Have you wondered what SCORAI would be without you? It’s impossible for us to even think about that. You are the most crucial stakeholder in the good things we do at SCORAI. That’s why we always hold your support and contributions in high esteem.

At SCORAI, we are a non-governmental organization, passionate about sustainable consumption all around the world. Given the scope of our activities, volunteers are the ones who bring our dreams to life. Since we came on board, we have been famous for our discourses and sustainable consumption plans.

Our activities affect you in no mean way. With a subscriber list running into thousands, we are changing your world through our workshops, publications, and newsletters. Our listserv, conferences, and videos are also some ways we bring impact closer to you.

While our board members receive no pay for their services, we still need you. We would love you to join the roll call of those who gladly give their time and resources to a worthy cause. Specifically, we require financial resources to continue the excellent work. And we are sure that you can be of help.

You are on this page because you are aware of a lot of things. First, you understand how much sustainable consumption affects you. Also, you know that it is vital for there to be a change in how our world does things. What will be your contribution to defining a new world for your future?

SCORAI presents you with a way to donate. We welcome you to be a “contributing SCORAI subscriber.” We promise it’s not much stress. We also have our requests tailored to meet your peculiar circumstances.

How to Donate

How can you be a part of what SCORAI does? It is merely by making as many financial contributions as you can. Here’s how we ask for your donations.

We invite working-class citizens and business owners to donate as much as $50 – $100.

We invite senior citizens, students, and citizens in exceptional circumstances to donate $25 – $50.

Do you want to donate higher? You can donate any sum of your choice by filling in your desired amount in the spaces provided.

Where Do Your Donations Go?

All the donations you make to SCORAI go to our Global Philanthropy Partnership. Your donations go a long way in proving that you support our work at SCORAI. We also ensure to put your money into fair use.

Your donations are what we use in facilitating research on sustainable consumption, teaching, and disseminating information. With inspiration from your monetary support, we can incubate new ideas and form stronger partnerships.

With your contributions, you stand a chance to get unlimited access to our materials. At the end of each business year, you also know how we have spent your resources.

So, get started. Join the train. We aim to meet a target of $100,000 by 2022. Be a part of the change you want to see with SCORAI.

We look forward to receiving from you. You have the warmest regards of the SCORAI Board.