Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018


M Ziolo, F Fidanoski, K Simeonovski, V Filipovski… – Value of Failure: The …, 2017
… As defined by Hicks, income is the maximum that can be consumed in a given year
without reducing the capacity to produce and consume the same amount next year.
By definition, income is sustainable consumption (Daly, 2007) …
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Social practice theory and the study of how we drink

P Meier, J Holmes, A Warde – Addiction, 2018
… Search for more papers by this author. Alan Warde. University of Manchester School of Social
Sciences Ringgold Standard Institution, Manchester, UK; University of Manchester Sustainable
Consumption Institute Ringgold Standard Institution, Manchester, UK …
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Contribution of 3R and resource efficiency in achieving SDGs through the linkage ofDPSIR framework

A Khajuria – Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan …, 2017
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[PDF] Unit-3 Environmental Justice

A Pandey – 2018
… Research on sustainable consumption (SC) is more recent and perhaps more multi-faceted,
encompassing topics from sustainable social innovations in local communities to technical
determinations of global ecological footprints of consumption (Southerton et al., 2004) …
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Decoding willingness of Indian consumers to pay a premium on green products

MD Kirmani, MN Khan – South Asian Journal of Business Studies, 2018
… Green Purchasing Network of India (2014), “Communicating green products to consumers in
India to promote sustainable consumption and production- A study based on the consumer
perceptions of green products in India”, available at: …
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Sustainable Procurement

J Connaughton, W Hughes – Sustainable Futures in the Built Environment to 2050: A …, 2018
… More widely still, ongoing work by the UNEP, under the broad objective of Sustainable
Consumption and Production (SCP), has charted the beneficial environmental and social impacts
of sustainable procure- ment in key regions (UNEP, 2012a) and produced substantive …
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Development Direction of Welfare for the Elderly Based on Living Lab

JY Na, YI Park – ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 2017
… Finland, Aug 2012. Maj Munch Andersen, Arnold Tukker, Perspectives on Radical
Changes to Sustainable Consumption and Production, Sustainable Consumption
Research Exchanges, pp 234-238, April 2006. Sirkka Minkkinen …
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Alternative food networks and farmer livelihoods: A spatializing livelihoods perspective

R Blumberg – Geoforum, 2018
… that AFNs often operate by creating connections based on diverse values that enable political
ecologies of care (Jarosz, 2011), consumer-citizenship (Lockie, 2009), social and spatial
embeddedness (Hinrichs, 2000) or other forms of sustainable consumption (Seyfang, 2006) …
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A Socio-metabolic Transition of Diets on a Greek Island: Evidence of “Quiet Sustainability”

P Petridis, J Huber – Socio-Metabolic Perspectives on the Sustainability of …, 2017
In the search for sustainable food systems, the Mediterranean Mediterranean
bioregiondiet occupies a prominent place, from the point of view of
healthHealth, by standards of ecological sustainability.
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[PDF] Understanding the Intention to Use Commercial Bike-sharing Systems: An Integration of TAM and TPB

Y Yu, W Yi, Y Feng, J Liu – Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International …, 2018
Page 1. Understanding the Intention to Use Commercial Bike-sharing Systems: An Integration
of TAM and TPB Ying Yu College of Management Shenzhen University
Wenjie Yi College of Management Shenzhen University …
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Barriers to sustainable consumption attenuated by foreign language use

J Geipel, C Hadjichristidis, AK Klesse – Nature Sustainability, 2018
Abstract The adoption of certain innovative products, such as recycled water, artificial meat
and insect-based food, could help promote sustainability. However, the disgust these
products elicit acts as a barrier to their consumption. Here, we show that describing such
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Choosing a healthy and sustainable diet: A three-level approach for understanding the drivers of the Italians’ dietary regime over time

I Benedetti, T Laureti, L Secondi – Appetite, 2018
Dietary patterns play key roles in health promotion and in preserving the environment. A
growing number of studies show the importance of individual factors on.
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A hybrid probabilistic fuzzy ARIMA model for consumption forecasting in commodity markets

S Torbat, M Khashei, M Bijari – Economic Analysis and Policy, 2018
Consumption forecasting is a critical issue in commodity markets on which financial
decision-makers depend for accuracy. To adequately handle the complexity and.
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Nudge (ography) and practice theories: Contemporary sites of behavioural science and post-structuralist approaches in geography?

