December 19, 2016

Upcoming job deadlines, applications and events in sustainable consumption research

March 2018

  • March 31: PhD positions in the Climate Change in Developing Countries research group in Essen, Germany
  • March 31: Submission deadline special issue “Transition towards low-impact and regenerative human settlements
  • March 31: CfP for Special Issue on Innovative Perspectives on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • March 31: CfP for Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy
  • March 30: Application deadline post docs in projects ENABLE: Connecting Communities to Smart Urban Environments through the Internet of Things
  • March 27: Concept submission deadline mobile lives forum
  • March 15: Open PhD position on transition to renewable energy systems
  • March 5-7:  IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference in Edmonton
  • March 5-6: Multidisciplinary research symposium Sharing Cities Shaping Cities
  • March 5: CfA Workshop on sustainable entrepreneurship
  • March 5: Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) Webinar Business Education
  • March 2: Advances in Socio-Environmental Systems Research An International Symposium – apply to present and attend
  • March 1: Application deadline Making sense by democracy, non-violence, and conviviality. A Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice

February 2018

  • February 28: Application deadline PhD opportunities in Organizations and Social Change, UMass Boston
  • February 28: [CfP] International Research Workshop: Transition Impossible? Ambiguous Transformations and the Resilience of Unsustainability
  • February 28: Application deadline Professor of Environmental Policy at ETH Zürich
  • February 27: Community Forum 3—Ecological Macroeconomics and Political Economy of a Transition to Sustainable Lifestyles | Next Steps and Future Plans
  • February 15: Application deadline Critical studies on food in italy food systems and sustainability
    summer 2018 open enrollment program
  • February 15-16: Interdisciplinary workshop on participatory and engaged research in Nottingham
  • February 15: PhD Assistantship in Marine Social Science
  • February 14: SCC Webinar: Culture, Curriculum and Regenerative Development
  • February 13: Community Forum 2—Social Change Beyond Consumerism | Global Value Chains
  • February 9-11: Conference “Science and Engineering for Social Good” at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • February 9: CFP: RGS-IBG 2018 Energy and Everyday life
  • February 8-9: 3rd German Future Earth Summit in Berlin
  • February 8: Tools and Initiatives to Advance Sustainable Consumption Webinar
    February 8, 2018 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. PST
  • February 6: Postdoc position on Urban metabolism at UL-CML
  • February 5: Application deadline Boeing Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sociology
  • February 5: Webcast What will it take to move beyond GDP?
  • February 2: Call for papers PETROCULTURES 2018: TRANSITIONS, The University of Glasgow
  • February 1: CfP Buen Vivir & Postdevelopment UF Center for Latin American Studies 67th Annual Conference
  • February 1: Yale University: 2 Postdoctoral Research Fellows

January 2018

  • January 31: CfP 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference
  • January 28: Application deadline STEPS Centre Summer School for PhD students and postdocs
  • January 28: Job Vacancy: POSTDOC POSITION in the field of environmental studies with a focus on ecological economics/social solidarity economy
  • January 30: Submission deadline Call for Papers Climate Change and Action Research: Creating Transformative Knowledge With Stakeholders
  • January 23: Community Forum 1—Sustainable Consumption and Production in Cities | Communicating for Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • January 19: Call for papers: Special Session – Degrowth and Digitalisation 17th Annual STS Conference Graz 2018
  • January 11: Submission deadline 9th International Sustainability Transitions Conference – Manchester
  • January 11: LAST MINUTE call for Abstracts: Degrowth & the commons (Technology, Biophysics and beyond)
  • January 11: LAST MINUTE call for papers – Local energy initiatives: fostering dialogue across conceptual perspectives
  • January 8: CfP New Research Network ‘Alternatives to Capitalism’ – SASE 2018