Research article publications sustainable consumption week 33, 2018

Transition management in coastal agriculture: Evidence from the German dairy industry

O Klein, C Tamásy – Towards Coastal Resilience and Sustainability, 2018
… Tukker, A., Emmerst, S., Charter, M., Vezzoli, C., Sto, E., Andersen, MM, Geerken, T.,
Tischner, U., & Lahlou, S. (2008). Fostering change to sustainable consumption and
production: an evidence based view. Journal of Cleaner Production, 16(11), 1218– 1225 …
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Corruption and supply chain management toward the sustainable development goals era

MS Monteiro, FLE Viana, JM Sousa-Filho – … : The International Journal of Business in …, 2018
… The unified process of SCM, with its common set of policies and practices,
is predicted in the Goal 12, to “ensure sustainable consumption and production
patterns.” This goal is named responsible consumption and production and …
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[PDF] Review of Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist by Kate Raworth. 2017. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing. 320 …

J Krauss – Journal of World-Systems Research, 2018
… Moreover, as in both frameworks, there is no acknowledgement of
trade-offs which will be required, eg between climate action (SDG 13) and
sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12), and no critical discussion …
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Financial benefits from corporate announced practice of industrial waste recycling: Empirical evidence from chemical industry in China

B Zhang, K Lai, B Wang, Z Wang – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
… announcement of industrial waste recycling. However, the announced practice
of industrial waste recycling provides a signal of corporate responsibility on
sustainable consumption of resources. Adopters of industrial waste …
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[PDF] Global Food System and Importance of Sustainable Food City

MH Rahman – EC Nutrition, 2018
… The definition which was proposed by the Oslo Symposium on Sustainable
Consumption (1994) defined sustainable consumption as “the use of services
and related products which respond to basic needs and bring a better quality …
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Science for Healthy and Sustainable Living Environments

KW Mui, LT Wong – Service-Learning for Youth Leadership, 2019
… planning. References. Barth, M., Adomßent, M., Fischer, D., Richter, S., & Rieckmann,
M. (2014). Learning to change universities from within: A service-learning perspective
on promoting sustainable consumption in higher education …
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From Urban Metabolism to Industrial Ecosystem Metabolism: A Study of Construction in Shanghai from 2004 to 2014

Y Zhang, W Lu, VWY Tam, Y Feng – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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[PDF] Towards a circular economy: exploring factors to repair broken electrical and electronics products by users with pro-environmental inclination

M Lefebvre, VA Lofthouse, GT Wilson – 2018
… 2017). It also highlights the need to increase economic and financial literacy amongst
users. It will support them to make spending decisions that support the emergence
of sustainable consumption and production systems. It …
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Housing for degrowth narratives

F Schneider – Housing for Degrowth, 2018
… Can the government requisition homes?’ British Broadcasting Commission
News, 16 June – Berg, A. and
Hukkinen, J. (2011) ‘The paradox of growth critique: Narrative analysis of …
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Towards a Macromarketing and Consumer Culture Theory Intersection: Participatory and Deliberative Methodologies

B Saatcioglu, C Corus – Journal of Macromarketing, 2018
This article provides a discussion on the use of an alternative paradigm towards a
cross-fertilization of CCT and macromarketing. Researchers at the intersectio…
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The contribution of ICT adoption to sustainability: households’ perspective

E Ziemba – Information Technology & People, 2018
… whole sustainability of society. According to him, it may play a special guiding role
in sustainable consumption and production, environmental protection,
eco-innovations, eco-design and ecological security. Socio and cultural …
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The role of normative marketing ethics

GR Laczniak, PE Murphy – Journal of Business Research, 2018
… 5.2. Sustainable consumption and marketing. Although environmental issues in marketing
were studied in the 1970s and 1980s, the term “sustainability” as it relates to ecology was
not coined until the late 1980s (Bruntland Commission, 1987) …
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Framing degrowth: the radical potential of tiny house mobility

A Anson – Housing for Degrowth, 2018
… They warn of popular hype that emphasises sustainable consumption to create
‘would-be green consumers, who feel that by purchasing “sustainable” commodities they
can pursue their same consumerist lifestyles and feel virtuous at the same time’ (ibid.) …
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Factors that influence Consumer Behaviour towards buying Sustainable Products

Y Balarabe Abdullahi – 2018
Page 1. Yusuf Balarabe Abdullahi Factors that influence Consumer Behaviour towards
buying Sustainable Products Research Paper (undergraduate) Economy Page 2. Page
3. Bibliographic information published by the German National Library …
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Decarbonizing power and transportation at the urban scale: An analysis of the Austin, Texas Community Climate Plan