L Reid, K Ellsworth-Krebs – Progress in Human Geography, 2018
Within geography there has been considerable debate about the reasons, patterns and
consequences of human behaviour. Behavioural science, specifically Nudge, an…
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Sustainable Urban Water Governance–Main Aims, Challenges and Institutional Approaches in Germany and Beyond

M Reese, E Gawel – Urban Transformations, 2018
… Full cost recovery under the ‘user pays’ principle not only accords with the general sense of justice
but is also a significant incentive for sustainable consumption behaviour and a basic requirement
of an economic management system that remains viable in the long term …
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Exploring the factors of green advertising that entices purchase behaviour among Bangaloreans

MG Saravanaraj, S Pillai – International Journal of Business Excellence, 2018
… In a broader sense, sustainability/green advertising is communications intended to promote
social, economic and environmental benefits of products/services advertised so as to
motivate the consumers for a sustainable consumption (Wikipedia) …
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Analyzing challenges to Internet of Things (IoT) adoption and diffusion: An Indian context

S Luthra, D Garg, SK Mangla, YPS Berwal – Procedia Computer Science, 2018
… 343–359. 12; Sunil Luthra, SachinKumar Mangla, Lei Xu, Ali Diabat; “Using AHP to evaluate
barriers in adopting sustainable consumption and production initiatives in a supply chain.”.
International Journal of Production Economics, 181 (2016), pp. 342–349 …
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Comments on “Climate Change and Public Health: A Small Frame Obscures the Picture”

F Chirico – NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and …, 2018
Energy strategies to reduce elevated CO2 levels have costs and benefit both known and
unknown, and available scientific evidence will not be effective if we ign…
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Homemade Matters: Logics of Opposition in a Failed Food Swap

C Fitzmaurice, JB Schor – Social Problems, 2018
Abstract. A rich literature on commensuration and standards of evaluation has yielded
important findings on how items are valued. Over the course of a two-year.
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Chinese consumers and shellfish: Associations between perception, quality, attitude and consumption

O Wang, S Somogyi – Food Quality and Preference, 2018
This study explores the associations between Chinese consumers’ product attribute perceptions
and their quality perceptions, attitudes and consumptions toward.
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Consumer perception of sustainability attributes in organic and local food.

A Annunziata – Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture, 2017
… sustainability oriented consumers.The existence of different levels of sensitivity to sustainability
attributes in organic and local food among the identified segments could be duly considered
by policy makers and other institutions in promoting sustainable consumption patterns …
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Identifying and assessing environmental awareness of hotel and restaurant employees’ attitudes in the Amasra District of Bartin

C Yucedag, LG Kaya, M Cetin – Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2018
… Retrieved from Accessed 25 June 2017. Wang, P., Liu, Q.,
& Qi, Y. (2014). Factors influencing sustainable consumption behaviors: a survey of the rural
residents in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 63, 152–165 …
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Green values and buying behaviour of consumers in Saudi Arabia: an empirical study

AU Rehman – International Journal of Green Economics, 2017
… 24, No. 8, pp.14–17. Haron, SA, Paim, L. and Yahaya, N. (2005) ‘Toward sustainable
consumption: an examination of environmental knowledge among Malaysia’,
International Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 18, pp.426–436 …
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Where is Goal 18? The Need for Biocultural Heritage in the Sustainable Development Goals

AK Poole – Environmental Values, 2018
… 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries. 11. Make cities and human settlements
inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production
patterns. 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 14 …
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N Řvrebekk, A Skjerven – DS 88: Proceedings of the 19th International …, 2017
… This indicator is visualised by a wheel that is divided with percent. For example, one service
account for 14% of an individual’s daily sustainable consumption. The customer can then
compare this value with the other available services. Challenges were …
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Student perceptions of university social responsibility: implications from an empirical study in France, Italy and Russia

