August 25, 2016

SCORAI is a multi-regional assemblage of networks with independent groups in North America, Europe, China, and Israel

Our Mission

The Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI) is a knowledge network of professionals working at the interface of material consumption, human well-being, and technological and cultural change. We aim to foster a transition beyond the currently dominant consumer society.

SCORAI provides a forum for scholars and practitioners striving to understand the drivers of the consumerist economy in affluent technological societies; to formulate and analyse options for post-consumerist lifestyles, social institutions, and economic systems; and to provide the knowledge for emergent grassroots innovations, social movements, and public policies.

For more information, download our activity report 2013-2015: SCORAI Activity Report 2013 - 2015 (1488 downloads)

Our Board

Executive Committee

  • Halina Szejnwald Brown, Clark University
  • Maurie J. Cohen, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Emily Huddart Kennedy, Washington State University
  • Philip J. Vergragt, Tellus Institute and Clark University
  • Deric Gruen, University of Washington
  • Anders Hayden, Dalhousie University

Members of the SCORAI board 2017 from left to right: Philip Vergragt, John Stutz, Halina Brown, Anders Hayden, Maurie Cohen.

Board member Deric Gruen

Board member Emily Kennedy


  • Cindy Isenhour, University of Maine
  • John Stutz, Tellus Institute


Robert Orzanna (


Samira Iran (TU Berlin)

Monthly Newsletter

Darcy Hauslik (Washington State University)

SCORAI Europe Newsletter

Gary Goggins (NUI Galway)

Our Partners

Please visit our dedicated page for more information.

Our Members

Communication among members of SCORAI occurs primarily via a moderated listserv and a monthly newsletter. If you would like to participate in the ongoing discussion and/or receive announcements about SCORAI activities, please join or send a message to

Our Activities

Colloquium on Consumption and Social Change got underway on April 16, 2014, with the first presentation in this year-long discussion on consumption and social change. The series seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners concerned with social change into a sustained and free-flowing interaction that will hopefully generate novel insights, inform policy processes and political activism and contribute to new research directions.

Our networks

Get in touch with one of our regional networks.

  1. SCORAI China
  2. SCORAI Europe
  3. SCORAI Israel
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