“Preparing for the End of Consumer Society” by Maurie Cohen

SCORAI member Maurie Cohen has recently written a new article piece titled “Preparing for the End of Consumer Society” which is published on truth-out.org. Give it a read! Excerpt By famously implementing the $5 per day wage in 1914, Henry Ford was the first industrialist to recognize that a consumer society can only function when workers have Read more about “Preparing for the End of Consumer Society” by Maurie Cohen[…]

Collaborative Degrowth Audiobook Podcast

SCORAI member Robert Orzanna launched a new project to collaboratively transform the Degrowth Vocabulary book into an audiobook through a Podcast medium. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, visit the website or contact Robert if you want to join the efforts to create a Degrowth audiobook which is licensed under the Creative Commons. Read more about Collaborative Degrowth Audiobook Podcast[…]

Halina Brown: “Happier with a smaller income?”

I am approaching the stage in my life when I need to plan for my retirement. So recently I talked to my financial advisor Jason at TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association), which is a very large retirement fund for people working in academic, research, and medical fields. TIAA will provide me with a big Read more about Halina Brown: “Happier with a smaller income?”[…]