Publications research articles sustainable consumption for week 37, 2018

Influence of color, shape and damages on consumer preferences and perceived sensory attributes on sub-optimal apples

A Normann, M Röding, A Bolos, CJ Lagerkvist… – Eurosense2018, 2018
… Place, publisher, year, edition, pages. 2018. Keywords [en]. sensory,
sustainable consumption, apples National Category. Food Engineering
Identifiers. URN: urn:nbn:se:hkr:diva-18669OAI: …
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[HTML] Environmental footprints of food consumption and dietary patterns among Lebanese adults: a cross-sectional study

F Naja, L Jomaa, L Itani, J Zidek, S El Labban… – Nutrition Journal, 2018
… such guidelines in a region that suffers of depleted resources, in terms of
water scarcity, land degradation and high energy use [2]. These issues have
been raised by the released Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which …
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The Potential Roles of Bio-Economy in the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable, Post Fossil-Carbon Societies: Findings from this virtual special issue

C Ingrao, J Bacenetti, A Bezama, V Blok, P Goglio… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
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Evolution of China’s water footprint and virtual water trade: A global trade assessment

X Tian, J Sarkis, Y Geng, Y Qian, C Gao, R Bleischwitz… – Environment International, 2018
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Is Circular Economy the key to transitioning towards Sustainable Development? Challenges from the perspective of care ethics

I Pla-Julián, S Guevara – Futures, 2018
… UNEP (2015) proposes four key principles of Sustainable Consumption and Production
(SPC): a) improving people´s quality of life without increasing environmental degradation
and without compromising resource availability; b) decoupling economic growth from …
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[PDF] Monitoring agricultural productivity for sustainable production and R&D planning. Economics Discussion Papers, No 2018-64

D Laborde, V Piñeiro – Kiel Institute for the World Economy. http://www …, 2018
… population. SDG 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns 12.1
on sustainable consumption and production, and 12.2 on achieving the sustainable
management and efficient use of natural resources Monitoring …
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Manage risk of sustainable product–service systems: a case-based operations research approach

X Wang, X Chen, C Durugbo, Z Cai – Annals of Operations Research, 2018
Page 1. Annals of Operations Research
018-3051-4 SI: REALCASEOR Manage risk of sustainable product–service
systems: a case-based operations research approach Xiaojun Wang1 …
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[PDF] Perspectives of Ecological Footprint in European Context under the Impact of Information Society and Sustainable Development

S Ghita, A Saseanu, RM Gogonea… – Sustainability, 2018
The perspective of ecological footprint, which is a tool for measuring and
monitoring the sustainability of the new information society and the higher
degree of openness in the European economy powered by the globalization …
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[PDF] An Index to Measure the Sustainable Information Society: The Polish Households Case

J Wątróbski, E Ziemba, A Karczmarczyk, J Jankowski – Sustainability, 2018
Since the 1960s, a turning point for civilization related to the increasing role
of information and communication technologies (ICT) in creating the modern
society can be observed. The sustainable information society (SIS) entails …
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Exploring consumer behavioral predispositions toward voluntary simplicity

HH Chang – Current Psychology, 2018
… Individuals who accept this lifestyle of simple living see the environment and altruistic
considerations as important (Craig- Lees and Hill 2002) and become willing to be socially
respon- sible and to search for sustainable consumption (Hüttel et al. 2018) …
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Unpicking contemporary thrift: Getting on and getting by in everyday life

H Holmes – The Sociological Review, 2018
This article explores contemporary thrift. To date scholarly attempts to define thrift are
always focused on consumption, centring upon household finances and h…
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Obsolescence in Information and Communication Technology: A Critical Discourse Analysis

I Junge, M van der Velden – IFIP International Conference on Human Choice and …, 2018
… enable a better understanding of where planned obsolescence is located
in the intersections of technology and society, thus contributing to future policy
and design interventions that prolong the lifespan of ICTs and that can …
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ICT and Sustainability: Looking Beyond the Anthropocene

M van der Velden – IFIP International Conference on Human Choice and …, 2018
… progressively, through 2030, global resource efficiency in consumption and
production and endeavour to decouple economic growth from environmental
degradation, in accordance with the 10-Year Framework of Programmes …
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Endogenizing capital in MRIO models: the implications for consumption-based accounting

