Publications sustainable consumption week 25, 2018

J Johannesson, C van den Bos – 2018
… showed. Place, publisher, year, edition, pages. 2018. , p. 42 Keywords [en]. Tomatoes,
values, sustainable consumption, Hofstede, Trompenaars, consumers, Swedish,
Sweden National Category. Social Sciences Identifiers. URN …
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The challenge of including biodiversity in certification standards of food supply chains

S Stirn, J Oldeland – Professionals in food chains, 2018
… Keywords: allocation of responsibilities, biodiversity indicators, certification
standards, SDGs Background In 2015, the necessary shift to more sustainable
consumption and production patterns was again stressed by the release …
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[HTML] Targeted policies can compensate most of the increased sustainability risks in 1.5° C mitigation scenarios

C Bertram, G Luderer, A Popp, JC Minx, WF Lamb… – Environmental Research …, 2018
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Carbon Footprints of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transportation in the Indian Himalaya

S Bisht, S Sharma – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
In developing countries such as India, supply of modern kitchen fuels such as Liquefied
Petroleum Gas (LPG) involves a chain of carriers contributing directly o.
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A water footprint management framework for supply chains under green market behaviour

E Aivazidou, N Tsolakis, D Vlachos, E Iakovou – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Freshwater sustainability has been emerging as a critical corporate social responsibility
issue for leading businesses worldwide. An increasing number of compan.
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Predicting purchase intention of electric vehicles in Hong Kong

M Ng, M Law, S Zhang – Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), 2018
What makes consumers adopt energy-sustainable innovations?
Drawing from psychological research on environmental behaviors,
we propose a model integrating attitu.
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National environmental limits and footprints based on the Planetary Boundaries framework: The case of Switzerland

H Dao, P Peduzzi, D Friot – Global Environmental Change, 2018
… period 2000–2015. The post-2015 agenda was adopted in September 2015,
including 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with 169 targets; SDG 12 is
dedicated to sustainable consumption and production. The year …
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The Influencing Factors of CO 2 Emissions and the Role of Biomass Energy Consumption: Statistical Experience from G-7 Countries

M Shahbaz, D Balsalobre, SJH Shahzad – Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 2018
Page 1. The Influencing Factors of CO2 Emissions and the Role of Biomass Energy
Consumption: Statistical Experience from G-7 Countries Muhammad Shahbaz1,2 &
Daniel Balsalobre3 & Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad1 Received …
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Sustainability and governance of sugarcane ethanol companies in Brazil: Topic modeling analysis of CSR reporting

LL Benites-Lazaro, L Giatti – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
The current debate on corporate social responsibility was triggered by the understanding
that companies should be responsible for mitigating the impacts of thei.
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Professionals in food chains

S Springer, H Grimm – 2018
… 163 W. Leyk Page 13. Professionals in food chains 13 25. Exploring young students
attitudes towards a sustainable consumption behaviour 168 CB Pocol, DE Dumitraș and
C. Moldovan Teselios 26. Ethical aspects of the utilization of wild game meat 174 …
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Interdisciplinary Research on Energy Efficiency Standards and Climate Change Mitigation: Methods, Results, and Communication

CJ Dalhammar, JL Richter – University Initiatives in Climate Change Mitigation and …, 2019
… Arranging workshop on ‘New policy approaches for Eco-design’ at the Global Cleaner
Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference. Sitges, Nov. 2015 … Paper presented
at Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference, Sitges, Nov 2015 …
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Forest certification: the challenge of measuring impacts

H van der Ven, B Cashore – Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2018
… on intended outcome indicators, like the establishment of riparian buffer
zones, wildlife corridors, and high conservation value forests (HCVF), but
have yet to capture important unintended or tangential impacts, like …
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E Cotton – 2018
… scarcity has become a more prevalent issue due to the damaging effects
of consumption, sustainable consumption and production is a trend that
is here to stay (Geng et al., 2017) … motivate more sustainable consumption …
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A big data driven analytical framework for energy-intensive manufacturing industries

Y Zhang, S Ma, H Yang, J Lv, Y Liu – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Energy-intensive industries account for almost 51% of energy consumption in China.
A continuous improvement in energy efficiency is important for energy-intensi.
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Motivational aspects of a politics of sustainability Dieter Birnbacher

M Düwell, G Bos, N van Steenbergen – Towards the Ethics of a Green Future (Open …, 2018
… 2013. ‘Grassroots innovations for sus- tainable energy: exploring niche-development
processes among community-energy initiatives’. In Maurie J. Cohen, Halina Szejnwald
and Philip J. Vergragt (eds), Innovations in Sustainable Consumption …
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Mapping of food waste quantification methodologies in the food services of Swedish municipalities