MT Brozynski, BD Leibowicz – Sustainable Cities and Society, 2018
… On the one hand, production-based accounting aligns with GHG emissions
sources over which the city has the most direct influence. On the other hand,
consumption-based accounting incentivizes planners to foster more …
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3: Adapting the measuring rod for social returns in advanced welfare states: A critique of SROI

K Kehl, G Krlev, V Then – Measuring and Controlling Sustainability, 2018
Page 1. 2.3 Adapting the measuring rod for social returns in advanced
welfare states A critique of SROI Konstantin Kehl, Gorgi Krlev, Volker Then,
and Georg Mildenberger Introduction The social return on investment …
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Temporary communitas and willingness to return to events

S Jahn, TB Cornwell, J Drengner, H Gaus – Journal of Business Research, 2018
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[PDF] American Journal of Engineering Research (AJER)

MB Ochang, TS Azande, AU Mee, RO Etungo, T Takor
… 29(2). Pp 101-107. [17]. Seyfang, G. (2009); “The new economic of sustainable
consumption-seeds of change. [18]. Wilson, MA, Carter, MA and Hoff (1999); “British
standard and RILEM Water Absorption Test (CPC11.1). A Critical Evaluation …
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[PDF] International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD)

SK Chattaraj
… It may include, for example, instruction about climate change, disaster risk reduction, bio
diversity and poverty reduction and sustainable consumption … sustainable responsible
use of resources. Ensure sustainable consumption & production patterns. Climate move …
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A Boyle – International & Comparative Law Quarterly
… and social development; reduction of poverty and hunger are the pre-eminent
objectives, but the goals cover almost every aspect of international policy,
including well-being for all ages, gender equality, safer cities, better sanitation …
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[PDF] Towards sustainable consumption in Albania

A Gumeni, O Shalari, P Mulla – Jurnal Perspektif Pembiayaan Dan Pembangunan …, 2018
In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness towards economic,
environmental, and social problems of the actual development system. However,
sustainable development remains one of the main challenges of actual times …
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[PDF] Towards a Sustainable Agri-Food System by an Energetic and Environmental Efficiency Assessment

I Garcia-Herrero, M Margallo, J Laso, L Batlle-Baller… – Chemical Engineering …, 2018
… economy concept. Currently, the environmental and sustainability vision of this sector
sets about ensuring more sustainable sourcing, resource efficiency, and sustainable
consumption and production towards the year 2030. A …
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[PDF] Identifying Key Factors to Learning Process Systems Engineering and Process Integration through DEMATEL

KB Aviso, RIG Lucas, JFD Tapia, MAB Promentilla… – Chemical Engineering …, 2018
… 1. Introduction Environmental issues continue to be a major concern for industrial
processes as nations continue to aspire for sustainable development. The most recent
strategy is to implement not just sustainable production but also sustainable consumption …
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Urban metabolism as a key method to assess sustainability of cities

E Muñoz, R Navia – 2018
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Embedding Internet-of-Things in Large-Scale Socio-technical Systems: A Community-Oriented Design in Future Smart Grids

Y Huang, G Poderi, S Šćepanović, H Hasselqvist… – The Internet of Things for …, 2019
… The project team had the ambition to increase citizens’ energy awareness,
promote environmental values, improve citizens’ know-how about sustainable
consumption, and to facilitate citizens to improve energy consumption …
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Perspective: Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in Europe—Scientific Concepts, Current Status, and Perspectives

A Bechthold, H Boeing, I Tetens, L Schwingshackl… – Advances in Nutrition, 2018
Page 1. PERSPECTIVE Perspective: Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in
Europe—Scientific Concepts, Current Status, and Perspectives Angela Bechthold,
1 Heiner Boeing,2 Inge Tetens,3 Lukas Schwingshackl,2 and Ute Nöthlings …
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M ZEESHAN – 2018
… gaining social dividend while reducing negative environmental impacts. This lead
to viable development and sustainable consumption of existing energy resources.
Until recently, energy management practices primarily consisted …
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Environmental concern: an issue for poor or rich

CW Teoh, SS Gaur – Management of Environmental Quality: An International …, 2018
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Consumer willingness-to-pay a price premium for eco-friendly children’s furniture in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China

M Wan, Y Zhang, W Ye – Forest Products Journal, 2018
Page 1. Forest Products Journal Consumer willingness-to-pay a price premium for
eco-friendly children’s furniture in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China –Manuscript Draft–
Manuscript Number: FPJ-D-17-00050R2 Full Title: Consumer …
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Emerging financial risks from climate changes on building assets in the UK

