Halina Brown: “An experiment in sharing economy”

We have a vacation house in Wellfleet, on Cape Cod. A twenty-minute walk through woods and marshes gets me to a public beachfront on the bayside. It is a hidden gem with extraordinary sunsets and ten-foot tides. For as long as I can remember, there have always been rowboats, canoes and occasional kayaks stored at Read more about Halina Brown: “An experiment in sharing economy”[…]


אודות SCORAI Israel היא רשת של חוקרים ובעלי עניין שעוסקים בממשק שבין צריכה חומרית, שינויים טכנולוגיים ותרבותיים ורווחת האדם. מטרתנו לקדם מחקר מדעי ולהעלות על סדר היום הציבורי את המאפיינים וההשלכות של חברת הצריכה שתופסת מקום מרכזי בחיינו כיום. אנו שואפים לאפשר מקום מפגש לחוקרים, מקבלי החלטות, אנשי שטח ובעלי עניין שחפצים להבין את מה שמניע Read more about SCORAI-Israel[…]

ICAR 2016 Symposium Melbourne Australia

SCORAI is happy to share an announcement for the 10th ICAR symposium that will be hosted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Australia on December 8-10, 2016. The theme will be ‘Anti-consumption and Public policy’ and in line with previous tradition we are negotiating a Special issue with the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. The Read more about ICAR 2016 Symposium Melbourne Australia[…]

The matter of SUVs

I recently became aware of the fact that all of my departmental colleagues who teach and do research on sustainability drive sport-utility vehicles (SUVs). It shocked me. When SUVs first became very popular, sometime in the 1990s, there was a considerable backlash from the environmental block—both activists and intellectuals. The SUVs’ miserable fuel efficiency was considered fair game Read more about The matter of SUVs[…]