March 3, 2017

Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 50, 2017

The role of nature and environment in behavioural medicine

L Venhoeven, D Taufik, L Steg, M Bonaiuto, M Bonnes… – … in Improving the Health of a …, 2018
… Household actions can provide a behavioral wedge to rapidly reduce US carbon emissions. Proc
Natl Acad Sci USA, 106, 18452–6. Evans, D. & Jackson, T.(2008). Sustainable Consumption:
Perspectives from Social and Cultural Theory. Guildford, UK: University of Surrey …
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[PDF] Welfare vs. Income Convergence and Environmental Externalities

GJ Bannister, A Mourmouras – 2017
… IV. Environmental Externalities, Sustainable Consumption and Welfare …..17 … Section 4
presents our extension of Jones and Klenow’s methodology to include environmental
externalities and sustainable consumption for 2012, where data is available …
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B Lang, J Ervin, S Gidda – PARKS, 2017
… could contribute to progress towards achievement of the goals and several targets of the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development, not only those on life on land and life below water, but
also climate action, poverty eradication, and sustainable consumption and production …
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[HTML] Sustainable Production and Consumption Research Paper

H it Works
… The field is also referred to as ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production’ (SCP), usually with
a concomitant research emphasis, or simply ‘sustainable consumption‘ (often, however, without
signaling an exclusion of interest in production) … Sustainable Consumption …
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[HTML] Time Use and Resource Consumption Research Paper

H it Works
… Using qualitative scenario building, recent sustainable consumption research identified
promising practices that require a more or less radical reallocation of temporal and material
resources and that could be rolled out within households or organizations …
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[PDF] Creating Value through Sustainable Development in Higher Education

D Villikkai, C Wikstrom-Grotellii, GB Lejonqvist – of publication
… The first has to do with designing and supporting a culture and related processes in ways that
assure all pro- cesses are environmentally and socially benign within an organization, and are
adopted through a culture of sustainable consumption as a deeper concept …
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[PDF] Small flame but no fire

SS Africa
… implemented. These criteria were used to show whether and how countries prioritized
wood-fuel consumption and how they could formulate a strategy for the sustainable
consumption of wood fuel and use of alternative energies …
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OF CONTENTS A NEW HEDONISM Series Introduction ….. 3 Introduction ….. 5 …
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The sharing economy and its implications for sustainable value chains

K Rong, J Hu, Y Ma, MK Lim, Y Liu, C Lu – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
… B5: Is there a role for closed-loop and reverse logistics in the shared economy? C. Consumption:
C1: How can sustainable consumption and production be integrated into the sharing economy
especially with respect to resource savings and waste reduction …
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The more I care, the less I will listen to you: How information, environmental concern and ethical production influence consumers’ attitudes and the purchasing of …

J Cerri, F Testa, F Rizzi – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… Product price and availability, or the practical feasibility of purchasing and handling sustainable
products, are typical external barriers to sustainable consumption (Cassady et al., 2007; Gleim
and Lawson, 2014; Steg and Vlek, 2009 ; Zsóka et al., 2013) …
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Potential to curb the environmental burdens of American beef consumption using a novel plant-based beef substitute

B Goldstein, R Moses, N Sammons, M Birkved – PLoS One, 2017
… Although the apparent environmental benefits of the PBB are contingent on actual uptake of the
product, this study demonstrates the potential for non-traditional protein substitutes to play a role
in a transition towards more sustainable consumption regimes in the US and …
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Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: an enabling role for accounting research

J Bebbington, J Unerman – Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 2017
… Sustainable Cities and Communities Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient and sustainable 12. Responsible Consumption and Production Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns 13 …
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[HTML] Cities as hotspots of indirect water consumption: the case study of Hong Kong

D Vanham, BM Gawlik, G Bidoglio – Journal of Hydrology, 2017
During the last years, the city of Hong Kong has made large investments to make its urban
water supply system more water efficient and sustainable. As such, its.
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[PDF] Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Organic Agriculture: Empowering Poor Women to Build the Future

S Setboonsarng – 2017
… 10 J SDG 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries 10 K. SDG 11: Make
cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable; SDG 12:
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns 10 …
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[HTML] Integration of concepts about lean construction, sustainability and life cycle of buildings: a literature review

AEB Freitag, R Anholon, VM de Oliveira, TV Larrain – Brazilian Journal of Operations …, 2017
… on the Triple Bottom Line. Sustainable consumption, sustainable resource use and
sustainable livelihoods are relevant to all organizations and are related to society’s
sustainability as a whole. Martínez-Jurado et Moyano-Fuentes …
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Ash blended cement composites: Eco-friendly and sustainable option for utilization of corncob ash

SA MEMON, MK Khan – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… Therefore, to cater these problems, this research would achieve multiple objectives ie safe
disposal of ash after being used as source of energy, aiding in eco-friendly production of cement
composites and sustainable consumption of raw material expended during production of …
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31. Geographies of energy justice: concepts, challenges and an emerging agenda

K Bickerstaff – Handbook on the Geographies of Energy, 2017
… Spaargaren, G.(2011),’Theories of practices: agency, technology, and culture: exploring
the relevance of practice theories for the governance of sustainable consumption practices
in the new world-order’, Global Environmental Change, 21, 813–22 …
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[PDF] Students’ attitudes to paper consumption in relation to carbon emissions and the impact of electronic course documents

M Kapuka, O Shumba, W Munthali – Southern African Journal of Environmental …, 2017
… & Herzig, C. (2014). Emerging areas in research on higher education for sustainable development:
Management education, sustainable consumption and perspectives from Central and Eastern
Europe. Journal of Cleaner Production, 62, 1–7. Ajzen, I. & Fishbein, M. (1980) …
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