Publications research articles sustainable consumption for week 36, 2018

Does Internet penetration encourage sustainable consumption? A cross-national analysis

Y Wang, F Hao – Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2018
The Internet has disruptively transformed the way human beings interact with the
environment. This article investigates the extent to which Internet penetration at the
national level influences individual sustainable consumption in a cross-national …
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[PDF] Factors Affecting the Consumption of Soy-based Foodstuffs in Hungary

V Szűcs, E Szabó – International Journal of Food Engineering, 2018
… Findings of our study might be useful for product development and communication
activities as well. Index Terms—soy consumption, intention, attitude, healthy lifestyle,
suspicion, sustainable consumption I. INTRODUCTION …
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Mapping Logistics Services in Sustainable Production and Consumption Systems: What Are the Necessary Dynamic Capabilities?

T Gruchmann, G De La Torre, K Krumme – Operations Management and Sustainability, 2019
… Accordingly, the following research question guided our study: How can LSPs
contribute to creating sustainable production and consumption systems and, at
the same time, support more sustainable consumption patterns …
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Sustainable Operations Management (SOM): An Introduction to and Overview of the Book

PH Andersen, L de Boer – Operations Management and Sustainability, 2019
… task. There are intended as well as unintended consequences of actions which
at first glance may seem as a straightforward way to increase sustainable
consumption and reduce the impact on the world’s scarce resources …
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[PDF] Designing a Sustainable Development Goal Index through a Goal Programming Model: The Case of EU-28 Countries

F Guijarro, J Poyatos – Sustainability, 2018
… Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals adopted by all member states
of the United Nations in September 2015 [1]. They include areas such as
economic inequality, environmental sustainability, innovation, peace and …
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Enablers of sustainable supply chain management and its effect on competitive advantage in the Colombian context

JRC Vargas, CEM Mantilla, ABL de Sousa Jabbour – Resources, Conservation and …, 2018
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Direction of Rural Tourism Development in Response to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-An Application of Healing Type in Rural Tourism

S Cho, H Son, S Kim – 동아시아경관연구 (구 휴양 및 경관연구), 2018
… Goal 12 deals with Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), which
minimizes emissions of pollutants in pro- duction and consumption process
in order not to jeopardize the demand of future generations, while using …
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H Rastogi – Environment and Social Psychology, 2018
… 27-60). London: Academic Press. Thøgersen, J., &Ölander, F. (2002). Human values
and the emergence of a sustainable consumption pattern: A panel study. Journal
of Economic Psychology, 23, 605-630. Tuckett, AG (2005) …
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[PDF] Management as a Calling: A Blueprint for Management Education in the 21st Century

AJ Hoffman – 2018
… Stout, L. (2012) “The problem with corporate purpose,” Issues in Governance Studies,
48(1). WBCSD (2011) A Vision of Sustainable Consumption, (Geneva, Switzerland:
World Business Council for Sustainable Development) …
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Review on upgradability–A product lifetime extension strategy in the context of product service systems

MA Khan, S Mittal, S West, T Wuest – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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[PDF] Sustainability Performance in Food Supply Networks: Insights from the UK Industry

N Tsolakis, F Anastasiadis, J Srai – Sustainability, 2018
… 2017, 155, 66–78. [CrossRef] 2. Food and Agriculture Organization of the
United Nations (FAO). How to Feed the World in 2050; FAO: Rome, Italy,
2009. 3. Govindan, K. Sustainable consumption and production in the food …
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[PDF] Thematic Analysis to Assess Indian Consumers Purchase Intention for Organic Apparel

SK Mahapatra – The Qualitative Report, 2018
… Recent articles have also measured the relevance of applying the TpB model
in the studying sustainable consumption practices of consumers in the Indian
context (Verma & Chandra, 2018; Yadav & Pathak, 2016, 2017). Page 6 …
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[HTML] Consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions accounting with capital stock change highlights dynamics of fast-developing countries

ZM Chen, S Ohshita, M Lenzen, T Wiedmann, M Jiborn… – Nature Communications, 2018
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[HTML] Green DIY store choice among socially responsible consumer generations

DC Dabija, BM Bejan – International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility, 2018
… Sustainable consumption behaviour becomes an essential goal for companies, and
should be included in a holistic approach to their general business strategies
(Dermody et al., 2015; Singh and Sharma, 2016). The penchant …
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Drivers of consumer attention to mandatory energy-efficiency labels affixed to home appliances: An emerging market perspective

PBI Issock, M Mpinganjira, M Roberts-Lombard – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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Antecedents of closed-loop supply chain in emerging economies: A conceptual framework using stakeholder’s perspective

J Gaur, V Mani – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
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[PDF] Holistic approaches to develop Sustainable Competencies in Pre-service Teacher Training

S Albareda-Tiana, S Vidal-Raméntol, M Pujol-Valls… – 2018
… The Workshop on Sustainability of academic year 2017-2018, was about sustainable
food, related to SDG 12: sustainable consumption … biscuits, etc.) contain palm oil so as
to promote alternatives that encourage more sustainable consumption …
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[PDF] The modern pillars of Circular Economy

AML Baglio – Archives of Business Research–Vol, 2018
System Innovation for Sustainability. Perspectives on Radical Change to Sustainable
Consumption and Production. Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield, UK, 2008 …
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[PDF] The Effect of Institutions on Sustainable Innovation. The Transition towards Smart Electric Mobility.

