes in time in favor of more sustainable consumption pat- terns …
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Customer Value in the Sharing Economy Platform: The Airbnb Case

HN Nguyen, T Rintamäki, H Saarijärvi – Collaborative Value Co-creation in the …, 2018
… 2013). The sharing economy is attractive partly because of its sustainable
consumption and smaller environmental impact (Piscicelli et al. 2015). How the
System Works: Characteristics of a Sharing-Economy Platform. There …
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[PDF] Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences

N Vantamay – 2018
Page 1. Investigation and recommendations on the promotion of sustainable
consumption behavior among young … Keywords: intention to perform behavior,
social marketing communication, sustainable consumption behavior, Thai …
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[PDF] International Journal of Current Advan

ARTICLEINFO INTRODUCTION Over the last few decades, the consumption of
goods services has increased manifold which has led to depleti …
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Determinants of Global Natural Gas Consumption and Import–Export Flows

J Chen, J Yu, B Ai, M Song, W Hou – Energy Economics, 2018
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Green manufacturing drivers and their relationships for small and medium (SME) and large Industries

D Seth, MAA Rehman, RL Shrivastava – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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The Role of Transformation in Learning and Education for Sustainability

W Leal Filho, S Raath, B Lazzarini, VR Vargas… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
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To bid or not to bid: An empirical study of the supply determinants of crowd-shipping

A Ermagun, A Stathopoulos – Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2018
… shopping and library trips in Finland. Under the umbrella of sustainable consumption
or production and private or public orientations, Cohen and Muñoz (2016) echoed
the study of Paloheimo et al. (2016) by scoring 18 sharing …
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Amalgamation of 3D Printing Technology and the Digitalized Industry–Development and Evaluation of an Open Innovation Business Process Model

D Warnecke, GD Gevorkjan, F Teuteberg – International Conference on Business …, 2018
… advantage. Notes. Acknowledgments. This work is part of the project “Sustainable
Consumption of Information and Communication Technologies in the Digital Society −
Dialogue and Transformation through open innovation” …
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Corporate Social in Emerging Economies: Reality and Illusion

CL Voinea, C Fratostiteanu – 2018
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