July 29, 2016


[Sticky] Welcome to the Community, Collective Action, and Alternative Pathways Working Group!  


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The Concept

This is a collaborative online platform where scholars, researchers, and activists can share knowledge, experiences, and research approaches focused on a broad range of topics that ultimately aim to contribute to envisioning pathways to more sustainable, just, and intentional ways of being.

This Working Group was initially conceived by a diverse group of scholars participating in a mini-conference entitled  "Re-embedding the Social: New Modes of Production, Critical Consumption, and Alternative Lifestyles" that was part of the 2016 annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics held at the University of California Berkeley. In the aftermath of the conference, there was considerable interest in trying to maintain momentum and extend the circle of participation.

We invite you all to actively take part in these online discussions, recruit interested new members, and contribute your own insights and research goals.

The Process

Through this platform you are welcome to start new discussion threads to share ongoing and potential research topics, calls for papers, and announcements about interesting conferences. We also invite participants to initiate up new research collaborations, aiming for co-producing working papers and collectively taking part in events related to our themes. 

As this Working Group evolves we hope to develop future common theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and research agendas to better explore our shared interests in the topics listed below.

The Topics

  • Cooperative economy and collective action
  • Emerging faces of the social economy
  • New commoning practices
  • Innovative forms of community-based natural resource governance
  • Sustainable agri-food networks
  • Place-based development
  • Participatory and action research methodologies
  • Ecovillages and communal living
  • Social movements: agrarian change, environmental justice, farmer rights, food sovereignty 

How to use the forum

  1. Make sure you have an account for scorai.org. If not, please send an email to Robert Orzanna.
  2. Log in and create a new topic or reply to an existing topic.
  3. For any questions regarding the use of the forum, please reply in the thread Technical Help

Any other questions?

Please contact Flora Sonkin and Jordan Treakle at actionpathways@gmail.com.


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