Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

Sustainable Logistics Network Design Under Uncertainty

R Daghigh, MS Pishvaee, SA Torabi – Sustainable Logistics and Transportation, 2017
… Consumer issues: it is related to that organizations are responsible to their customers and
consumers and includes reducing the risk of consumer products and services and promoting
the design and sustainable consumption and fair access to all segments of society …
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Which Activities Contribute Most to Building Energy Consumption in China? A Hybrid LMDI Decomposition Analysis from Year 2007 to 2015

L Yujie, C Peng, D Li – Energy and Buildings, 2017
This paper proposed a hybrid Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI) model that decomposes
the change of total energy consumption (TEC) in the building sector to.
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[PDF] An Examination of the Factors Influencing the Green Initiative and Competitiveness of Private Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

CL Tan, YN Goh, SF Yeo, SL Ching, HS Chan – Jurnal Pengurusan (UKM Journal of …, 2017
… One of the strategies is to strengthen the governance by enhancing the regulatory and
institutional framework as well as the capacity of the authority to monitor and evaluate the
transformation process (Sustainable Consumption & Production 2016) …
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Keep on grazing: factors driving the pasture-raised milk market in Germany

B Gassler, Q Xiao, S Kühl, A Spiller – British Food Journal, 2018
… pp.2088-2107. De Haen, H. and Requillart, V. (2014), “Linkages between sustainable
consumption and sustainable production: Some suggestions for foresight work”,
Journal of Food Security, Vol.6, pp.87–100. Page 18. 18 …
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Who are the farm shop buyers? A case study in Naumburg, Germany

M Bavorova, D Traikova, J Doms – British Food Journal, 2018
… attribute. In a quasi- public attribute, utility arises not only from the private benefits to
the consumer, but also from making a public statement of activism and pursuing
sustainable‘ consumption (Vermeir and Verbeke, 2006). Following …
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D POPESCU, V NICOLAE, IM PAVEL, A DINU – Economic Computation & Economic …, 2017
… of a large part of the population from rural to large urban areas, we understand and accept more
easily the need of modern human to reinvent the collaborative economy by creating new forms
of cooperation, such as (see table 1): sustainable consumption and production …
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Sustainable supply chains under government intervention with a real-world case study: An evolutionary game theoretic approach

R Mahmoudi, M Rasti-Barzoki – Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2017
It is clear that the problem of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most
important and challenging issues in recent years. Governments hav.
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Sustainable Development Administration

H Fünfgeld – Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public …, 2017
… 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries. 11. Make cities and human settlements
inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production
patterns. 13. Tackle urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 14 …
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[PDF] Upcycling as a Manifestation of Consumer and Business Behavior that Expresses Sustainable Consumption and Determines the Functioning of the Communal …

Abstract The article addresses the issue of upcycling as a new pattern of consumer
behaviour, enabling the production of new goods from the previously used products, which
prolongs their life. Such behaviour also leads to a reduction in the use of new products on a
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[HTML] Ecocentric Infrastructures and Site-specific Practices for the Revitalization of Local Cultural Commons

D Vadala – Convergências-Revista de Investigação e Ensino das …, 2017
… If the ‘Sustainability of Sustainable Consumption‘ has been posed as an issue in fields as Social
Studies, Law and Macro-economy (Dolan 2002, Kilbourne et alii 1997, Salzman 1997), the need
to readdress the current dynamics of production and consumption towards locally …
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[PDF] Mark Peterson, Sustainable Enterprise: A Macromarketing Approach (2013)

C Madran – Markets, Globalization & Development Review, 2017
… As a textbook, I would recommend it for all kinds of business and marketing courses, including
generic marketing courses, global/international marketing courses, courses related to
sustainability, sustainable production and sustainable consumption …
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Advances in Health and Environment Safety: Select Proceedings of HSFEA 2016