CJ Södersten, R Wood, EG Hertwich – Environmental Science & Technology, 2018
Page 1. Endogenizing capital in MRIO 1 models: the implications for 2
consumption-based accounting 3 4 Carl-Johan H. Södersten*†, Richard Wood†,
Edgar G. Hertwich‡ 5 †Norwegian University of Science and Technology …
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[PDF] Insulation or Smart Temperature Control for Domestic Heating: A Combined Analysis of the Costs, the Eco-Costs, the Customer Perceived Value, and the Rebound …

A Scheepens, J Vogtländer – Sustainability, 2018
Calculating the environmental benefits of energy saving systems in dwellings
in a life cycle assessment (LCA) has two major issues, namely: how to deal
with the customer behaviour and how to deal with rebound effects. Both issues …
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[HTML] Toward an integrated model of the circular economy: Dynamic waste input–output

S Nakamura, Y Kondo – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
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[PDF] Strategies for Applying the Circular Economy to Prefabricated Buildings

R Minunno, T O’Grady, G Morrison, R Gruner… – Buildings, 2018
In this paper, a circular-economy framework is applied to the prefabricated
building sector to explore the environmental advantages of prefabrication
in terms of reduction, reusability, adaptability, and recyclability of its components …
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International Initiatives on Global Challenges for Agriculture

G Brankatschk – Modeling Crop Rotations and Co-Products in …, 2019
… According to the WSSD, life cycle approaches will have to play an essential
role on the road towards Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP).“
[204] “Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool for the systematic evalua- tion …
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Sustainable luxury-status consumption or clear conscience

H Lampinen – 2018
… Full text: Access to full text. » Show full item record. Abstract: Objectives. The main
objectives of this study were to find out the motivational drivers behind luxury consumption,
sustainable consumption, and finally, sustainable luxury consumption …
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Can Guilt and Shame-induced Marketing Encourage Environmentally Conscious Consumption?. A quantitative study on consumer response to negative emotional …

A Saarelainen – 2018
… more green purchasing decisions. However, further research is needed to determine
whether an advertisement with slightly higher intensity level in the emotional appeals
would work as a driver of sustainable consumption …
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Sustainable Supply Chain Design in the Food System with Dietary Considerations: A multi-objective Analysis

SUK Rohmer, JC Gerdessen, GDH Claassen – European Journal of Operational …, 2018
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Environmental performance assessment in the Eu: A Challenge for the sustainability

MT García-Álvarez, B Moreno – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Hence, the importance of introducing changes in lifestyles and individual
consumer choices in order to develop more sustainable consumption patterns
which might require the establishment of incentives related to environmental …
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Environmental Impacts and Sustainability of Low-Value Roach Fish When Used as Food

V Uusitalo, V Panapanaan, P Vallas, A Kuokkanen… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… 766-783. Department for EnvironmentFood and Rural Affairs and the Forestry Commission,
2006 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Forestry Commission.
2006. Sustainable Consumption and Production: Encouraging Sustainable Consumption …
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What does environmentally sustainable higher education institution mean?

D Freidenfelds, SN Kalnins, J Gusca – Energy Procedia, 2018
… J. Clean. Prod. 2018;171:434–45. [19] Pacheco-Blanco B, Bastante-Cece MJ. Green
public procurement as an initiative for sustainable consumption. An exploratory study
of Spanish public universities. J. Clean. Prod. 2016;133:648–56.
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Sustainability of textile and fashion supply chain: Case study approach

S Azevedo, R Miguel, P Mesquita – Textiles, Identity and Innovation: Design the Future …, 2018
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The uncertain games of energy transition in the island of Sardinia (Italy)

G Osti – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Abstract. Energy is a basic issue for cleaner production and more sustainable consumption.
A transition to renewable sources and massive energy savings face several problems:
technological lock-ins, energy companies’ oligopoly, unsteadily governments’ policies …
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Unlocking effective multi-tier supply chain management for sustainability through quantitative modelling: lessons learned and discoveries to be made

CJC Jabbour, ABL de Sousa Jabbour, J Sarkis – International Journal of Production …, 2018
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A Novel Renewable Energy Selection Model for United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

G Büyüközkan, Y Karabulut, E Mukul – Energy, 2018
… These ambitions are intertwined with many challenges, including new jobs, sustainable
cities, industries, biodiversity, sustainable consumption and production, and climate change
[2]. Energy is related to many of these SDGs, such as decent jobs, income, pollution and …
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In direction to sustainable textile roofs in architecture and design

C Alho – Textiles, Identity and Innovation: Design the Future …, 2018
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On Practice Theory, or What’s Practices Got to Do (Got to Do) with It?

