February 3, 2016

“Sustainable Futures”, RMIT University, Melbourne (since 2003)

  • Lecturer: Martin Mulligan
  • Program: 450 first year students, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies
  • Duration: one semester; 12 credits; 3 hours weekly
  • Focus: explore the interactions between: society and the environment, local and global dimensions; explore the challenges faced and interactions between personal and professional dimensions of sustainability practices.
  • Novel aspects: Introducing the topic of ‘hyperconsumption’ and focusing on the personal, social and environmental costs of consumerism; Discussing what might constitute the ‘good life’ and introducing ‘the economics of happiness’
  • Course material: has developed a textbook for undergraduate teaching: Mulligan, Martin, 2015, An Introduction to Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Personal Perspectives, Earthscan/Routledge, Oxon, UK. Also refers students to the Routledge Sustainability Hub online resource, www.routledgesustainabilityhub.com. A second edition of the textbook is due for publication late in 2017
  • Student evaluation: Focuses significantly on the selection of a rather complex scenario by the students for exploring the principles of sustainability
  • Course evaluation: satisfaction rating around 85%.