NA Siddiqui, SM Tauseef, K Bansal – 2017
… Dehradun, Uttarakhand….. 127 Kanchan D. Bahukhandi, Tanuja Uniyal and Neelu J. Ahuja
Implementation of Sustainable Consumption and Production Using DEMATEL….. 133 Surbhi …
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The Institutionalization of Service-Learning at Spanish Universities

R Heras-Colàs, M Masgrau-Juanola, P Soler-Masó – The International Journal of …, 2017
… Barth, M., Adomßent, M., Fischer, D., Richter, S., & Rieckmann, M. (2014). Learning to change
universities from within: A service-learning perspective on promoting sustainable consumption
in higher education. Journal of Cleaner production, 62, 72-81. Batlle, R. (2011) …
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An Introduction to Global Health

M Seear, O Ezezika – 2017
… promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation Goal 10 Reduce
inequality within and among countries Goal 11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient, and sustainable Goal 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production …
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G Gönüllü – Current Debates in Public Finance Public …
… of both women and men; promote productive activities in developing countries that contribute
to the eradication of poverty; address the concern about inequalities and promote social inclusion,
including social protection floors; promote sustainable consumption and production …
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[PDF] I am the Paradigm Shift Theory: Explaining Students’ Sustainability Outcome Comprehension Experience

R Chandler
Page 1. Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal ISSN:
2576-0319 I Am the Paradigm Shift Theory: Explaining Students’ Sustainability
Outcome Comprehension Experience Psychol Psychology Res Int J …
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[PDF] Current Status and Potential Role of Eco-labels in Informing Environmentally Friendly Purchases and Behaviours

W Brazil, B Caulfield
… 2010a). While such schemes may have value, in terms of educating the public, the
value of information campaigns as standalone measures to promote sustainable
consumption has been questioned (Gardner and Stern, 1996) …
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Implementation of Sustainable Consumption and Production Using DEMATEL

S Uniyal, SK Mangla, PP Patil, YK Sharma – Advances in Health and Environment …, 2018
Abstract The successful implementation of SCP is not possible without the involvement of
certain critical factors. Therefore, identification of success factors (SFs) and their subsequent
analysis is very important to understand. The goal of current work is to estimate the SFs
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The Interplay of Product Involvement and Sustainable Consumption: An Empirical Analysis of Behavioral Intentions Related to Green Hotels, Organic Wines and …

I Rahman – Sustainable Development, 2017
Abstract Prior research has not fully shown how type and level of product involvement can
have different effects on behavioral intentions regarding different green products. The
purpose of this study is to examine how consumer involvement affects purchase intentions,
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Decision-making models for promoting consumption of low energy-intensive broadband terminal products in the Chinese telecommunication industry

Q Liu, S Zhao, Q Zhu – Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2017
… Research limitations/implications –This paper provides decision support for manufacturers
to promote sustainable consumption of LIHT products. Research ideas on models … evaluate
and motivate sustainable consumption for LIHT products …
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Teaching sustainable food consumption in Swedish home economics: A case study

E Gisslevik, I Wernersson, C Larsson – International Journal of Home Economics, 2017
… For this, the goal of sustainable consumption patterns has been outlined as one of its most
urgent action orientations (Agenda 21, 1992), where food consumption is one of the three
Page 2. International Journal of Home Economics ISSN 1999-561X 53 …
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The role of modularity in sustainable design: A systematic review

M Sonego, MES Echeveste, HG Debarba – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… It includes, in a general way, economic development, social inclusion, and environmental
sustainability. However, sustainable consumption and production require the redesign of
industrial practices, services, and infrastructures (Spangerberg et al., 2010) …
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Sustainable intensification of aquaculture value chains between Asia and Europe: A framework for understanding impacts and challenges

DC Little, JA Young, W Zhang, R Newton, A Al Mamun… – Aquaculture, 2017
Sustainable intensification (SI) is defined and interpreted in terms of a framework to support
production of farmed aquatic animals in Asia and their trade with.
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From an ideal dream towards reality analysis: Proposing Sustainable Value Exchange Matrix (SVEM) from systematic literature review on sustainable business …

