March 17, 2018

Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 20, 2018

Anti-consumption Consciousness in Pursuit of Sustainability

V Guillard – Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 2018
Page 1. 1 © 2018, American Marketing Association Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
PrePrint, Unedited All rights reserved. Cannot be reprinted without the express permission
of the American Marketing Association. Anti-consumption …
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Customer Acceptance, Barriers, and Preferences in the US

MA Baker, JT Shin, YW Kim – Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Systems, 2018
… Entomophagy can contribute towards the goals of sustainable consumption
because it can positively contribute to reducing the negative environmental
impact of food production while also offering nutritious food to people on …
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Development and Implementation of the Sustainable Logistic Management Plan of the Federal University of ABC

G Mondelli, SM Zioni, CG de Souza, UDS Terra… – Towards Green Campus …, 2018
… The PLS diagnosis identified that the University does not have an
institutional program of sustainable consumption, however it is emphasized
that there are important initiatives in progress, which contribute to a better …
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Sustainable Brazilian Universities: Composition of Characteristics, Indicators and Performance Parameters

EL Marques, LA Verona, U Tortato – Towards Green Campus Operations, 2018
… Goal # 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
Goal # 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Goal # 13. Take
urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 4. Goal # 14 …
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Kenyan Consumers’ Experience of Using Edible Insects as Food and Their Preferences for Selected Insect-Based Food Products

MH Alemu, SB Olsen – Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Systems, 2018
… and Others. J Political Econ 104:683–703CrossRefGoogle Scholar. Salazar HA,
Oerlemans L, van Stroe-Biezen S (2013) Social influence on sustainable
consumption: evidence from a behavioural experiment. Int J Consum …
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The Role of Universities to Promote Sustainable Practices and Climate Change Adaptation: Analysis of the 22 Conferences of the Parties Using Text Mining

II Berchin, SA da Silva, F Ceci, GM Gabriel, TC Anhalt… – Towards Green Campus …, 2018
… Adomßent, M., Fischer, D., Godemann, J., Herzig, C., Otte, I., Rieckmannn,
M., et al. (2014). Emerging areas in research on higher education for
sustainable development e management education, sustainable consumption …
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[PDF] Impacts of Food Waste in Carbon Emission and Control Measures: Sodexo’s 34 percent carbon reduction target by 2025

S Bhandari – 2018
… plans and future economic, social and environmental costs reduction.
Sustainable consumption and production goal generally aims to having
more and better output with the less input … Implementation of the 10-year …
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HomeLabs: Domestic living laboratories under conditions of austerity

A Davies – Urban Living Labs, 2018
… Certainly, little emerged from Irish Water in relation to sustainable
consumption or domestic water conservation during its early years of
operation and when information did emerge in 2014, it was highly simplistic …
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Cycling into Headwinds: Analysing mobility practices that inhibit sustainability

K Scheurenbrand, E Parsons, B Cappellini, A Patterson – Journal of Public Policy & …, 2018
… is restricted. Key words: Practices, Practice Theory, Cycling, Sustainable
Consumption, Policy Introduction In this paper we shift the debate entirely
away from consumer choice and agency in sustainable consumption to …
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Environmental Governance of Solid Waste in USP Campuses: The University as a Laboratory for Environmental Public Policies

PFI Lemos, CC Moro – Towards Green Campus Operations, 2018
… Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”; “Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure,
promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”; “Goal 11: Make cities inclusive,
safe, resilient and sustainable”; “Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production …
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Strong emotional undertone in the fast fashion consumption

K Niinimäki – Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer …, 2018
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The case of DBL Group in Bangladesh

N Salvetti, A Nijhof – Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer …, 2018
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A hybrid business model for social, economic and environmental responsibility in Haiti

MC Dato-on, IA Walker – Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer …, 2018
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Sufficient Desire: The Discourse of Sustainable Luxury

KB Jones, JP Jones – Sustainability in Luxury Fashion Business, 2018
… The internally and externally constructed discourses served to position each brand
among a web of signifiers connoting both luxurious and sustainable consumption,
sometimes intersecting the two but with emphasis on the latter …
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Small Satellites and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

S Madry, P Martinez, R Laufer – Innovative Design, Manufacturing and Testing of …, 2018
… Consumption of non-renewable resources is also directly linked to greater air, soil, and
water pollution, which diminishes the capacity of Earth to sustain its growing population.
Goal 12 is about ensuring sustainable consumption and production practices …
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Sustainability Frameworks

S Wang – Sustainable Innovation and Impact, 2018
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A viable business model for fashion brands?

