Sustainable consumption research publications week 32, 2018

Consumption in the Circular Economy: A Literature Review

J Camacho-Otero, C Boks, IN Pettersen – Sustainability, 2018
… Restriction: no. More about this item. Keywords. literature review; sustainable
consumption; circular economy; product service systems; sharing economy; collaborative
consumption; remanufacturing; JEL classification: Q – Agricultural …
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Green thinking but thoughtless buying? An empirical extension of the value-attitude-behaviour hierarchy in sustainable clothing

K Jacobs, L Petersen, J Hörisch, D Battenfeld – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Previous article in issue; Next article in issue. Keywords. Attitude-behaviour gap.
Determinants. Structural equation modelling. Sustainable consumption. Sustainable
clothing. Value-attitude-behaviour hierarchy. 1. Introduction. Public …
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[PDF] Green@ Universiti Putra Malaysia: cultivating the green campus culture

AZA Aris, Z Ponrahono, MY Ishak, NH Zamaruddin… – E3S Web of Conferences, 2018
… Recycle@U • Redcube Coca Cola Recycle Center Goal 12. Ensure sustainable
consumption and production patterns • Putra Green Campus • Green Car Parking •
MyCOMS Electric Vehicle • PadiU Putra Technology Goal 13 …
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Cutting through conflicting prescriptions: How guidelines inform “healthy and sustainable” diets in Switzerland

L Godin, M Sahakian – Appetite, 2018
… 2. Conceptual framework: prescriptions as part of practices. Social practice theory
approaches have been gaining in popularity among researchers and policy-makers,
particularly in relation to (un)sustainable consumption practices …
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Green consumption: Closing the intention‐behavior gap

HV Nguyen, CH Nguyen, TTB Hoang – Sustainable Development, 2018
… Implications and recommendations for further research are also discussed. KEYWORDS
green consumption, perceived consumer effectiveness, product availability, sustainable
consumption, sustainable development 1 | INTRODUCTION …
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A role-playing simulation to support assessment of sustainable sociotechnical systems for and by citizens

C Le Bail, F Détienne, MJ Baker – Proceedings of the 36th European Conference on …, 2018
… 13. Marcus Phipps, Lucie K. Ozanne, Michael and al. 2013. Understanding
the inherent complexity of sustainable consumption: A social cognitive
framework. Journal of Business Research, 66, 8, 1227–1234. 14. Flore …
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Systematic exploration of actors in society who influence the input of nutrients into the sea

A Grimvall, EL Sundblad, A Wallin – Marine Policy, 2018
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[PDF] NPUST’s practice on achieving sustainable development goals

CH Tai, CL Chang, JC Leong – E3S Web of Conferences, 2018
… “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.” 13 Climate
Change “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by
regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy.” …
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Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene

W Steffen, J Rockström, K Richardson, TM Lenton… – Proceedings of the National …, 2018
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and Permissions; Site Map. Contact; Journal Club; Subscribe: Subscription
Rates; Subscriptions FAQ; Open Access; Recommend PNAS to Your …
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Sustainable Living in the City

MÜ Hughes – 2018
… Sustainable Living Practices Ecovillages strive toward increasingly sustainable
consumption practices … Chapter-End Reflection Questions (i) What are some of the
sustainable consumption practices with which you engage …
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Gourmet Products from Food Waste

I Alegre, J Berbegal-Mirabent – 2018
… 3 Page 4. Sustainability in the Food Industry Food waste is generated throughout all the
stages of production and consumption. About 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year
( development/sustainableconsumption-production/) …
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FA Rahman, FA Rahman, MDMA AZIZ, R SAIDUR – Human Sustainability Procedia, 2018
… Atmospheric Environment. Lorek, S.,
& Fuchs, D. (2013). Strong sustainable consumption governance – Precondition for
a degrowth path? Journal of Cleaner Production, 38, 36–43 …
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[PDF] RTU approach to sustainable development: governance and measuring impact

