Sustainable Consumption

You must have heard that we live in the age of consumerism. You probably wonder that means. The world believes that this is the period where you should increase your consumption of goods and services. It is also an ideology that seeks to protect you as a consumer from harmful products.
In all of these, have you ever wondered where the materials that we consume come to play? Do you think it is best to consume without caring for the source of the products you buy and consume?

At SCORAI, we share a concern for you and for the products you consume. These products include food, water, energy, and household items. Do you know that if we go on using the earth’s resources in producing what we consume at this rate, we may be in danger?

The UN Environmental Program shows that the world uses water excessively. Also, water pollution is on the rise, and nature cannot sufficiently purify our water bodies. Besides, the energy you consume mostly comes from non-renewable sources.

In all, the main focus of these data is that we must be careful about the rate in which we consume the earth’s resources without replacing them. In the middle of all these problems is where we come in. At SCORAI, we are a group that focuses on conducting research and taking action to change the narrative. We give ourselves over to the cause of nature and the environment. We aim to let you know about the harm caused by excessive consumption and production.

Our members are from an array of disciplines. They draw their experience and knowledge into environmental sustainability. Most importantly, we research your lifestyle choices and consumption patterns. From our results, we seek to educate you and correct bad consumption habits. Our work extends to producers of the products you consume. We focus on the harmful impact of using non-renewable natural resources and pollution. Our goal is to see that you adopt decisions in line with reducing ecological damage. The same goes for producers.

What Are Our Areas of Research and Action?

Recycling and Reuse

Our work at SCORAI is to prevent waste and pollution from materials that you can recycle. We research and encourage you to reuse and recycle your products instead of careless disposing of them.

Ethical Consumer Behavior

We work on ensuring that you are aware of recommended behavior towards consumer products. We also encourage you to adopt ethical user practices.

Product Lifecycle of Consumer Products

Our research area covers how long your consumer products can last. We also lead the action on the proper treatment of used products.

Sustainable Material Use

We advocate for the use of materials in sustainable ways. We also channel our research towards using renewable sources of water, food, energy, and other consumer goods.

Collaboration on Best Practices

We look toward joining hands with partners who are passionate about sustainable consumption as we are. We thus, work with the government, industries, and individuals to research and work towards sustainable consumption.