October 29, 2016

SCORAI Working Group Action and Policy

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The SCORAI Working Group Action and Policy was formed during the Conference in Maine, June 2016. It presently consists of 14 members. Its main objective is to bridge the gap between knowledge and action; which means seeking how to apply SCORAI knowledge for action and policy; and to investigate which knowledge gaps from activists and policy makers SCORAI should address.

The group has so far had 4 conference calls; and produced a Founding Document; we are working on a Partnership Inventory of organizations that bridge the knowledge-action gap. We are preparing a questionnaire in which SCORAI members are asked to document their activities bridging knowledge and action; and we are preparing a workshop for end of April to bring together a small group of thinkers and activists. We also have brainstormed about the most relevant topics that we should concentrate on; ranging from carbon tax to good life and immaterial wellbeing to systemic change.

We welcome new members with fresh ideas; and we also welcome expressions of interest to participate in the workshop send an email to deric@uw.edu to be added. We are currently investigating how to raise funding and how to work most effectively.