J Iljins, L Ribickis – E3S Web of Conferences, 2018
… Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Research in the
field of security and defence is inextricably connected with the state interests; therefore,
active collaboration with state governance structures is vital …
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[PDF] Greening campus experience: moving towards living laboratory action plan

W Omar, AA Rahman, MFM Din, SM Taib, IS Zen… – E3S Web of Conferences, 2018
… The implemented UTM-Ps are enhancing sustainable consumption of available resources
(Water and Energy) (UTM-P5), minimizing waste and pollution through effective waste
management (UTM-P6), and introducing more local flora and fauna to protect and enrich …
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Food, nutrient, and energy waste among school students

MT Kowalewska, A Kołłajtis-Dołowy – British Food Journal, 2018
… prevention of waste. The UN has established 17 new development goals for the years
2015–2030 (United Nations, 2015). One of them (Goal 12) is focused on ensuring
sustainable consumption and production. It means halving …
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[PDF] The Bilateral transition of product labels in Sweden: A study on product labels with emphasis on food and sustainable profiling

A Lindgren – 2018
… Bilateral transition is based on the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
and sustainable consumption and relates to how organisations behind product labels
develop their profiling of product labels in a Swedish context …
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[HTML] Orchestrating households as collectives of participation in the distributed energy transition: New empirical and conceptual insights

TM Skjølsvold, W Throndsen, M Ryghaug, IF Fjellså… – Energy Research & Social …, 2018
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How Business Actors Can Contribute To Sustainability Transitions: A case study on the ongoing animal welfare transition in the German egg industry

J Hörisch – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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Embedding and Operationalizing Sustainable Development Goals in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry

DUE Ite – SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference and …, 2018
… Reduce inequality within and among countries SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities
and Communities Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient
and sustainable SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production Ensure …
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[PDF] Drowning in Plenty: Bulk, Waste and Countercultural Revival in the Anthropocene

OS Horwitz – 2018
… Because the literature on bulk is not extensive, this review focuses on
key concepts and debates about the purpose and potential for bulk and,
more broadly, about its role in supporting sustainable consumption. In …
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[HTML] The impact of values on sustainable behaviour-A study among Russian and Finnish university students

R Komppula, A Honkanen, S Rossi, N Kolesnikova – European Journal of Tourism …, 2018
… 116-131 Introduction Although it is widely accepted that an individual’s
values are a psychological aspect of their personal decision making that
influences their sustainable consumption behaviour (Belz & Peattie, 2010; …
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ISO 26000: The Toyota Motor Corporation’s CSR Approaches in India

LE Isaksson, N Mitra – ISO 26000-A Standardized View on Corporate Social …, 2019
… Issue 2: Protecting consumers’ health and safety. 6.7.4. Issue 3: Sustainable
consumption. 6.7.5. Issue 4: Consumer service, support, and complaint and
dispute resolution. 6.7.6 … 26. Sustainable consumption. 27. Consumer service …
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ISO 26000: A Brief Literature Review

DI Popa, DC Dabija – ISO 26000-A Standardized View on Corporate Social …, 2019
… Corporate social responsibility on SMEs. 15th European roundtable on sustainable
consumption and production. Bregenz, Austria.Google Scholar. Koszewska, M. (2010).
CSR standards as a significant factor differentiating textile and clothing goods …
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Anticipating and Assessing Corporate Social Responsibility Within ISO 26000 Implementation: The Experience of Camst Cooperative (Italy)

M Del Baldo, S Aureli – ISO 26000-A Standardized View on Corporate Social …, 2019
… Issue 2: Protecting consumers’ health and safety. Issue 3: Sustainable
consumption. Issue 4: Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute
resolution. Issue 5: Consumer data protection and privacy. Issue 6: Access …
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Urban Agriculture Forms in Europe

F Lohrberg – Agrourbanism, 2019
… To the same end, in Rabot-Blaisantvest (Belgium) the loan for allotment
gardens can be paid by using a local social coin, called the “Toreke”. It
can be earned through volunteer-work, thereby stimulating both local and …
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Organisational Challenges to Corporate Social Responsibility

