Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

What is consumption, where has it been going, and does it still matter?

DM Evans – The Sociological Review, 2018
This article considers the relationships between consumption, the environment, and wider
sociological endeavour. The current vogue for applying theories of prac…
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Sustainable Consumption of Agrifood Products

E Vigano, L Bravi, F Murmura, E Savelli – 2018
The aim of this chapter is to analyse sustainable food consumption in Mediterranean
countries. This topic has increasingly affected the international debate over the time,
because it is directly related to economic, social, environmental and institutional
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Eco-reflexive chemical thinking and action

J Sjöström, V Talanquer – Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 2018
… technology can be solved by even more technology. This ideology many times
dominates the discourse built around terms such as green economy and sustainable
consumption. Furthermore, it is often connected to a discourse …
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Three Scenario Narratives for a Resource-Efficient and Low-Carbon Europe in 2050

K Schanes, J Jäger, P Drummond – Ecological Economics, 2018
Global trends in production and consumption and the associated use of natural resources
are far from sustainable. There is a growing recognition of the need to.
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A Study of Resource-efficient Technologies for Cities of the Future to be Sustainable

W Liu, S Evans – Procedia Manufacturing, 2018
… Gland (2012), p. 42f. 5; BioRegional Development Group. One planet living. Retrived
10/09 from 6; One Planet Living – The case
for Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Post – 2015 development agenda …
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[PDF] Linking Industrial Ecology and Ecological Economics: A Theoretical and Empirical Foundation for the Circular Economy

A Bruel, J Kronenberg, N Troussier, B Guillaume – Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2018
… This led to many ideas for sustainable consumption, such as product-service
sys- tems and the functional economy (Mont 2002), which focused on reuse,
joint use of products, and other ways of increas- ing the intensity of the use
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An approach to favor industrial symbiosis: the case of waste electrical and electronic equipment

M Marconi, F Gregori, M Germani, A Papetti, C Favi – Procedia Manufacturing, 2018
… J. Clean. Prod., 19 (2011), pp. 905–911. 13; S. Lehtoranta, A. Nissinen, T. Mattila, M.
Melanen; Industrial symbiosis and the policy instruments of sustainable consumption
and production. J. Clean. Prod., 19 (2011), pp. 1865–1875. 14; D. Gibbs, P. Deutz; …
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Sustainability assessment. An adaptive low-input tool applied to the management of agroecosystems in México

A Calleros-Islas – Ecological Indicators, 2018
Agriculture is a key sector in going towards sustainability. It works as a hub between social,
institutional, economic and environmental dimensions. An internat.
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[PDF] Confirmatory factor analysis of Post-Occupancy Evaluation Model (POEM) for sustainable neighborhood development

R Yaman, S Thadaniti, J Abdullah, N Ahmad, NM Ishak – IOP Conference Series …, 2018
… 012004 References [1] Yahya WK and Hashim NH 2011 International Conference
on IEEE. The role of public awareness and government regulations in stimulating
sustainable consumption of Malaysian consumers. Business …
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Households energy conservation in Saudi Arabia: Lessons learnt from change-agents driven interventions program

KM Nahiduzzaman, AS Aldosary, AS Abdallah, M Asif… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
Saudi Arabia is one of the most energy intensive countries in the world in terms of per
capita consumption. Highly subsidized energy prices and low tariffs are.
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