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Who is SCORAI?

An open community of practitioners, activists, sustainable consumption & production scholars, academics and researchers.
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Go to Calculate your own Carbon footprint

Calculate your own Carbon footprint

Please note: there are wide differences between various calculators; it is hard to find one “best” calculator; so this is our advice based on expert opinions from our SCORAI network.

Go to Calculate your own Ecological footprint

Calculate your own Ecological footprint

Another caveat: the ecological footprint can be compared with a “fair earth share”, which is currently estimated as 1.7ha/ person. The carbon footprint should be net zero; there is no fair earth share because we have already emitted too much carbon into the atmosphere.

Go to SERC-SCORAI Workshop


Business Opportunities in Advancing Sustainable Lifestyles in Greater Boston

Go to Beyond GDP: International Experiences, Canada’s Options

Beyond GDP: International Experiences, Canada’s Options

Join us on May 23-24, 2019 for a two-day workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia that brings together Canadian and international academics, policy-makers, NGOs, and the public to share knowledge about “beyond GDP” measurement initiatives and discuss next steps forward. Click the image for more details and to register.

Go to Our cities rock the SDGs! (Dis-) covering SDG solutions everywhere!

Our cities rock the SDGs! (Dis-) covering SDG solutions everywhere!

My City Rocks the SDGs is a global initiative with the goal of finding, sharing and promoting existing local SDG solutions together with the cities of this world – so that we can reach the Agenda 2030 in time!

Go to Just Sustainabilities

Just Sustainabilities

Co-sponsored by SCORAI. The talk was by Julian Agyeman on “Just Sustainabilities in Policy, Planning and Practice.” It took place on November 8, 2018 at Dalhousie University’s College of Sustainability in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Recent SCORAI News

SCORAI acts Worldwide


SCORAI China, a new member of SCORAI family, was launched at the International Workshop on Sustainable Consumption Research in China on November 16, 2014 at Renmin University of China in Beijing…


SCORAI Europe aims to support a community that contributes forward-thinking, innovative research in the area of sustainable consumption, while also bridging academic research with mainstream thinking and policy making…


SCORAI Israel is a network of researchers and stakeholders who are interested in the interface between material consumption, technological and cultural transformations, and human wellbeing…


The Colloquium series is funded by the Rasmussen Foundation. Click here to watch the series.