RM Deus, BMRP Seles, KRO Vieira, RAG Battistelle – ISO 26000-A Standardized …, 2019
… Always provide accurate information, employ fair marketing practices, apply fair,
transparent and useful contractual processes, promote sustainable consumption, and
invest in the design of products and services that provide access to all …
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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of ISO’s Standard on Social Responsibility: A Review and Appraisal

MA Camilleri – ISO 26000-A Standardized View on Corporate Social …, 2019
… Consumer issues. • Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and
fair contractual practices. • Protecting consumers’ health and safety. •
Sustainable consumption. • Consumer service, support, and complaint and. • …
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[PDF] Opportunities for Educational Diplomacy in South Asia

UC PANDEY – 2018
… for family planning(Fhi360 Report 2016) SDG -12 Ensure Sustainable Consumption
and Production Patterns It is believed that Education can make the people more
receptive to adaptation practices. As per a study done among …
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Sustainable Development Goals: The Response of Japan

K Hara
… 8 10 Reduce inequality within and among countries 10 11 Make cities and
human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable 10 12 Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns 11 13 Take urgent action …
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S Turjak, I Unukić, D Liović – BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS
… Such investments and reforms should provide mechanisms for enterprise
restructuring and the adoption of sustainable consumption and production
processes [3]. The green economy seeks to drive the growth of GDP and …
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A Stojanović, S Arsić, I Milošević, S Urošević… – BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS
… for defining company’s attitudes toward the most important issues of the
society and surrounding [6]. Significant global aspects of environmental
care are the gasses emission reduction, energy efficiency, increasing the …
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Energy and environmental assessment of the institutional catering in Lombardy (Italy).

M Marina, C Paola, M Cellura, M Cusenza – The 24th International Sustainable …, 2018
… Agri-food sector is one of the main priority areas contained in the European
Sustainable Production and Consumption policies, aiming to create more
sustainable consumption and production patterns and pushing for …
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[HTML] Euro-China Green Economy theme: SINCERE (Sino-European Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency)-ESRC

R Bleischwitz, G Yong, R Walz, P Welfens, R Kemp – Impact, 2018
… A focus on resources, sustainable consumption and production is at the heart of the
principles of the Green Economy, according to the UN. China and Europe have highlighted
the importance of resource-efficiency and moving towards a ‘circular economy’ …
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[PDF] Global non-fossil fuel consumption: driving factors, disparities, and trends

J Chen, Y Wu, C Xu, M Song, X Liu – Management Decision, 2018
… Global non-fossil fuel consumption and share have gradually increased as a
consequence. Thus, greater understanding of sustainable consumption is required,
especially of non-fossil fuels (Tseng, Chiu and Liang, 2018). According …
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Standards, regulation and sustainable development in a global value chain driven world

R Kaplinsky, M Morris – … Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and …, 2018
… SDG1 (ending poverty in all forms), SDG2 (ending hunger/sustainable agriculture/), SDG3
(lifelong learning), SDG9 (infrastructure), SDG12 (sustainable consumption and production)
are affected by incomes which may be earned in GVCs … SDG 12 – sustainable consumption …
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Rebound Effects in Practice: An Invitation to Consider Rebound From a Practice Theory Perspective

M Sonnberger, M Gross – Ecological Economics, 2018
… Røpke, 2009 p. 2492). Considering materiality as a crucial element of social practices
makes these more recent approaches especially fruitful for the analysis of issues
of (un-)sustainable consumption. The distinction between …
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[HTML] Results Rather than Indulgences

S Jørgensen, LJT Pedersen – RESTART Sustainable Business Model Innovation, 2018
… This is a powerful opportunity for companies, and such mechanisms can obviously
be used to encourage more sustainable consumption (see, eg, Lehner et al. 2016) …
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns …
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The Concept of an Integrated Company Management System Combining the Results in Favour of Sustainable Development with the Company Indicator System