M Eriksson, S Lindgren, CP Osowski – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
Since food waste valorisation measures, like energy recovery, have limited possibilities
to fully recover the resources invested in food production, there is a.
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Disentangling the facets of sharing: a categorization of what we know and don’t know about the Sharing Economy

M Trenz, A Frey, D Veit – Internet Research, 2018
Page 1. 1 Disentangling the facets of sharing: a categorization of what we know and
don’t know about the Sharing Economy Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper
is to develop a categorization of sharing practices from …
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Modelling the enablers for implementation of green manufacturing in Indian automobile industries

V Sharma, N Virmani – International Journal of Green Economics, 2018
… service stations. Eco-label is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at promoting
sustainable consumption and production. Eco-labelling has a clear objective of
encouraging businesses to market greener products. • Supplier …
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Exploring young students attitudes towards a sustainable consumption behaviour

CB Pocol, DE Dumitraș, CM Teselios – Professionals in food chains, 2018
A comprehensive understanding of the sustainable consumer behaviour needs a
complex analysis of influencing factors and actors involved in the food chain.
Concerns about sustainability issues are nowadays present in the whole food chain …
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Switching Africa to green, one beneficiary at a time

U Human – FarmBiz, 2018
… Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the United
Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Office
for Project Services (UNOPS), is part of the 10-Year Framework of …
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Powering community energy through more effective segmentation practice

S Dibb, H Roby – Social Business, 2018
… doi: 10.1509/ jppm.09.035 Cherrier, H., Szuba, M., & Özçağlar-Toulouse, N. (2012).
Barriers to downward carbon emission: Exploring sustainable consumption in the face
of the glass floor … Individual strategies for sustainable consumption …
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Sadhu—On the Pathway of Luxury Sustainable Circular Value Model

S Jain, S Mishra – Sustainable Luxury, 2019
… al. 2013). According to Havas Media sustainable consumption research performed
with 20,000 customers in ten countries, disclosed that 86% of buyers examined
sustainability aspects while making purchase decisions. It was …
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Trends of Sustainable Development Among Luxury Industry

J Li, KK Leonas – Sustainable Luxury, 2019
… sometimes suggests. Reports highlighting the growth of sustainable consumption
tend to focus on low-value, commoditized product categories such as food-related
products, cosmetics, and apparel (Davies et al. 2012). These …
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[PDF] An Analysis of “Sustainable Mobility” Research: From a Planning Perspective

GN Akgul – Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Sustainability, 2018
… emphasis on sustainable lifestyles studies. The term “lifestyle” is applied
within a variety of disciplines relating to sustainable consumption …
Sustainable lifestyles: Today’s facts & tomorrow’s trends. Wuppertal …
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[PDF] Our Future Destinations: Backcasting for Sustainable Tourism

A Manero Ruz – 2018
… 28 4.4.2. SDG 12-Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns …..
29 … Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Goal 13:
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts …
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[PDF] Service Quality Gap and its Impact on the Performance of Indian Health Insurance Companies

M Asghari, SH Babu – Global Journal of Management And Business …, 2018
… case study for India. They stated that any expenditure on health can be catastrophic
for household who survives below certain poverty level and are not able to avail the
sustainable consumption level. Vellakkal (2009) examined …
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Y Balcha
… Poverty (SDG1), food and agriculture (SDG 2), health (SDG 3), water
and sanita- tion (SDG 6), renewable energy (SDG 7), human settlements
(SDG11), sustainable consumption and production (SDG12), oceans …
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[PDF] Towards Sustainable Skills and Innovation

M Dohler, A Hossaini – A Report from the International Conference
… 2016a). An ad- equate and reliable supply of water [6.1, 6.4] is essential for many
economic activities [8], infrastructure and indus- trial development [9], cities and
communities [11] and sustainable consumption and production [12] …
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The Practice of Green Consumption

EH Kennedy, D Hauslik – Environment and Society, 2018
This chapter problematizes the dominant viewpoint of sustainable consumption
as a personal and voluntary act by arguing that such a conceptualization makes
individuals appear responsible for complex …
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Identification of sustainable dietary patterns by a multicriteria approach in the NutriNet-Santé cohort

L Seconda, J Baudry, B Allès, LG Soler, S Hercberg… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
In the context of the increasingly damaging impact of agro-food systems on human health
and the environment, this study aimed to evaluate the sustainability of.
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Everyday practices and technologies of household water consumption: evidence from Shanghai

N Zhen, S Rogers, J Barnett – Environment and Urbanization, 2018
A social practice approach to household consumption examines socially produced patterns
of practice, and understands these to be composed of technology, knowled…
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Exploring the Perceived Image of Energy Efficiency Measures in Residential Buildings: Evidence from Apulia, Italy

