Reach Out to SCORAI​

In the grand endeavour of promoting sustainable construction, it’s not enough for us to simply disseminate information; it’s equally important, if not more so, to foster connections. At SCORAI, we firmly believe in the power of connection – the power of shared ideas, shared experiences, and shared goals. It’s the synergy of these shared elements that drives us forward, catalysing change and inspiring progress.

It’s with this belief in mind that we invite you, yes, you – the curious mind perusing this page, perhaps harbouring a question, a suggestion, or an idea – to connect with us. Because every question is an opportunity to learn, every suggestion is an opportunity to improve, and every idea is an opportunity to innovate. We’re eager to hear from you, to learn from you, and to grow with you. Because this journey towards sustainable construction isn’t one we can embark on alone; it’s a journey we must undertake together.

Connecting Is Easy: Email and Contact Form

We understand that questions, ideas, or suggestions may arise at any moment, not just during our scheduled events. That’s why we’ve established multiple lines of communication that are open around the clock. With the aim of convenience and accessibility in mind, we provide options for you to reach us via email and a contact form.

Our dedicated email address,, is always available for your messages. We appreciate the effort and time you take to compose your thoughts, and we assure you that each email sent to this address receives our full attention. We strive to respond to all queries, suggestions, and messages in a timely manner, addressing your concerns with thoughtful, relevant, and useful information.

Additionally, our Contact Us page features a convenient contact form. This form is another way to share your thoughts, queries, or suggestions directly with our team. Simply fill in the required fields, type your message, and hit ‘submit’. Reaching out to us has never been easier!

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Join Us, Converse with Us

One of the most rewarding ways to connect with us is by participating in our workshops, webinars, and conferences. These events provide a dynamic, interactive platform where you can engage in meaningful, face-to-face conversations with us and with fellow participants. You can share your thoughts, pose your questions, discuss your ideas, learn from others’ experiences, and gain unique insights. It’s a learning experience unlike any other, one that combines the richness of diverse perspectives with the power of collective wisdom.

Let’s say you attend one of our workshops. Imagine being in a vibrant learning environment, surrounded by professionals, academics, and enthusiasts who share your passion for sustainable construction. Imagine the lively discussions, the exchange of ideas, the sparks of innovation. Imagine learning from leading experts, gaining practical skills, and applying these skills in hands-on exercises. Imagine the sense of camaraderie, the mutual respect, the shared excitement. This is what you can expect when you join us in our workshops.

Or perhaps you join one of our webinars. You log in from the comfort of your home or office, perhaps with a cup of coffee or tea at hand. As you listen to the speakers, you find yourself nodding in agreement, jotting down notes, contemplating new ideas. You engage in interactive Q&A sessions, participate in online discussions, connect with like-minded individuals. This is the experience our webinars offer – a blend of convenience, engagement, and learning.

And then there are our conferences, grand gatherings of thought leaders, professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world. These conferences are hotbeds of cutting-edge ideas, groundbreaking research, innovative strategies, and inspiring success stories. They offer a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaboration, and growth. Participating in these conferences is a chance to be a part of something bigger, something transformative.

Regardless of the platform, your participation, your thoughts, and your questions enrich our collective understanding of sustainable construction. By connecting with us, you’re not just reaching out to SCORAI, but you’re contributing to a community that shares your passion and commitment towards building a more sustainable future. So, don’t hesitate. Reach out, connect with us, and let’s embark on this meaningful journey together.