P Cyplik, M Adamczak, K Malinowska, J Piontek – International Conference on …, 2018
… Theme. Headline indicator. Socio-economic development. Growth rate of
real GDP per capita. Sustainable consumption and production. Resource
productivity. Social inclusion. People at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion …
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[PDF] Collaborative conspicuousness: examining the effects of conspicuity on sustainable clothing consumption decisions

ERF Abreu – 2018
… characteristic that is at the heart and center of mindless consumption, as
a strong motivator for more sustainable consumption behaviors … behavior
gap in clothing consumption decisions? Whereas there is numerous research …
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Determinants of Green Marketing Leading to Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Retailers Within the Delhi Region

KK Bhatti, A Negi – Indian Journal of Marketing, 2018
… doi:10.1002/bse.626. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency. (2013). The role
of retailers in the transition towards sustainable consumption and production. Retrieved
from Thøgersen, J. (2004) …
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Challenges to Meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Sri Lanka

G Herath – Asian Survey, 2018
… 2016 by 193 countries. They include 17 goals, comprising 169 targets. The goals
address poverty, hunger, climate change, economic inequality, sustainable
consumption, and health and sanitation, 6. Athukorala and Jayasuriya …
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[HTML] Redesign Rather than Standstill

S Jørgensen, LJT Pedersen – RESTART Sustainable Business Model Innovation, 2018
… Product service systems. In A. Tukker, M. Charter, C. Vezzoli, E. Sto, & M. Munch
Andersen (Eds.), System innovation for sustainability. Perspectives on radical change
to sustainable consumption and production (pp. 25–43) …
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RESTART Sustainable Business Model Innovation

S Jørgensen, LJT Pedersen – 2018
Jørgensen and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen In Association with Future Earth
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Investigating the Regulatory Structure of Voluntary Sustainability Standards: Foundations for Intervention Strategies to Increase Consumer Confidence

E van der Zee – Regulating and Managing Food Safety in the EU, 2018
Regulation of voluntary sustainability standards (VSSs) may increase their capacity to
promote sustainable consumption … Abstract. Regulation of voluntary sustainability standards
(VSSs) may increase their capacity to promote sustainable consumption …
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[HTML] Behavioural economics vs social practice theory: Perspectives from inside the United Kingdom government

S Hampton, R Adams – Energy Research & Social Science, 2018
… policy. 2.3. Practice theory and policy: A contested relationship. With roots in
philosophy and sociology, theories of practice have become influential in social
scientific research on energy and sustainable consumption. Rather …
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Examining the Effect of Marketing Innovations on GPMA: A Study Using the PLS–SEM Approach

M Pant, AS Virdi, DS Chaubey – Global Business Review, 2018
Continuous innovation keeps running the businesses. The rise in environmental issues
and, in turn, the awareness growing around have led people at large to make…
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Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

M Valeri – Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting in …, 2019
… 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries. 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient
and sustainable. 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. 13: Take
urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts …
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Cognitive-affective predictors of green purchase intentions among health workers in Nigeria

O Ojiaku, B Achi, V Aghara – Management Science Letters, 2018
… International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 22(3), 269–278.
Tanner, C., & Kast, SW (2003). Promoting sustainable consumption: Determinants of green
purchases by Swiss consumers. Psychology & Marketing, 20(10), 883–902 …
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Deep transitions: Theorizing the long-term patterns of socio-technical change

L Kanger, J Schot – Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 2018
… Hence the central problem facing the world today: how to avoid repeating
this pathway while still being able to address pressing sustainability
development goals such as greener and cleaner production, sustainable …
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Consumers’ attitudes towards modern solutions in the retail trade

G Maciejewski – Economics and Business Review, 2018
… Attitudes and Attitude Change. Annual Review of Psychology, 69,
299-327. Biswas, A., & Roy, M. (2018). Technology acceptance perception
for promotion of sustainable consumption. Environmental Science and …
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An exploration of smart city approaches by international ICT firms

D van den Buuse, A Kolk – Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2018
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