March 17, 2018

Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 16, 2018

Integrated SDG implementation—how a cross-scale (vertical) and cross-regional Nexus approach can complement cross-sectoral (horizontal) integration

H Hoff – Managing Water, Soil and Waste Resources to Achieve …, 2018
… 4 An Inter-regional Nexus Approach in Support of Integrated SDG Implementation and
Sustainable Consumption and Production … Box 2: Scientific tools in support of integrated
SDG implementation and Sustainable Consumption and Production across regions …
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Sustainability: Issues of Scale, Care and Consumption

A Chatzidakis, D Shaw – British Journal of Management, 2018
… Understanding ‘who cares’ requires an understanding of differing political and sociocultural
constructions and interpretations of care. Care in sustainable consumption choices may
be subject to conflicting care relations across multiple levels (Shaw et al., 2017) …
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S Hülsmann, R Ardakanian – Managing Water, Soil and Waste Resources to Achieve …, 2018
… documented in trade statistics. Appropriate tools and monitoring data are required
to analyse these vertical nexus dimensions to guide sustainable consumption and
production across regions. Clearly, setting respective limits …
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[PDF] It is green, but is it fair? Investigating consumers’ fairness perception of

X Wang, KF Yuen, YD Wong, CC Teo – 2018
Page 1. 1 It is green, but is it fair? Investigating consumers’ fairness perception of green
service offerings Title It is green, but is it fair? Investigating consumers’ fairness
perception of green service offerings Author(s) Wang, Xueqin …
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[PDF] Sustainability service in-store: service work and the promotion of sustainable consumption

CFC Fredriksson
While it is often argued that retailers, due to their strategically important position
between production and consumption, have a key role to play in the promotion of
sustainability (Gunn and Mont 2014, Fuentes 2011, Chkanikova and Lehner 2014 …
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Efforts for a Circular Economy in China: A Comprehensive Review of Policies

J Zhu, C Fan, H Shi, L Shi – Journal of Industrial Ecology
… of policies and specific examples in China according to their main focus:
generation of more valuable re- source flows, production efficiency and
environmental perfor- mance, prevention of waste disposal and associated …
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[PDF] An Investigation of Energy Efficient using Phase Changing Material (PCM)

SM Saravanan, MS Mukundan, S Prasanth, S Gopinath…
… Energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions will continue
to rise unless actions to direct the construction industry towards sustainable
consumption and production are urgently taken about 70% of the infrastructure …
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[PDF] Looking beyond anthropocentrism to mitigate climate change: Striving for earth jurisprudence

S Ghosh
… 70/1 on 24th September, 2015 in its seventieth Session entitled “Transforming Our World:
the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” to ensure sustainable consumption and
production patterns for every State to build harmony with nature. Resolution no …
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A “fork-to-farm” multi-scale approach to promote sustainable food systems for nutrition and health: a perspective for the Mediterranean region

EO Verger, M Perignon, J El Ati, N Darmon, MC Dop… – Frontiers in Nutrition, 2018
… Mediterranean region. Here, we present the conceptual framework and
methodologies developed by the MEDINA-Study Group for rethinking food systems
towards sustainable consumption and production modes. Based on …
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[PDF] Design for sustainability

C Liedtke – 2018
… A challenge for designers is to bring resource-intensive lifestyles down to a
sustainable level without causing social conflict and a fear of loss. poverty and
enable sustainable consumption and development opportunities. In …
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Sustainable Information in Shoe Purchase Decisions: Relevance of Data Based on Source

B Pacheco-Blanco, M Martínez-Gómez… – Sustainability, 2018
The aim of this work was to analyse consumers’ attitudes to economic, environmental,
and social information on shoe labels, in particular on sustainable consumption, and
also to examine the importance of the source of the information …
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Demand for Specialty Food Initiatives: Considerations for Meeting Planning and Destination Management

SL Slocum, W Knollenberg, C Kline – Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism, 2018
… With the growth in sustainable consumption values, travelers are seeking
business travel packages that move beyond general “green” destinations
and are seeking ethical options that support regional development, the …
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An Interdisciplinary Inquiry Into Sustainable Supply Chain Management

FD Kaufman, MA Ülkü – Handbook of Research on Supply Chain Management …, 2018
… initiatives. A crucial element of SSCM is Sustainable Consumption and Production
(SCP). SCP … products. They emphasize that for an effective SCP, sustainable
production should lead sustainable consumption. 4 Page 27. An …
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[PDF] Explorative Multidimensional Analysis for Energy Efficiency: Dataviz Versus Clustering Algorithms

D Cottafava, G Sonetti, P Gambino, A Tartaglino – environment, 2018
ID , Giulia Sonetti 2, Paolo Gambino 3 and Andrea Tartaglino 4 …
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The role of renewable energy policies for carbon neutrality in Helsinki Metropolitan area

K Dahal, S Juhola, J Niemelä – Sustainable Cities and Society, 2018
… 4.1.2. Policies for energy utilization. The majority of the heat and electricity produced is
utilized in residential houses, transportation systems, and industries. Thus, appropriate
policy measures are required for sustainable consumption of heat and electricity …
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Machine-learning algorithms for predicting on-farm direct water and electricity consumption on pasture based dairy farms

P Shine, MD Murphy, J Upton, T Scully – Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2018
… DAFM, 2010). Increasing milk production must be met with the sustainable
consumption of on-farm electricity and water (E&W) resources to ensure continued
sustainable growth of Irelands dairy industry (DAFM, 2016). With …
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Sustainability in university campus: options for achieving nearly zero energy goals

P Fonseca, P Moura, H Jorge, A de Almeida – International Journal of Sustainability in …, 2018
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Lemons problem in collaborative consumption platforms: different decision heuristics chosen by consumers with different cognitive styles

J Bae, DM Koo – Internet Research, 2018
Page 1. 1 Lemons problem in collaborative consumption platforms: different decision
heuristics chosen by consumers with different cognitive styles Abstract Purpose: Most
of the research on collaborative consumption platforms (CCPs) has focused …
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