A Alzahrani, H Boussabaine, K Almarri – Facilities, 2018
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Managers, not markets

SJ Dutta, S Knafo, R Lane, S Wyn‐Jones – IPPR Progressive Review, 2018
… Going beyond a post-Keynesian focus on sustainable consumption, and ‘green’ investment,
this would begin by shifting indicators towards social welfare and equitability. The
European Commission’s ‘Beyond GDP’ initiative could provide one starting point here …
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Holistic sustainability assessment of green building industry in Turkey

S Ulubeyli, O Kazanci – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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Diverse Economies of Collective Value Co-creation: The Open Monuments Event

R Cannas – Tourism Planning & Development, 2018
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A critical comparison of selected implicit measurement methods.

J Znanewitz, L Braun, D Hensel, CF Altobelli, F Hattke – Journal of Neuroscience …, 2018
… Panzone, Hilton, Sale, and Cohen (2016) investigated sustainable consumption in
supermarket shopping with the use of IAT. Sharma (2016) used the IAT to test the impact
of a product’s shadow on the brand image perceived by consumers …
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MI Espina, PH Phan, GD Markman – 2018
… Abdelgawad and Martina Pasquini PART IV THE ETHICS OF SOCIAL
INNOVATION 10 11 Bioethical reasoning and the propensity of millennials
to adopt sustainable development behaviors Silvia López Paláu and Beatriz …
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[PDF] Histological evaluation in sturgeon’s gut fed Hermetia illucens meal

C Caimi, V Katia, F Gai, M Gariglio, M Meneguz… – … to Feed the World'(IFW 2018 …, 2018
Page 1. ISSN 2352-4588 online, DOI 10.3920/JIFF2018.S1 S1 The 2nd International
Conference ‘Insects to Feed the World’ (IFW 2018) 15-18 May 2018 Wuhan, China PR
This supplement of Journal of Insects as Food and Feed can be found at …
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CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS. Place: Kurdějov (Czech Republic) June 13-15, 2018 …
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[PDF] Youth Groups Needed to Achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

GL De Feis – International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences
… Sustainable consumption and production aims to “do more (and better) with less,”
increasing net welfare gains from economic activities by reducing resource use,
degradation and pollution within product lifecycle, while increasing quality of life …
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[PDF] I can’t wait to meet you all, this project is made with love from an excellent team to you all. I trust that this experience will be unforget-table and together we will learn …

CS Mejía
… The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call and objectives that the United
Nations have to end poverty and guarantee that all people have peace and security. These
sustainable goals include new links such as cli- mate change and sustainable consumption …
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A Social Norms Intervention Going Wrong: Boomerang Effects from Descriptive Norms Information

I Richter, J Thøgersen, CA Klöckner – Sustainability, 2018
… Keywords: social norms; intervention; sustainable consumption; labelling;
food choices (search for similar items in EconPapers) JEL-codes: Q Q0
Q2 Q3 Q5 Q56 O13 (search for similar items in EconPapers) Date: 2018 …
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Modeling the Social Factors That Determine Sustainable Consumption Behavior in the Community of Madrid

EC Figueroa-García, JJ García-Machado, DC Yábar – Sustainability, 2018
This paper defines the social factors that determine sustainable behavior and
identifies the elements that promote such behavior. These factors are external from
the individual and causal regarding sustainable behavior, an area that receives little …
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Transitioning to smart sustainable tourist accommodation: Service innovation results

C Warren, S Becken, K Nguyen, R Stewart – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… The study provides valuable data from a smart metering system, collecting data every
minute over four seasons and indicates sustainable consumption opportunities using
renewable energy, guest behaviour change and eco-conservation …
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The Possibility of Sustainability: En studie om hållbarhetsarbete i klädbranschen

L Eriksson, J Pettersson – 2018
… clothing industry. One conclusion is that communication of sustainability in the store
environment should be integrated, clarified and easily accessible to influence
consumers for more sustainable consumption. Furthermore, the …
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Unsustainable, unhealthy, or disgusting? Comparing different persuasive messages against meat consumption

G Palomo-Vélez, JM Tybur, M van Vugt – Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2018
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[PDF] Land use mediated GHG emissions and spillovers from increased bioplastic consumption