BC Remmerswaal – 2018
… et al., 2012). A transition is sustainable if it is a change of a societal domain towards
more sustainable consumption and production models in the long run (Geels, 2005;
Grin et al., 2010, Markard et al., 2012). Transitions are …
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[PDF] Plastic Waste is Exponentially Filling our Oceans, but where are the Robots?

J Rojas – arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.00798, 2018
… The Sustainable Development Goals (in particular Goal 12, which seeks
to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and Goal 14,
which seeks to conserve the oceans and marine resources), the G7 Alliance …
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Taking a Stand through Food Choices? Characteristics of Political Food Consumption and Consumers in Finland

M Niva, P Jallinoja – Ecological Economics, 2018
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Shaping norms. A convention theoretical examination of alternative food retailers as food sustainability transition actors

S Forssell, L Lankoski – Journal of Rural Studies, 2018
… Particularly interesting are efforts to shape consumer norms and practices, as there
is increasing recognition of the importance of sustainable consumption in food
sustainability transitions (van Gameren et al., 2015; Fonte, 2013) …
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[PDF] Analysis of Green Public Procurement of Works by Spanish Public Universities

J Fuentes-Bargues, P Ferrer-Gisbert, M González-Cruz – International Journal of …, 2018
… In the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in
Johannesburg in 2002, an implementation plan to support regional and
national initiatives was created to accelerate the shift towards sustainable …
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[HTML] Analysis of the Effects of the Home Energy Management System from an Open Innovation Perspective

ES Park, BR Kim, SH Park, D Kim – Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market …, 2018
The Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is a system for the efficient
electric power consumption of each household. It can provide real-time
electricity cost information according to electricity consumption, and households …
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Potentials and Challenges for a Circular Economy in Mexico

H Dieleman, MC Martínez-Rodríguez – Towards Zero Waste, 2019
… Harper Collins, New YorkGoogle Scholar. Boulanger PM (2016) Three strategies for
sustainable consumption, SAPIEN.S. Accessed 10 Apr
2017. Boulding K (1966) The economics of knowledge and the knowledge of economics …
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Strategic Alliance for Environmental Stewardship: The Market-place Model

C Okere – Stakeholders, Governance and Responsibility, 2018
MARKET-PLACE MODEL Chimaobi Okere ABSTRACT From the heaps of garbage
in street corners and highways, to blocked drains and obstructed …
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Pricing in C2C Sharing Platforms

S Zimmermann, P Angerer, D Provin, BR Nault – Journal of the Association for …, 2018
Page 1. ISSN 1536-9323 Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2018)
19(8), 672-688 doi: 10.17705/1jais.00505 RESEARCH PAPER 672 Pricing in C2C
Sharing Platforms Steffen Zimmermann1, Peter Angerer2 …
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Evaluating of dynamic service matching strategy for social manufacturing in cloud environment

X Xue, S Wang, L Zhang, Z Feng – Future Generation Computer Systems, 2018
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[PDF] Why is the definition of a sustainable event important?

LA Hunt
Page 1. Sustainable Communities Review 3 ARTICLE Are we Moving Closer Towards
a More Unified Definition of Sustainable Events? Laura Anne Hunt University of North
Texas & Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza …
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H El Mustapha
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Exploring attitude–behavior gap in sustainable consumption: comparison of recycled and upcycled fashion products

HJ Park, LM Lin – Journal of Business Research, 2018
Many consumers have a positive attitude toward sustainable products; however they
commonly end up not purchasing them. This study focused on exploring the gap
between the purchase intention and purchase experience in recycled and upcycled …
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[PDF] My committment to veganism as responsible consumption in reference to SDG 12

J Starr – Envigogika, 2018
… b. Anticipatory competency i. My understanding of the future without an increase
in sustainable consumption is not pleasant; it is important to not only think of the future
in terms of my own lifetime but also generations to come. ii …
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[PDF] Gender Mainstreaming in the 2030 Agenda: A Focus on Education and Responsible Consumption & Production

IB Franco, L dos Muchangos, M Okitasari, R Mishra… – 2018
… significant reductions. Assumptions and misconceptions related to gender dynamics
and the role of women have impacted the outcomes of policies and programmes
focused on sustainable consumption and production. In the …
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[PDF] Identifying Sustainable Population Segments Using a Multi-Domain Questionnaire: A Five Factor Sustainability Scale

M Haan, EA Konijn, C Burgers, A Eden, BC Brugman… – Social Marketing Quarterly, 2018
This study presents the creation of a measurement device to determine and define
sustainability attitudes into identifiable sustainability segments. These segme…
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Insects as feed and the Sustainable Development Goals

M Dicke – Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, 2018
… SDG 12 is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns and achieve
sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources while substantially reducing
waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse …
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[HTML] Good Practices and Actions for Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Tourist Sector

