December 19, 2016

Upcoming job deadlines, applications and events in sustainable consumption research

September 2018

  • 19-21 September: International Research Workshop: Transition Impossible? Ambiguous Transformations and the Resilience of Unsustainability
  • September 11-12: 13th Corporate Responsibility Research Conference
  • September 4-6: Degrowth International Conferences in Mexico

August 2018

July 2018

  • July 31: CfP Corporate Responsibility Research Conference
  • July 10-13: 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference

June 2018

  • June 30: Call for abstracts Leverage Points 2019: International conference on sustainability research and transformation, Lüneburg, Germany, 6-8 February
  • June 24-July 6: Making sense by democracy, non-violence, and conviviality. A Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice
  • June 27-30: Third International Conference Of The Sustainable Consumption Research And Action Initiative
  • June 23-25: ‘Alternatives to Capitalism’ SASE Research Network Conference Doshisa University Kyoto (Japan)
  • June 22-24: New Economy Coalition biennial national conference, will be focused on this question of “How?” and we want you to chart a path forward with us.
  • June 20-22: POLLEN18 – Political Ecology, the Green Economy, and Alternative Sustainabilities 20-22 June 2018, Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA), Oslo, Norway
  • June 13-15: The 24th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference (ISDRS) in Messina, Italy
  • June 13-14: Energizing Futures – Sustainable Development and Energy in Transition
  • June 12-14: 9th International Sustainability Transitions Conference – Manchester
  • June 12: Can Beauty Save the World?
  • June 8: Workshop on sustainable entrepreneurship
  • June 7: graduate student sustainability symposium, Charlotte NC

May 2018

  • May 21 – June 23: Critical studies on food in italy food systems and sustainability
    summer 2018 open enrollment program
  • May 24-27: North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress
  • May 14-25: STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability
  • May 18-20: Small Group Meeting: The Psychology of Sustainable Consumption, University of Pennsylvania
  • May 16: Conference, UC Davis – Eating for Change: Global and Local Perspectives on Food and Transformation
  • May 15: PhD position in the sociology of consumption and sustainability
  • May 15: Equity Considerations in Sustainable Urban Consumption and Production
  • May 15: PhD Position – University of Geneva. The thematic focus is purposefully broad, from SCP to sustainability in education, to sustainable communities and wellbeing
  • May 13: 2018 HLPF: Call for nominations of expert speakers from Major Groups and other Stakeholders
  • May 11: DigitalCapitalism2018: The Digital Economy: Ubercapitalism or Post-Capitalism?
  • May 8-9: Design, Justice & Zero Waste Conference hosted by the Tishman Environment & Design Center at The New School and GAIA
  • May 4: Research opportunities with SHARECITY: Sustainability of urban food sharing
  • May 2: EPOG 2.0 – Master’s course and scholarships – CALL FOR APPLICATION
  • May 1: Final Call for Papers for Special Issue on Innovative Perspectives on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production

April 2018

  • April 30: Call for papers – Corporate Responsibility Research Conference (CRRC)
  • April 23: Application deadline summer school “Transition to a Cooperative Commonwealth: Political Economy for People and Planet”
  • April 23: Webinar: SASB and sustainability standards
  • April 17: 1-Day Conference “Sustainability & Me”: Personal and Experience-Based Approaches in Higher Education for Sustainable Development (April 17, 2018, Leuphana University of Lüneburg)
  • April 17: The Case for Solutions Journalism as a Catalyst for Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • April 13: Application deadline Research Fellow in Energy Justice and Transitions at SPRU Sussex
  • April 13: Call for Papers | Economic Theory for the Anthropocene —Towards Heterodox Understandings of Sustainable Economies
  • April 10-11: Learning for Sustainable Change, in cooperation with Malmö University
  • April 11: Workshop “Nachhaltige Geschäftsmodelle in der Textilbranche” Universität Ulm und Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
  • April 6: Just Transitions Research Network Friday April 6th 2pm-5pm Northeastern University
  • April 1: CfA Sociological Perspectives Special Issue: Civic Responses to Environmental Issues: How Culture Matters
  • April 1: Call for Papers | Economic Theory for the Anthropocene —Towards Heterodox Understandings of Sustainable Economies

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