T Schatzki – Education in an Era of Schooling, 2018
… practice theoretical analyses have been given: eating, Nordic walking,
teaching, learning, washing machine use, cycling, mobility, day trading
on the Nasdaq market, domestic energy use, household waste, sustainable …
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Environmental trait affect

UJJ Hahnel, T Brosch – Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2018
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[PDF] Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Recycling Behavior in South Africa

W Strydom – Recycling, 2018
This paper reports on an application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to
understand the relationships between the determinants (latent variables)
comprising the Theory of Planned Behavior and, based on these findings …
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Without Design, It’s just a Lump of Gold—Future Developments in Design as Luxury

S Barta, U Stoklossa – Luxus als Distinktionsstrategie, 2018
Luxury is complex. It’s all about design, and design in itself is so hard
to define. Our human existence centres around the consumption of
products and services, our definition of status and…
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Single cell protein production from waste biomass: comparison of various industrial by-products

K Spalvins, L Zihare, D Blumberga – Energy Procedia, 2018
… [30] Tojo N, Fischer C. Europe as a Recycling Society. European Recycling
Policies in relation to the actual. European Topic Centre on Sustainable
Consumption and Production. The International Institute for Industrial …
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EH SHERIF – Skopje, Macedonia
… modern energy for all Goal 9 Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive
and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation Goal 11 Make cities
and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Goal 12 …
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O Ameir, J Chlopecký
Omar Ameir; Jakub Chlopecký Moravian University …
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Designing Sustainable Business Models: Exploring IoT-Enabled Strategies to Drive Sustainable Consumption

N Bocken, E Ingemarsdotter, D Gonzalez – Sustainable Business Models, 2019
Sustainable business models, and product service systems (PSS) specifically, have
been positioned as a way to achieve greater levels of sustainability. The Internet of
Things (IoT) has been described as a trend that is shaping future innovations. Here …
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Sustainable tourism certification in the African hotel sector

A Spenceley – Tourism Review, 2018
… Tourism has the potential to contribute across all the 17 UN SDGs (UNWTO, 2015). Notably,
tourism certification can contribute directly towards the implementation of SDG 12, which
is to “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” …
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The Impact of Moral Identity on Consumers’ Green Consumption Tendency: The Role of Perceived Responsibility for Environmental Damage

B Wu, Z Yang – Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2018
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Performance Management and Enterprise Excellence Through Sustainable Business Models

R Edgeman – Sustainable Business Models, 2019
… SDG 11. Sustainable cities and communities: Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient, and sustainable. SDG 12. Responsible consumption and production: Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns. SDG 13 …
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Evaluation of Phosphorus Substance Flows for a Long-Term Resource Management

D Seyhan – Recycling and Reuse Approaches for Better …, 2019
… Efficient resource use. Waste reduction/avoidance (vermeidung). Recycling
and recovery. Sustainable consumption. Sustainable production. In this study,
we aimed at the long-term, sustainable management of phosphorus resources …
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Summary and Concluding Remarks: The Next Step for Sustainable Business Models

A Aagaard – Sustainable Business Models, 2019
… Thus, the focus of Chap. 3 is on how to design SBMs while exploring IoT-enabled
strategies to drive sustainable consumption … The study finds that the application of
IoT to drive sustainable consumption in PSS is currently limited …
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Evaluation of biodiversity data portals based on requirement analysis

PLP Corrêa, AF de Moraes Batista, DL da Silva… – Ecological Informatics, 2018
… Knowledge about biodiversity resources is essential to understanding
nature and assessing how sustainable consumption can economic increase
the growth of a region or a country (GBIF, 2011). For example, biodiversity …
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[PDF] Effects of transition metal during the hydrothermal carbonization on characteristics of carbon materials