SN Morioka, I Bolis, M Carvalho – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… Besides, increasing demand for more sustainable consumption and production solutions has
stimulated the development of various models, frameworks, roadmaps and recommendations
for companies towards sustainability (Jonkutė and Staniškis, 2016) …
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A Facts Panel on Corporate Social and Environmental Behavior: Decreasing Information Asymmetries between Producers and Consumers through Product Labeling

A Plank, K Teichmann – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… 2015). Information and understanding are necessary preconditions for sustainable
consumption but consumers face the complex and often impossible task of
assembling and then analyzing relevant information (Wells, 2013) …
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Behaviour change and theories of practice: Contributions, limitations and developments

D Welch – Social Business, 2017
… Practice theories have made the most direct contribution to behaviour change in the context
of sustainable consumption but offer insights to a range of empirical domains relevant to social
business, including health promotion and organisational change …
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Mechanism and policy combination of technical sustainable entrepreneurship crowdfunding in China: A system dynamics analysis

J Chen, L Chen, J Chen, X Kefan – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
In the subprime crisis era, China’s economy needs sustainable development. Sustainable
entrepreneurship is regarded as the main power for sustainability while s.



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[PDF] Fostering sustainable dietary habits through optimized school meals in Sweden–OPTIMAT

PE Colombo, LS Elinder, A Parlesak, AK Lindroos… – PANORAMA, 2017
… As concluded by the European Live Well for Life project, consumers can be guided towards more
sustainable consumption patterns by national dietary guidelines reflecting sustainability, green
public procurement policies, and information campaigns (19). Neto et al …
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Dimensions of Brazil’s image: relations with country conations and implications for sustainable development

JDME Giraldi, JHCD Oliveira – Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable …, 2017
Page 1. Latin American J. Management for Sustainable Development, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2017
159 Copyright © 2017 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Dimensions of Brazil’s image: relations
with country conations and implications for sustainable development …
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[PDF] A study on Impact of Green Marketing on Sustainable Development (With Reference to Khammam District)

DNVK Reddy, MS Reddy – National Conference on Marketing and Sustainable …, 2017
… Therefore, these days‟ concepts of green marketing are taking shape as one of the key business
strategies of the companies for gaining the competitive advantage, ensuring sustainable
consumption of their … sustainable consumption and tries to protect the environment …
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[HTML] Understanding Energy Poverty, Vulnerability and Justice

S Bouzarovski – Energy Poverty, 2018
This chapter outlines past and current definitional issues at the nexus of energy poverty, energy
vulnerability, energy justice and energy transitions. It traces the historical development of scientif.
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Lhasa: Urbanising China in the frontier regions

T Chen, W Lang, E Chan, CH Philipp – Cities, 2017
The city of Lhasa has experienced urban transformation in recent decades. Accordingly, this
paper aims to discover and characterise the urbanisation process of.
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… Journal of Knowledge Management 17: 913-927. [12] Kim, Y., Yun, S., Lee, J. (2014): Can
Companies Induce Sustainable Consumption? The Impact of Knowledge and Social
Embeddedness on Airline Sustainability Programs in the US – Sustainability 6: 3338-3356 …
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[PDF] A Model for Strategic Marketing Sustainability (Marketing mix to Marketing matrix)

RS Kalva – National Conference on Marketing and Sustainable …, 2017
… Since at present sustainable production must be related to sustainable consumption, modern
marketing plays a key role in creating opportunities for future development … maximization to
sustainable consumption maximization. Within the concept of sustainable …
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Enhancing the development of sharing economy to mitigate the carbon emission: a case study of online ride-hailing development in China

G Zhu, H Li, L Zhou – Natural Hazards, 2017
Page 1. Nat Hazards 1 3 ORIGINAL PAPER Enhancing
the development of sharing economy to mitigate the carbon emission: a case study of online
ride‑hailing development in China Guowei Zhu1 · Hongshan Li1 · Li Zhou1 …
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Factors influencing residents’ acceptance (support) of remediation technologies

