March 3, 2017

Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

Sustainable Logistics Network Design Under Uncertainty

R Daghigh, MS Pishvaee, SA Torabi – Sustainable Logistics and Transportation, 2017
… Consumer issues: it is related to that organizations are responsible to their customers and
consumers and includes reducing the risk of consumer products and services and promoting
the design and sustainable consumption and fair access to all segments of society …
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Which Activities Contribute Most to Building Energy Consumption in China? A Hybrid LMDI Decomposition Analysis from Year 2007 to 2015

L Yujie, C Peng, D Li – Energy and Buildings, 2017
This paper proposed a hybrid Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI) model that decomposes
the change of total energy consumption (TEC) in the building sector to.
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[PDF] An Examination of the Factors Influencing the Green Initiative and Competitiveness of Private Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

CL Tan, YN Goh, SF Yeo, SL Ching, HS Chan – Jurnal Pengurusan (UKM Journal of …, 2017
… One of the strategies is to strengthen the governance by enhancing the regulatory and
institutional framework as well as the capacity of the authority to monitor and evaluate the
transformation process (Sustainable Consumption & Production 2016) …
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Keep on grazing: factors driving the pasture-raised milk market in Germany

B Gassler, Q Xiao, S Kühl, A Spiller – British Food Journal, 2018
… pp.2088-2107. De Haen, H. and Requillart, V. (2014), “Linkages between sustainable
consumption and sustainable production: Some suggestions for foresight work”,
Journal of Food Security, Vol.6, pp.87–100. Page 18. 18 …
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Who are the farm shop buyers? A case study in Naumburg, Germany

M Bavorova, D Traikova, J Doms – British Food Journal, 2018
… attribute. In a quasi- public attribute, utility arises not only from the private benefits to
the consumer, but also from making a public statement of activism and pursuing
sustainable‘ consumption (Vermeir and Verbeke, 2006). Following …
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D POPESCU, V NICOLAE, IM PAVEL, A DINU – Economic Computation & Economic …, 2017
… of a large part of the population from rural to large urban areas, we understand and accept more
easily the need of modern human to reinvent the collaborative economy by creating new forms
of cooperation, such as (see table 1): sustainable consumption and production …
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Sustainable supply chains under government intervention with a real-world case study: An evolutionary game theoretic approach

R Mahmoudi, M Rasti-Barzoki – Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2017
It is clear that the problem of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most
important and challenging issues in recent years. Governments hav.
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Sustainable Development Administration

H Fünfgeld – Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public …, 2017
… 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries. 11. Make cities and human settlements
inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production
patterns. 13. Tackle urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 14 …
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[PDF] Upcycling as a Manifestation of Consumer and Business Behavior that Expresses Sustainable Consumption and Determines the Functioning of the Communal …

Abstract The article addresses the issue of upcycling as a new pattern of consumer
behaviour, enabling the production of new goods from the previously used products, which
prolongs their life. Such behaviour also leads to a reduction in the use of new products on a
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[HTML] Ecocentric Infrastructures and Site-specific Practices for the Revitalization of Local Cultural Commons

D Vadala – Convergências-Revista de Investigação e Ensino das …, 2017
… If the ‘Sustainability of Sustainable Consumption‘ has been posed as an issue in fields as Social
Studies, Law and Macro-economy (Dolan 2002, Kilbourne et alii 1997, Salzman 1997), the need
to readdress the current dynamics of production and consumption towards locally …
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[PDF] Mark Peterson, Sustainable Enterprise: A Macromarketing Approach (2013)

C Madran – Markets, Globalization & Development Review, 2017
… As a textbook, I would recommend it for all kinds of business and marketing courses, including
generic marketing courses, global/international marketing courses, courses related to
sustainability, sustainable production and sustainable consumption …
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Advances in Health and Environment Safety: Select Proceedings of HSFEA 2016

NA Siddiqui, SM Tauseef, K Bansal – 2017
… Dehradun, Uttarakhand….. 127 Kanchan D. Bahukhandi, Tanuja Uniyal and Neelu J. Ahuja
Implementation of Sustainable Consumption and Production Using DEMATEL….. 133 Surbhi …
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The Institutionalization of Service-Learning at Spanish Universities

R Heras-Colàs, M Masgrau-Juanola, P Soler-Masó – The International Journal of …, 2017
… Barth, M., Adomßent, M., Fischer, D., Richter, S., & Rieckmann, M. (2014). Learning to change
universities from within: A service-learning perspective on promoting sustainable consumption
in higher education. Journal of Cleaner production, 62, 72-81. Batlle, R. (2011) …
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An Introduction to Global Health