P Sangjumras, P Udomsap, N Kaewtrakulchai… – AIP Conference …, 2018
… catalysts in a facile way. Keywords: Agricultural waste, Hydrothermal carbonization,
Transition metal. INTRODUCTION Biomass has been assigned many roles to play
in strategies for sustainable consumption. In addition to being a …
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[PDF] CO2 Footprint of the Seeds of Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) as a Biodiesel Feedstock Source

M Wagner, M Lippe, I Lewandowski, M Salzer… – Forests, 2018
Crude rubber seed oil (CRSO) is a promising but currently underutilized
biodiesel feedstock alternative, extracted by pressing the seeds of the rubber
tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Rubber trees are cultivated across more than 11.4 …
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Sustainable Development and Peace

ÚO Spring – Úrsula Oswald Spring: Pioneer on Gender, Peace …, 2019
… not even adequate food. To achieve this goal a change of the present culture of
depredation and consumerism 5 towards responsible and sustainable consumption
is the first step on this road. The Earth Charter used modern …
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Leveraging Sustainable Business Model Innovation Through Business-NGO Collaboration

A Aagaard, L Lodsgård – Sustainable Business Models, 2019
… Alemann and Sandilands 2008). In supporting institutionalization of fair trade,
companies indirectly reduce poverty and asymmetries between suppliers and retailers
though sustainable consumption. Although the prerequisite …
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[PDF] A Multifaceted Evaluation of Food Waste in a Polish Supermarket—Case Study

B Bilska, M Piecek, D Kołożyn-Krajewska – Sustainability, 2018
… security of future generations [1]. One of 17 new development goals (known as the
Sustainable Development Goals) for the years 2015–2030 is ensuring sustainable
consumption and production. It involves halving food waste …
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Sustainability ratings in residential development: a worthwhile endeavour?

G Warren-Myers, M Judge, A Paladino – International Journal of Building Pathology …, 2018
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Water Footprint of Livestock Farming

I Noya, L Lijo, O Piñeiro, R Lopez-Carracelas, B Omil… – Environmental Water …, 2019
In recent times, society has been confronted with problems related to food
safety and environmental protection. As a result, consumers are increasingly
demanding an evolution towards the consumption…
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The Features of Modern e-Marketing

MS SAFONOVA, DP IL’YASHCHENKO… – Journal of Advanced …, 2018
… [8] Henninger, CE, Alevizou, PJ, Oates, CJ, and Cheng, R. 2016.
Communicating Sustainability: The Case of Slow-Fashion Micro-organizations.
In: Sustainable Consumption: Design, Innovation and Practice (83-99). Cham …
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Essay on the origins, development, and future of the consumption experience as a concept in marketing and consumer research

MB Holbrook – Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 2018
AND CONSUMER RESEARCH I am pleased and honored to be invited …
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[PDF] Life Cycle Assessment of Residential Buildings Considering Photovoltaic Systems

D Jabri – 2018
Page 1. Life Cycle Assessment of Residential Buildings Considering Photovoltaic Systems
by Dhia Jabri A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment of the thesis
requirement for the degree of Master of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering …
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Business Models for Multiple Value Creation: Exploring Strategic Changes in Organisations Enabling to Address Societal Challenges

J Jonker, N Faber – Sustainable Business Models, 2019
We live in a society where companies are requested to address societal
challenges, a move that implies a transition. To make this transition a new
generation of business models should be created. A…
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[PDF] Economic and Social Council Background Guide

DB Director – 2018
… Report ―as the mechanism for monitoring and reporting on … SDG 4 and
on education in the other … SDGs.‖ Education is directly mentioned in five
global indicators outside SDG 4, under poverty, gender equality, economic …
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[PDF] Making and repairing places for making and repairing

P Hector – Strategic Design Research Journal, 2018
… based on three cas- es from Finland and Germany. The first case is a sewing cafe
located close to Ulm that has operated as a living lab for research on sustainable
consumption since 2016. The second case is a cultural lab in …
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