Z Belyaeva, SD Scagnelli, M Thomas, M Cisi – World Review of Entrepreneurship …, 2018
Page 1. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sust. Development, Vol. 14, Nos.
1/2, 2018 23 Copyright © 2018 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Student perceptions of university
social responsibility: implications from an empirical study in France, Italy and Russia …
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OA Akanbi
… which states as: • Goal 7 –Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy
for all • Goal 12 –Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns The above SDG
goals highlights the importance of ensuring universal access to …
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O Kareem, AA bin Azmin, TST Ahmad
Page 1. International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Research
Vol. 1, No. 05; 2017 ISSN: 2456-7760 Page 475 THE EFFECT OF
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Towards integrating production and consumption to reduce consumer food waste in developed countries

A Jellil, E Woolley, S Rahimifard – 2018
… Keywords: Consumer food waste Product service system Sustainable consumption
Stakeholders. Issue Date: 2018. Publisher: Taylor & Francis. Citation: JELLIL, A.,
WOOLLEY, E. and RAHIMIFARD, S., 2018. Towards integrating …
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Circular economy meets industry 4.0: Can big data drive industrial symbiosis?

ML Tseng, RR Tan, ASF Chiu, CF Chien, TC Kuo – Resources, Conservation and …, 2018
… Using the big-data driven analysis to benchmark the mutual trust, corporate culture, sustainable
consumption or corporate behavior etc … References. Tseng et al., 2018; ML Tseng, ASF Chiu,
L. Dong; Sustainable consumption and production in business decision-making models …
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[HTML] Association between time perspective and organic food consumption in a large sample of adults

M Bénard, J Baudry, C Méjean, D Lairon, KV Giudici… – Nutrition Journal, 2018
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[PDF] 24 Environmental

E Juvan, H Hajibaba, S Dolnicar – PEER-TO-PEER ACCOMMODATION NETWORKS, 2018
… economics, 39 (3), 371–386. Bocken, N. and Bocken, N.(2017) Business-led
sustainable consumption initiatives: Impacts and lessons learned, Journal of
Management Development, 36 (1), 81–96. Bohdanowicz, P. and Martinac, I …
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[HTML] Sustainable Living in Finland: Combating Climate Change in Everyday Life

AO Salonen, J Siirilä, M Valtonen – Sustainability, 2018
Finland aims to be a carbon-neutral society by the year 2050. We are interested to know on a
general level how sustainable living materializes among Finnish people, what is the structure
of a sustainable lifestyle in Finland and how do people reason about their everyday behavior …
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[PDF] Towards a sustainable food economy: our contribution to the transition

T van Dijk, JH Nuijt – 2017
… We make use of our knowledge of food purchase and consumption behaviour and our access
to unique data to support and encourage our clients in their efforts to provide for more healthy
and sustainable consumption. Page 14. Substantiation to encourage …
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[PDF] ASEAN cooperation on sustainable transport: progress and options

S Bakker, M Major, A Mejia, R Banomyong – … Communications Bulletin for Asia and the …, 2017
… declarations. For example, ASEAN encourages cooperation on financing and
research on climate-friendly technologies and integration of “sustainable
consumption and production (SCP) patterns into our national policies” …
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[PDF] Resource requirements of inclusive urban development in India: Insights from 10 cities

AS Nagpure, M Reiner, A Ramaswami – Environmental Research Letters, 2018
Page 1. Environmental Research Letters ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT • OPEN ACCESS Resource
requirements of inclusive urban development in India: Insights from 10 cities To cite this article
before publication: Ajay S. Nagpure et al 2018 Environ. Res. Lett …
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[PDF] Sustain, Filip Sedefov, Ólöf Söebech and Eleanor Mateo able aviation fuels: common ground for a take-off. IES Policy Brief Issue 2017/05• November 2017

H Kalimo, F Sedefov, Ó Söebech, E Mateo – 2017
… The renewable energy policy debate – emerging solutions Mobility is an important aspect
of the sustainable consumption and production agenda. The global growth economy seems
to entail increasing movements of people and goods, yet …
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P PIMDEE – Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 2017
… spirituality. This is therefore closely related to behavior. From this, the observed
variables of sustainable consumption knowledge, student GPA, sustainable
consumption attitude and public awareness were developed. Hence …
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