N Braithwaite, A Schlemann – Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer …, 2018
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Understanding garment mending through a practice theory perspective

M Durrani – Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer …, 2018
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Rana Plaza as a threat to the fast fashion model?

N Lohmeyer, E Schüßler – Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer …, 2018
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Luxury Fashion and Peace Restoration for Artisans in Colombia

C Cordoba – Sustainability in Luxury Fashion Business, 2018
… 2013). Among the attributes that are more prevalent to consumers in luxury is the
quality of materials and durability which correlates with values promoted in sustainable
consumption (Cimatti, Campana, & Carluccio, 2017). Other …
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Environmental Health Sciences, Religion, and Spirituality

D Oman, R Morello-Frosch – Why Religion and Spirituality Matter for Public Health, 2018
… However, the highest sustainability scores in the GSS data were among
respondents self-identifying as non-religious, and some other US-based
studies have reported either null or negative R/S-sustainable consumption …
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[PDF] Estimating current and future global urban domestic material consumption

TM Baynes, JK Musango – Environmental Research Letters, 2018
Page 1. Environmental Research Letters ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT • OPEN ACCESS
Estimating current and future global urban domestic material consumption To cite this
article before publication: Timothy Malcolm Baynes et al 2018 Environ. Res. Lett …
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Globalization and Rethinking of Environmental Consumption From a Sustainability Perspective

LA Amadi, PI Igwe – Promoting Global Environmental Sustainability and …, 2018
… sustainability. This chapter deployed content analysis methodology and political
ecology framework to review and analyze seminal studies on sustainable consumption
and globalization, including relevant globalization indexes …
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A typology of logistics at work in collaborative consumption

V Carbone, A Rouquet, C Roussat – International Journal of Physical Distribution & …, 2018
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[HTML] Consumer attitudes and communication in circular fashion

K Vehmas, A Raudaskoski, P Heikkilä, A Harlin… – Journal of Fashion …, 2018
… Conclusions, implications… References Further reading Corresponding Author Next
section. Sustainable consumption and production are important elements in preserving
limited natural resources and avoiding climate change. In the …
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Policy implications from (revealing consumption-based carbon footprint) of major economic sectors in Japan

Y Long, Y Yoshida, R Zhang, L Sun, Y Dou – Energy Policy, 2018
… consumption. Taking a consumer-based perspective enables us to identify
unsustainable consumption patterns and trends, which is helpful to the designing of
forward-looking strategies for sustainable consumption and production …
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Uncovering energy use, carbon emissions and environmental burdens of pulp and paper industry: A systematic review and meta-analysis

M Sun, Y Wang, L Shi, JJ Klemeš – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018
The pulp and paper industry, which provides cellulose pulp and paper, bio-based energy
and chemicals, is one of the largest energy consumers, greenhouse gases (.
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A Framework for Increasing Sustainability in Services

MM Davis, E Stavrulaki, A Wolfson – Service Science, 2018
Page 1. SERVICE SCIENCE Vol. 10, No. 2, June 2018, pp. 139–153 pubsonline. ISSN 2164-3962 (print), ISSN 2164-3970 (online) A Framework
for Increasing Sustainability in Services Mark M. Davis …
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Food Sustainability Index Report on the United States: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

BA Fiedler – Translating National Policy to Improve Environmental …, 2018
… 3.1 Introduction. All national contributions towards food sustainability help
to advance several common targets from the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals (UN SDGs) to improve nutrition (SDG 2) and sustainable …
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Sustainability-oriented Service Innovation: An emerging research field

A Calabrese, C Castaldi, G Forte, NG Levialdi – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Current environmental, social and economic sustainability challenges are increasingly
becoming sources of motivation for both manufacturing and service companie.
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