Working Groups

Our primary aim at SCORAI is to achieve sustainable consumption. And as with every goal, we achieve it by working with the best of hands. That is why at SCORAI, we have a working group of experts dedicated to the cause of sustainable consumption. Essentially, we have the SCORAI Working Group Action and Policy. This working group came about during the Maine Conference in June 2016. A group comprising of six members, we seek to create a link between action and knowledge. Over time, we notice that it is easy for us to gather knowledge in specific areas. The problem now comes from putting this knowledge into action. So, we set up this working group to create ways to transform experience into policies and actions. We also try to understand the knowledge gaps we ought to address.

Achievements of Our Working Group

The SCORAI Working Group Action and Policy has achieved some remarkable feats since we formed it.

Founding Document and Member Questionnaire

One of the major successes is the creation of a Founding Document. Besides, the group also produced a questionnaire. The questionnaire aims to have SCORAI members record their efforts towards linking action and knowledge.


The working group also takes credit for organizing notable workshops. One of its ground-breaking workshops was the Sustainable Consumption: Bridging Research and Action and Policy Workshop. The workshop took place in May 2017 in Washington, DC. The SCORAI Board and the Baha’i Office of Public Affairs also contributed to the success of the workshop. The two-day program saw inputs from a total of 18 participants, including practitioners and researchers. During the workshop, participants held discussions on how the world can use the “Sustainable Lifestyle Model.” Also, the workshop participants explored issues of a post-consumer society, urban lifestyles, and sufficiency values. The workshop concluded on several points. These points include that cities are the most viable areas to implement sustainable consumption policies. Also, conclusions arose in social marketing and possible research methods for sustainable consumption. The SCORAI working group is not resting on its oars. It remains resolute to bridge knowledge gaps. It is also keen on translating research findings into action. The working group continues to consider more opportunities to organize workshops on essential areas of sustainable consumption.

Full Report on Fostering and Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles: Principles and Emerging Practices

The SCORAI Working Group was also central to the contributions to the United Nations Environmental Programme Full Report. The Working Group created research avenues for SCORAI members to add to the body of knowledge on Sustainable Consumption.

The 122-page document details consumer lifestyles and how policies and actions can shape these practices. The Full Report got inputs from two members of the SCORAI working group. The recognition of our research efforts in the report is a testament to how much impact the SCORAI working group is making.

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