March 17, 2018

Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

The Role of Impulse Buying, Hedonism, and Consumer Knowledge Towards Sustainable Consumption of Fast Fashion

V Bhardwaj, S Manchiraju – 2017
Today, consumers face overwhelmingly different choices of consumption from fast
fashion retailers. This consumption transforms matter and energy, and therefore, is
environmentally consequential (Hiller, 2011). On average, 68 pounds of textile
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Towards sustainable consumption: A socio-economic analysis of household waste recycling outcomes in Hong Kong

AY Lo, S Liu – Journal of Environmental Management, 2018
Abstract Many high-density cities struggle to find space for disposing municipal solid
waste. Hong Kong is one of these cities, seeking to scale up waste recovery efforts
as an alternative to disposal. However, territory-wide recovery initiatives do not
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Cleaner production, social responsibility and eco-innovation: generations’ perception for a sustainable future

EA Severo, JCF de Guimarães, ECH Dorion – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Consequently, it is evident for the companies to start disclosing Cleaner production as
an opportunity window, which stimulates Sustainable Consumption and benefit the
environment … 2.4. Environmental awareness e sustainable consumption …
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[HTML] A Multi-Criteria Goal Programming Model to Analyze the Sustainable Goals of India

S Gupta, A Fügenschuh, I Ali – Sustainability, 2018
There is an ever-growing demand for sustainable development (SD) plans,
in order to foster a country’s economic growth by implementing suitable policies
and initiative programs for the development of the primary, the secondary
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Towards Sustainable Pro-Poor Development? A Critical Assessment of Fair Trade Gold

G Hilson, A Gillani, S Kutaula – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
This paper reflects critically on the progress made towards implementing Fair Trade gold
programs capable of empowering subsistence artisanal miners in developi.
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Green consumption and peer effects: Does it work for seafood products?

S Lucas, F Salladarré, D Brécard – Food Policy, 2018
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The generational cohort effect in the context of responsible consumption

O Ivanova, J Flores-Zamora, I Khelladi, S Ivanaj – Management Decision, 2018
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Community‐based water supplies in Cikarang, Indonesia: are they sustainable?

RAK Roekmi, K Baskaran, L Chua – Natural Resources Forum, 2018
… These authors have argued that the sustainable consumption of Common Pool Resources
(CPR) can be achieved by more effective institution man- agement, consisting of a group
of CPR’s users, abiding by common ownership and rules …
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Life cycle assessment research and application in Indonesia

EI Wiloso, N Nazir, J Hanafi, K Siregar, SS Harsono… – The International Journal of …, 2018
… Government policies also played an essential role in many aspects, including a
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable consumption and production,
green public procurement, eco-labeling, and green industry …
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Applying fuzzy AHP–TOPSIS technique in identifying the content strategy of sustainable manufacturing for food production

LA Ocampo – Environment, Development and Sustainability, 2018
… AHP is widely used in various sustainability-related applications such as evaluating
barriers to sustainable consumption (Luthra et al. 2016), prioritising critical success factors
for sustainable growth of manu- facturing industries (Sundharam et al …
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