Publications sustainable consumption for week 26, 2018

Fast Fashion, Fashion Brands & Sustainable Consumption

A Buzzo, MJ Abreu – … , Fashion Brands and Sustainable Consumption, 2019
The phenomenon of fast fashion chains is due to the way this business model
manages its production chain and supplies. Combining the quick response to the
agile, lean retailing and leagile processes, it is possible to deliver products to retail …
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Fast Fashion and Sustainable Consumption

F Binet, I Coste-Manière, C Decombes, Y Grasselli… – … Sustainable Consumption, 2019
Summer dresses in January and winter coats in July, fast fashion have never been
so fast! A world globalization trend to ever changing the fashion industry, it made
global brands to adopt a seasonless cycle of designing clothes and relocating …
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Fashion Brands and Consumers Approach Towards Sustainable Fashion

A Khandual, S Pradhan – … , Fashion Brands and Sustainable Consumption, 2019
Abstract ‘Sustainable fashion’is one of the most widely used terms in the fashion
industry today. It is not only about the trend of socially responsible brands with eco-
friendly products or coming up with some regulatory policies but also for catering to …
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A Survey on the Design of Gamified Systems for Energy and Water Sustainability

S Albertarelli, P Fraternali, S Herrera, M Melenhorst… – Games, 2018
… become a priority. A promising approach to resource conservation is demand
management, ie, the ability to positively influence the behaviour of the population
towards more sustainable consumption. Information and Communication …
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Opportunities and Challenges of Product-Service Systems for Sustainable Mass Customization: A Case Study on Televisions

A Hänsch, J Mohr, I Steinberg, S Gomez, M Hora – Customization 4.0, 2018
… experiencing a considerable growth. In the light of growing trends towards
sustainable consumption, MC can become a strong drive for the implementation
of sustainable products and services. Product-service systems (PSS …
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Using Data Mining to Assess Environmental Impacts of Household Consumption Behaviors

A Froemelt, DJ Dürrenmatt, S Hellweg – Environmental Science & Technology, 2018
… 80% of 30 total land, material, and water use 1 . The United Nation’s Sustainable
Development Goal 12 31 (“Sustainable Consumption and Production”) 2
demonstrates a large consensus that today’s 32 consumption patterns …
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Can community energy initiatives motivate sustainable energy behaviours? The role of initiative involvement and personal pro-environmental motivation

D Sloot, L Jans, L Steg – Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2018
Community energy initiatives aim to promote sustainable energy behaviours. Personal
pro-environmental motivation may influence involvement in these initiatives.
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A Preparatory Approach to Environmental Assessment for Sustainable Mass Customization

A Hänsch, M Hora, A Fontana, S Hankammer… – Customization 4.0, 2018
… [26] described different impact factors along the life cycle of MC products on sustainability
compared to mass production. Finally, a couple of studies shed light on the co-creation
phase of MC and possibilities to foster sustainable consumption through MC [20, 27, 28] …
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AM Torkabadi, E Pourjavad, RV Mayorga – Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2018
With the growing attention to Sustainable Production and Consumption (SPC) initiatives,
organizations are seemingly locked in a battle with SPC implementation b.
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[PDF] Policy entrepreneurs and collaborative action: pursuit of the sustainable development goals

M Mintrom, M Thomas – Int. J. Entrepreneurial Venturing, 2018
… promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation
Goal 10 Reduce inequality within and among countries Goal 11 Make cities
and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Goal 12 …
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Motives of Sharing: Examining Participation in Fashion Reselling and Swapping Markets

S Netter, ERG Pedersen – Sustainable Fashion: Consumer Awareness and …, 2019
… 2004), gaining understanding of the factors that motivate consumers to participate
in (presumably) more sustainable consumption ways is paramount to alter the
sustainability profiles of the industry and consumers for the better …
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Socio-cultural Differences in Understanding and Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Germany and Croatia

PM Bögel, IB Lovrić, S Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, CS Sippel – The Critical State of …, 2018
… Germany and Croatia. Resulting practical implica- tions for CSR strategies of
companies and interventions to support CSR develop- ment and sustainable
consumption patterns in both countries are discussed. Originality/value …
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[PDF] The Sustainable Development Goals: Contextualizing Africa’s Economic and Health Landscape

ME Cerf – Global Challenges, 2018
… Water, sanitation, and access to basic services 6, 7 Energy 7 Demography and
population growth 9, 11 Sustainable consumption and production 12 Urbanization
and sustainable human settlements 11 Infrastructure development 9 …
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Patrick Kraus, Bernd Britzelmaier, Peter Stokes and

N Moore – The Critical State of Corporate Social Responsibility in …, 2018
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Cities, institutional entrepreneurship and the emergence of new environmental policies: The organizing of waste prevention in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden

P Zapata, MJ Zapata Campos – Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 2018
Informed by institutional entrepreneurship theory and based on the case of waste
prevention projects in the City of Göteborg, this paper examines the role of ci…
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Adapting Product-Service System Methods for the Digital Era: Requirements for Smart PSS Engineering

S Hagen, F Kammler, O Thomas – Customization 4.0, 2018
… Workshop of Sustainable Consumption Research Exchange (SCORE!),
Copenhagen, Denmark, pp.20–21 (2006)Google Scholar. 24 … In: Proceedings
of Sustainable Consumption and Production: Opportunities and Threats …
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Understanding Rural Social Class in an Era of Global Challenge

L Jensen – Rural Sociology, 2018
… In response, we see social movements toward sustainable consumption take hold
around the world. The Buen Vivir movement in Colombia is just one such example:
people coming together to pursue sustainable liveli- hoods …
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Educating corporate sustainability–a multidisciplinary and practice-based approach to facilitate students’ learning

KP Schulz, K Finstad-Milion, S Janczak – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… The participants were divided into three teams, each consisting of an
interdisciplinary group of students, a representative of de Buyer and a facilitator.
The company stakeholders pre-defined three general topics they were …
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Reconnecting the music-making experience through musician efforts in instrument craft

A Smith – International Journal of Music Education, 2018
Musical settings that require consumers to construct their own musical instruments serve
as potential sites of reconnection between musicians, the musical instr…
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Sustainable Development and Eco-Capitalism

R Guttmann – Eco-Capitalism, 2018
… Finally, we also have to contextualize Goal #12 for “Responsible Consumption
and Production” which asks us to “[e]nsure sustainable consumption and
production.” That goal, which seeks to “do more and better with less” in terms …
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