J Prior – Science of The Total Environment, 2018
An increasing diversity of technologies are being used to remediate contaminated sites,
yet there remains little understanding of the level of acceptance that r.
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[PDF] Development of a new front-of-pack nutrition label in France: the five-colour Nutri-Score

C Julia, S Hercberg – PANORAMA, 2017
BACKGROUND Industrialized countries face a major public health challenge in the form of the
increasing burden of chronic diseases, influenced by the ageing of the population …
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When Sharing Was a Necessity: A Historical Perspective of Collaborative Consumption in East Germany

M Wolf, W Ritz – The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the …, 2018
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Access-Based Consumption: From Ownership to Non-Ownership of Clothing

PA Albinsson, BY Perera – The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the …, 2018
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6 Marketing critical consumption

RA Foley – Digital Food Activism, 2017
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Societal Factors and the Emergence of the Sharing Economy

K Hellwig, M Sahakian, F Morhart – The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the …, 2018
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[PDF] Introducing EIT Food: Connecting Businesses, Research Centers, Universities, and Consumers in Europe

K Gebruers – Cereal Foods World, 2017
… In- novation activities will be aligned with the following innovation programs: • EIT Food Assistant:
Empower consumers to self-monitor lifestyle and health performance and enable informed,
healthier decisions and sustainable consumption habits. Page 2 …
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The Role of Governments in Peer-to-Peer Sharing and Collaborative Consumption

F Chasin – The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the …, 2018
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Mapping the Collaborative Economy Landscape and Its Relationship with Information and Communication Technologies

A Kamilaris, FX Prenafeta-Boldú – The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the …, 2018
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5 Political consumers as digital food activists?

K Witterhold – Digital Food Activism, 2017
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Online Technology as a Driver of Sharing

J Harvey, A Smith, D Golightly – The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the …, 2018
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C Brownlow, DM Thompson – Education and New Technologies: Perils and Promises …, 2017
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Sustainable Consumption: Proposal of a Multistage Model to Analyse Consumer Behaviour for Organic Foods

FJ Torres‐Ruiz, M Vega‐Zamora, M Parras‐Rosa – Business Strategy and the …, 2017
Abstract Explanatory models of consumer behaviour can be used to steer decision-making
in the complex task of designing generic strategies to increase sustainable consumption.
This paper proposes an operational model which assumes that the purchase of an organic
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Downsizing of Housing: Negotiating Sufficiency and Spatial Norms

M Sandberg – Journal of Macromarketing, 2017
Housing is one of the major sources of the environmental impact of consumption. An aspect
of housing that has rarely been considered in previous studies on sust…
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The drivers of sustainable manufacturing practices in Egyptian SMEs and their impact on competitive capabilities: A PLS-SEM model

M Aboelmaged – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Sustainability has long been recognised as a ubiquitous phenomenon underlying the functions
and performance of firms. Drawing on a natural-resource-based viewd.
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Sustainable Consumption in a Trap: Attitude-Behavior Gap and Its Rationalization

J Zrałek – Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska. Sectio …, 2017
Abstrakty Podstawowym wnioskiem badań nad zrównoważoną konsumpcją jest ustalenie,
że pomimo pozytywnych postaw wobec samej idei zrównoważenia konsumenci stosunkowo
rzadko zachowują się zgodnie z jej zasadami. Próby wyjaśnienia tego zjawiska nazwanego
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[HTML] Circular economy as an essentially contested concept

J Korhonen, C Nuur, A Feldmann, SE Birkie – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Thus, the notion of CE is not only about production but also it aims to develop sustainable
consumption alongside sustainable production eg by promoting and applying the sharing
economy approach (eg, Naustdalslid, 2017; EMAF, 2013) …
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[HTML] Could Black Be the New Gold? Design-Driven Challenges in New Sustainable Luxury Materials for Jewelry