M Seear, O Ezezika – 2017
… promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation Goal 10 Reduce
inequality within and among countries Goal 11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient, and sustainable Goal 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production …
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G Gönüllü – Current Debates in Public Finance Public …
… of both women and men; promote productive activities in developing countries that contribute
to the eradication of poverty; address the concern about inequalities and promote social inclusion,
including social protection floors; promote sustainable consumption and production …
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[PDF] I am the Paradigm Shift Theory: Explaining Students’ Sustainability Outcome Comprehension Experience

R Chandler
Page 1. Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal ISSN:
2576-0319 I Am the Paradigm Shift Theory: Explaining Students’ Sustainability
Outcome Comprehension Experience Psychol Psychology Res Int J …
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[PDF] Current Status and Potential Role of Eco-labels in Informing Environmentally Friendly Purchases and Behaviours

W Brazil, B Caulfield
… 2010a). While such schemes may have value, in terms of educating the public, the
value of information campaigns as standalone measures to promote sustainable
consumption has been questioned (Gardner and Stern, 1996) …
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Implementation of Sustainable Consumption and Production Using DEMATEL

S Uniyal, SK Mangla, PP Patil, YK Sharma – Advances in Health and Environment …, 2018
Abstract The successful implementation of SCP is not possible without the involvement of
certain critical factors. Therefore, identification of success factors (SFs) and their subsequent
analysis is very important to understand. The goal of current work is to estimate the SFs
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I Rahman – Sustainable Development, 2017
Abstract Prior research has not fully shown how type and level of product involvement can
have different effects on behavioral intentions regarding different green products. The
purpose of this study is to examine how consumer involvement affects purchase intentions,
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Decision-making models for promoting consumption of low energy-intensive broadband terminal products in the Chinese telecommunication industry

Q Liu, S Zhao, Q Zhu – Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2017
… Research limitations/implications –This paper provides decision support for manufacturers
to promote sustainable consumption of LIHT products. Research ideas on models … evaluate
and motivate sustainable consumption for LIHT products …
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Teaching sustainable food consumption in Swedish home economics: A case study

E Gisslevik, I Wernersson, C Larsson – International Journal of Home Economics, 2017
… For this, the goal of sustainable consumption patterns has been outlined as one of its most
urgent action orientations (Agenda 21, 1992), where food consumption is one of the three
Page 2. International Journal of Home Economics ISSN 1999-561X 53 …
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The role of modularity in sustainable design: A systematic review

M Sonego, MES Echeveste, HG Debarba – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… It includes, in a general way, economic development, social inclusion, and environmental
sustainability. However, sustainable consumption and production require the redesign of
industrial practices, services, and infrastructures (Spangerberg et al., 2010) …
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Sustainable intensification of aquaculture value chains between Asia and Europe: A framework for understanding impacts and challenges

DC Little, JA Young, W Zhang, R Newton, A Al Mamun… – Aquaculture, 2017
Sustainable intensification (SI) is defined and interpreted in terms of a framework to support
production of farmed aquatic animals in Asia and their trade with.
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From an ideal dream towards reality analysis: Proposing Sustainable Value Exchange Matrix (SVEM) from systematic literature review on sustainable business …

SN Morioka, I Bolis, M Carvalho – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… Besides, increasing demand for more sustainable consumption and production solutions has
stimulated the development of various models, frameworks, roadmaps and recommendations
for companies towards sustainability (Jonkutė and Staniškis, 2016) …
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A Facts Panel on Corporate Social and Environmental Behavior: Decreasing Information Asymmetries between Producers and Consumers through Product Labeling

A Plank, K Teichmann – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… 2015). Information and understanding are necessary preconditions for sustainable
consumption but consumers face the complex and often impossible task of
assembling and then analyzing relevant information (Wells, 2013) …
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Behaviour change and theories of practice: Contributions, limitations and developments

D Welch – Social Business, 2017
… Practice theories have made the most direct contribution to behaviour change in the context
of sustainable consumption but offer insights to a range of empirical domains relevant to social
business, including health promotion and organisational change …
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Mechanism and policy combination of technical sustainable entrepreneurship crowdfunding in China: A system dynamics analysis

J Chen, L Chen, J Chen, X Kefan – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
In the subprime crisis era, China’s economy needs sustainable development. Sustainable
entrepreneurship is regarded as the main power for sustainability while s.



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