R Giurea, I Precazzini, M Ragazzi, M Achim, LI Cioca… – Resources, 2018
… municipal solid waste management. Specific criteria to adopt for the sustainable
consumption of beverages and food and for the sustainable use of packaging of
various types have been analyzed and suggested. The adoption of …
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Implementation of sustainable manufacturing practices in Indian manufacturing companies

S Gupta, GS Dangayach, AK Singh, ML Meena… – … : An International Journal, 2018
… Dubey, R., Gunasekaran, A., Childe, SJ, Papadopoulos, T., Wamba, SF, & Song, M. (2016).
Towards a theory of sustainable consumption and production: Constructs and
measurement. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 106, 78-89 …
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I’m nice, therefore I go green: An investigation of pro-environmentalism in communal narcissists

I Naderi – Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2018
… To the extent that humans are highly motivated to maximize self-related outcomes, even
at the expense of others, one of the main barriers to sustainable consumption may be
self-interest (eg, Dietz, Ostrom, & Stern, 2003; Hawkes, 1992; van Vugt et al., 2014) …
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Riding a Trojan horse? Future pathways of the fiber-based packaging industry in the bioeconomy

J Korhonen, A Koskivaara, A Toppinen – Forest Policy and Economics, 2018
… Consumer behavior, Technology will bridge resource gaps, while today’s consumption
patterns persist, Sufficiency approaches and sustainable consumption will increase … 4.3.
Social and technological innovations for sustainable consumption …
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[HTML] The contribution of green logistics and sustainable purchasing for green supply chain management

CRB Teixeira, AL Assumpção, AL Correa, AF Savi… – Independent Journal of …, 2018
The contribution of green logistics and sustainable
purchasing for green supply chain management.
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[PDF] Sustainable development of bioheat from agriculture wastes and environment

AM Omer – To Chemistry Journal, 2018
Page 1. 145 Sustainable development of bioheat from agriculture wastes and
environment Abdeen Mustafa Omer Energy Research Institute (ERI), Nottingham,
UK Abstract This communication discusses a comprehensive review …
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Intention and behavior towards green consumption among low-income households

A Al Mamun, MR Mohamad, MRB Yaacob… – Journal of Environmental …, 2018
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Post-growth strategies can be more feasible than techno-fixes: Focus on working time

M Antal – The Anthropocene Review, 2018
For sufficiently fast climate change mitigation, strategies once considered unthinkable
have to be discussed. As negative-emission technologies and solar geoeng…
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Water Management and Climate Change in the Focus of International Master Programs in Latin America and the Carribian

F Reinstorf, P Schneider, RR Tejeda, LS Roque… – Handbook of Climate …, 2019
… The Spaces—Practises—Goods Nexus in the light of water resources refers to the
sustainable consumption of locally produced goods representing the regional identity,
which promotes the valorisation of regional value chains of sustainably produced goods …
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Consumers’ salient beliefs about green solar innovations: An elicitation study of Egyptian consumers

H Adib, N El-Bassiouny, J Roosen – Social Business, 2018
Page 1. SOCIAL BUSINESS, 2018 Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 167-185
204440818X15208755610883 ISSN2044-4087 print /ISSN2044-9860 online © Westburn
Publishers Ltd. Consumers’ salient beliefs about green solar …
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3Rs Policy and plastic waste management in Thailand

N Wichai-utcha, O Chavalparit – Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 2018
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) 1 3 Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management SPECIAL FEATURE: REVIEW 3Rs Policy
and plastic waste management in Thailand N. Wichai‑utcha1 · O. Chavalparit2,3 …
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[HTML] Threshold Based Footprints (for Water)

B Ruddell – Water, 2018
Thresholds are an emergent property of complex systems and Coupled Natural
Human Systems (CNH) because they indicate “tipping points” where a
complicated array of social, environmental, and/or economic processes …
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[PDF] Industrial sustainability and the circular economy as counterparts to the self-referral mechanics of Natural Law: part I—A theoretical foundation

L Fergusson, G Wells, D Kettle – Asian Journal of Environment and Ecology, 2018
Page 1. _____ *Corresponding author: E-mail: lee@maharishivedi; Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology …
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[PDF] Metropolitan residents’ willingness to payment and factors affecting low-carbon agricultural products: an empirical analysis on low-carbon vegetables in Shanghai

J Ma, LY Wang, XY Zhang, Y Ma, JN Zhang, S Zhou – IOP Conference Series: Earth …, 2018
… [5] The Gallup Organisation 2009 Europeans’ attitudes towards the issue of sustainable
consumption and production Flash Eurobarometer, 256 [6] Cohen MA and Vandenbergh
MP 2012 The potential role of carbon labeling in a green economy Energy Econ …
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[HTML] Green IT/IS Adoption within Organizations: A Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda

MD Esfahani, H Shahbazi, M Nilashi, S Samad – Journal of Soft Computing and …, 2018
… 368-378. Lukacs, G. Potential in Information and Communication Technologies for
Supporting Sustainable Consumption … Shaker Verlag, Aachen, 409-412. Lukács, G. ICT
Applications as a Key Element in Sustainable Consumption in Europe …
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