N Escobar, S Haddad, J Boerner, W Britz – Environmental Research Letters, 2018
… Abstract Bioplastic production is a small but fast growing sector in the global
bioeconomy that may benefit from future public support measures as governments
seek to promote more sustainable consumption patterns. Here …
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[HTML] Food systems for sustainable development: proposals for a profound four-part transformation

P Caron, GF y de Loma-Osorio, D Nabarro, E Hainzelin… – Agronomy for Sustainable …, 2018
… Dietary changes and reductions in food wastage are core elements of the SDG for
sustainable consumption and production (goal 12) and, more broadly, of all SDGs. 3.2
A new vision of sustainable agricultural production and food value chains …
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Examining the effects of brand type on consumers’ brand valuations and sustainable fashion consumption: recycled fashion and brands

VSV Cáceres – 2018
… Thereby, the present dissertation contributes to the literature in branding,
ethics and sustainable consumption by providing a greater understanding
of the drivers that lead consumers to make more sustainable fashion decisions …
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Sustainable public procurement: an analysis of federal public administration from 2012 to 2016

CAD Silva, CA Romano – Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable …, 2018
… According to Cavalcanti et al. (2017), another important milestone that
enabled sustainable public procurement to gain worldwide adoption was
the Marrakech process, a program designed to make possible the activities …
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Factors influencing consumption and anti-consumption of recycled water: Evidence from Australia

S Adapa – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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[PDF] Clothes Washing as Household End-Use: Comparison of Different Appliance Models in View of Expected Water Savings

BE Botha, HE Jacobs, U Terblanche – WDSA/CCWI Joint Conference Proceedings, 2018
… [5] NMP Bocken, CA Born and HJ Lemstra, “Business experiments as an
approach to drive sustainable consumption: The case of HOMIE”, Product
Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE) Conference, Delft University of …
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[PDF] Tasty or Sustainable? The Effect of Product Sensory Experience on a Sustainable New Food Product: An Application of Discrete Choice Experiments on Chianina …

B Torquati, T Tempesta, D Vecchiato, S Venanzi – Sustainability, 2018
… Among quality signals, those related to the sustainability of food products are particularly
important in order to ensure sustainable consumption and a sustainable food system
for society (see FAO [18] for a definition of sustainable diets) …
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Discourses of the food retail industry: Changing understandings of ‘the consumer’and strategies for sustainability

U Ehgartner – Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2018
… sustainability. It thus does not examine consumer behaviour per se, but the ways
in which conceptualisations of the consumer condition debates on businesses’
engagement with and commitment to sustainable consumption …
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Building a Sustainable Food Supply Chain and Managing Food Losses

ADN Gunarathne, DG Navaratne, MLS Gunaratne… – Emerging Applications in …, 2019
… 2009). Sustainable Consumption This is the stage at which the food prepared is
presented to the end-consumer. Traditionally, consum- ers place a predominant
value on attributes such as price, quality and product features …
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[PDF] Rethinking energy services: The concept of ‘meta-service’and implications for demand reduction and servicizing policy

J Morley – Energy Policy, 2018
… a review of the debate and evidence. Corporate Social Responsibility and
Environmental Management 10, 186-198. Heiskanen, E., Pantzar, M., 1997.
Toward Sustainable Consumption: Two New Perspectives. Journal of …
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Z Stanković, ZS Petrović, J Petrović – Facta Universitatis, Series: Teaching, Learning …, 2018
… of implementing the content of education for sustainable development in
schools is addressed in different countries in different ways, but it is mainly
focused on key themes (climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity …
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The methodology and survey on energy saving and greening illumination for application in the automobile industry

R Kralikova – IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and …, 2018
… Factories V014T07A024. [5] Kovacic-Lukman R et al 2016 Sustainable Consumption
and Production – Research, Experience and Development. The Europe We Want
Journal of Cleaner Production 138 139-147 Crossref. [6] Micieta …
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The unbearable sustainability of cultural heritage: An attempt to create an index of cultural heritage sustainability in conflict and war regions

V Marilena, S Andrej – Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2018
… The EU SDS uses a set of sustainable development indicators (SDIs)
grouped into ten thematic areas (socioeconomic development; sustainable
consumption and production; social inclusion; demographic changes; public …
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Integrated Product Service Offerings–Challenges in Setting Requirements

S Nilsson, E Sundin, M Lindahl – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… This is in line with the sustainable development goal stated by the United
Nations in 2015 to “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”
that include, eg, “efficient use of natural resources” and “reduces waste …
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Where to start fighting the food waste problem? Identifying most promising entry points for intervention programs to reduce household food waste and …

K Schmidt, E Matthies – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
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