New Publications

The major problem we face in the world is the lack of information. Your chances of taking steps to ensure sustainable consumption depends on how much you know about it. We fully understand this. That’s why we aim to make information available to as many people. Your response to sustainable consumption is vital in solving many challenges. Therefore, we ensure that our researches, studies, and projects get to you. At SCORAI, we make our new publications available to you regularly.
What Type of Publications Do We Release?

At SCORAI, we keep you posted about all of our recent activities. We achieve this through our monthly newsletters. When you join SCORAI and subscribe to our mailing list, you can get the most recent news relating to Sustainable Consumption. You also get a chance to know all about our activities.

We also accept articles for publishing in our periodic journals. We draw a large number of contributions from researchers and professionals in the field of Sustainable Consumption. The good thing is that you can always contribute to our journals. You can send us a mail to have your article feature in our journals.

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We also publish reports on several findings into Sustainable Consumption. Our reports cover the result of our research, which may span months and years. In these reports, we detail current trends and make recommendations to you on consumer lifestyles and attitudes.

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Over the years, we have partnered with several organizations to conduct studies on Sustainable Consumption. Some of these organizations include the United Nations, tertiary institutions, and non-profit environmental groups.

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Our team comprises of experts in the field of Sustainable Consumption. This skilled human resource gives us the leverage to publish full-length books. Our books are on a variety of subjects.

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What Subjects Do Our Publications Cover?

Recycling and Reuse

You use a large number of items that you can recycle. However, you may not be aware of how to recycle or what you can recycle. Our publications include topics on how to reuse and recycle your household items.

Ethical Consumer Behavior

How do you consume your products? Many people do not realize that there is such a thing as consumer behavior. Consumer behavior consists of your attitudes to the selection, use, and disposal of consumer products. Thus, our publications cover the topics on the right and ethical conduct towards consumer products.

Product Lifecycle of Consumer Products

The scope of our publications extends to the lifespan of your products. Some products are semi durables, while others are durables. Our publications touch on these aspects and help you make sense of your product’s lifecycle.

Sustainable Material Use

Our publications also have sustainable material use as a subject matter. They provide you with information on how to use renewable resources in production. They also let you know how to use limited resources sustainably.

Legal and Regulatory Procedures

This topic revolves around the legal issues that you should know about sustainable consumption.