C Rizzo, L Piper, MI Prete, G Pino, G Guido – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Wallin et al., 2013). Although the study of the perceived image of green products
had certain success in the field of sustainable consumption, no studies have applying
such a theoretical framework to EEMs. To close this gap …
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Cosmopolitanism and ethical consumption: An extended theory of planned behavior and modeling for fair trade coffee consumers in South Korea

H Lee, Y Jin, H Shin – Sustainable Development, 2018
Page 1. RESEARCH ARTICLE Cosmopolitanism and ethical consumption: An
extended theory of planned behavior and modeling for fair trade coffee consumers
in South Korea Hyemi Lee1 | Yanhong Jin1 | Hyun Shin2 1 Ewha …
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[PDF] Measuring the impact of business: Sustainability Reporting by Corporations in Emerging Asia

S Romana, L Leonardo – 2018
… It takes as its starting point the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12:
“Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”, with its Target
12.6: “Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies …
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Sustainable recycling partner selection using fuzzy DEMATEL-AEW-FVIKOR: A case study in small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs)

F Zhou, X Wang, MK Lim, Y He, L Li – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Driven by eco-economy, environmentally friendly and social well-being
thinking, increasing industries tend to concentrate on the sustainability of
supply chain operations, including sustainable design, sustainable production …
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Global Environmental Networks and Flows Addressing Global Environmental Change

P Oosterveer – Environment and Society, 2018
Globalization and its sustainability implications create considerable
governance challenges. The global and complex stretch of commodity chains
imply innovative governance arrangements because the…
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A nutritional comparison and production perspective: Reducing the environmental footprint of the future

SUK Rohmer, JC Gerdessen, GDH Claassen… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… society. In this context, recent scientific research has increasingly focused on
investigating the environmental impact of food items and different dietary alternatives
in order to propose more sustainable consumption patterns …
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[HTML] Conceivable Strategies for Sustainable Well-being

J Grin – Well-being, Sustainability and Social Development, 2018
The final chapter of this volume explores how – at this moment in time –
strategies can be developed in the Netherlands to achieve sustainable
well-being. In addition to key problems like the…
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Identifying the factors for Sustainability Learning Performance

P Ofei-Manu, RJ Didham – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… 2030 Agenda and Framework for Action, the Global Action Programme (GAP)
on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and the Sustainable
Lifestyles and Education programme of the 10-Year Framework of …
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Public awareness of circular economy in southern Poland: Case of the Malopolska region

M Smol, A Avdiushchenko, J Kulczycka, A Nowaczek – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
In the transition to the circular economy (CE) model in Europe, increasing public awareness
is one of the major driving forces. This paper presents the results.
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C Mugunthan, M Kathiravan – INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH, 2018
… William Young et al., (2009) in their study entitled, “Sustainable consumption: green
consumer behavior when purchasing products”, concluded that, the green consumers
decision-making processes when buying a technology-based product …
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Minding the Mundane: Everyday Practices as Central Pillar of Sustainability Thinking and Research

H Rau – Environment and Society, 2018
… This was coupled with qualitative ratings carried out by the researchers
to assess the (un)sustainability of these scenarios using six new economics
criteria for sustainable consumption: (1) localization, (2) reduced …
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[HTML] Moving the world into a safe space–the GAPFRAME methodology

K Muff, A Kapalka, T Dyllick – The International Journal of Management Education, 2018
… issues, respectively. Finally, SDG 12 in the economy dimension, Sustainable
Consumption and Production, was split into two separate issues, given the relevance
and impact of each, particularly for business. Ultimately, we …
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Sustainability in the collaborative economy: A bibliometric analysis reveals emerging interest

M Ertz, S Leblanc-Proulx – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
The growing field of the collaborative economy is expanding geometrically and little
retrospective work on this evolution has been made so far. A number of lite.
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Follow the price signal: People’s willingness to shift household practices in a dynamic time-of-use tariff trial in the United Kingdom

R Ozaki – Energy Research & Social Science, 2018
‘Dynamic’ tariffs aim to help energy users to shift their energy-related practices, and rewards
them financially when they modify when and how to use electr.
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What Is an Active House? A Vision Beyond 2020

L Feifer, M Imperadori, G Salvalai, A Brambilla… – Active House: Smart Nearly …, 2018
International standards and constantly smarter practices are everyday
more addressing the issue of a sustainable development. However, this
virtuous approach has to involve the final users, in a…
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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Conceptual Model

D Turker – Managing Social Responsibility, 2018
… Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and
sustainable. 12: Responsible consumption and production. Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns. 13: Climate action …
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[PDF] Adapting an open source social bookmarking system to observe critical information behaviour

S Kopeinik, A Eskandar, T Ley, D Albert, P Seitlinger – 2018
… Also, they were informed about means to eval- uate the quality of information. In four school
lessons, students researched the topic “global nutrition” under the topic aspects of ”genetic
engineering”, “conservation”, “sustainable consumption” and “development aid” …
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