SCORAI is the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative. We are a multi-region-based organization. With groups located across Europe, North America, Israel, Brazil, and China, SCORAI focuses on ensuring you adopt sustainable consumption lifestyles. At SCORAI, we recognize that you may not have sufficient access to information. We aim to make available to you all you need to know. We engage in research and policy formulation to change your attitudes towards consumption. At SCORAI, we stand out for our advocacy for environmental protection. We draw a team of experts in sustainable consumption. We also organize knowledge sharing programs, conferences, and release publications to inform you about sustainable consumption

Our Mission

Our primary mission at SCORAI is to make your world a better place. We are a network of professionals and researchers. We come together intending to change how you consume. We also seek to make you join us in building a safe environment. We promote research activities and set up policies. We also offer support to your campaigns targeted at sustainable consumption. Also, we undertake to circulate knowledge and help you share your ideas. We understand that the transformation in technology is not enough to prevent harm to our environment. So, we promote economic and cultural changes to transform your environment. We aim to understand the factors that create consumer economies. We also provide you with alternatives to harmful consumer lifestyle choices. We also spread our activities across several regions to ensure we reach you.

Our Regional Groups

SCORAI North America

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We established our European community in 2012. Our focus is to contribute to research and teaching of sustainable consumption. In line with SCORAI’s mission, we organize a variety of programs. Our conferences and report draw inputs from Europe’s most seasoned professionals.


Our China group is at the heart of our activity in the Asian region. A team of four coordinators oversees the group. They work actively with researchers and practitioners to disseminate information on sustainable consumption. We also research the consumer attitudes of the world’s most populous nation. We partner with the government and other organizations to instill ethical consumer behaviors in the region.


Just like all other SCORAI regions, the Israel group shares an interest in linking consumption and well-being. We take on research to explain consumer lifestyle choices. We bring together a large number of experts on the subject matter. We aim to promote intellectual discussions on sustainable consumption and influence policymakers.


Our group in Brazil is one of our regional branches drawing attention to production and consumption issues. We draw the bulk of our membership from educational institutions. We aim to take a multidisciplinary approach to tackle unethical consumption in Brazil.