February 3, 2016

“Mining Practices and the Environment”, Sault College (since 2010)

  • Lecturer: Robert Rattle
  • Program: Natural Environment Technologist – Conservation and Management
  • Duration: one semester, 3h per week, Bachelor level (3rd year); 10-15 students
  • Focus: geological processes; mining techniques; environmental impacts and mitigation strategies; relating mining to personal consumption.
  • Novel approach: site visits to mines; group term paper on the environmental impacts of an electronic device, considering the complete life cycle, as well as social/health issues, etc. Bonus points: if students can identify and associate specific minerals in their selected device to a particular mining company, operation or mine.
  • Student evaluation: assignments (3-4), class participation, examinations (mid and final), and term project (1). Assignments are related to mining in Canada and include case studies.
  • Course evaluation: students appreciate site visits and relating mining to personal experiences.

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