B Lerma, D Dal Palù, M Actis Grande, C De Giorgi – Sustainability, 2017
Is there a new material for use in jewelry, matching gold and precious stones, capable of
maintaining the same perception of “preciousness” but that is also more sustainable, ethical,
and inexpensive? This article deals with a case study within the European EcoDesign Network …
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[PDF] The Application of the Promethee Method In Evaluation of Sustainable Development of the Selected Cities In Poland

K Ogrodnik – Ekonomia i Środowisko, 2017
… 10 22 Graduates–registered unemployed people (yet not working) in percentage of the total
registered unemployed people: graduates– females [%]↓ 5, 80 5, 00 2, 20 3, 90 23 Registered
unemployment rate[%]↓ 11, 90 8, 60 10, 10 11, 20 Sustainable consumption patterns 24 …
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The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture

O Kravets, P Maclaran, S Miles, A Venkatesh – 2018
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[HTML] Bio-Composites to Tackle UK Built Environment Carbon Emissions: Comparative Analysis on Load-Bearing Capacity, Hygroscopic and Thermal Performance of …

AF Minguela – The Open Construction and Building Technology …, 2017
… 5-25.] and the 12 th United Nations sustainable development goal [10UN, 12th UN development
goal: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, targets and indicators, . Online
Available at:] …
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[PDF] SDG and International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

L Halounová, IS General – 2017
… Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries • Goal 11. Make cities and human
settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable – DRR – flood, landslide, earthquake, … •
Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns Page 5. SDG • Goal 13 …
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Mindfully green and healthy: An indirect path from mindfulness to ecological behaviour

SM Geiger, S Otto, U Schrader – Frontiers in Psychology, 2017
… Keywords: mindfulness, Health Behavior, Ecological behavior, Co-benefits, sustainable
consumption, mediation effect. Received: 11 Sep 2017; Accepted: 19 Dec 2017. Edited by:
Giuseppe Carrus, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy. Reviewed by …
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[HTML] An investigation of the most important factors for sustainable product development using evidential reasoning

F Ahmadzadeh, K Jederström, M Plahn, A Olsson… – Numerical Algebra, Control …, 2017
… 2017%20Partnerships.pdf. [43], United Nations Goal 12: ensure sustainable
consumption and production patterns, 2015. Available at:
sustainabledevelopment/sustainableconsumption-production/. [44], JC van …
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CRM Nogueira, RG Noronha, DM Santos – MIX Sustentável, 2017
… RODRIGUES, 2013, p.18). Krucken (2010) adds still that action planning needs
to be done by bringing together social and ter- ritorial capital that propose sustainable
and sustainable consumption ideas. Health also appears …
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Problems of sustainable development worldwide and public policies for green economy

Y Vertakova, V Plotnikov – 2017
… doi: 19. Lorek, S., & Spangenberg, JH
(2014). Sustainable consumption within a sustainable economy – beyond green growth
and green economies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 63, 33-44 …
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Learning Through Fictitious Play in a Game-Theoretic Model of Natural Resource Consumption

T Manzoor, E Rovenskaya, A Davydov, A Muhammad – IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2018
Page 1. IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS, VOL. 2, NO. 1, JANUARY 2018 163 Learning
Through Fictitious Play in a Game-Theoretic Model of Natural Resource Consumption
TalhaManzoor ,ElenaRovenskaya ,AlexeyDavydov,andAbubakrMuhammad …
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A revisited conceptualization of plastic pollution accumulation in marine environments: Insights from a social ecological economics perspective

CW Gattringer – Marine Policy, 2017
The proliferation of synthetic polymer fragments in marine ecosystems has become a prominent
issue within recent years, and its disastrous implications on marin.
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Dilemmas and Possibilities of Online Activism in a Gendered Space

J McLean – Ecofeminism in Dialogue, 2017
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[PDF] Distributed economies through open design and digital manufacturing

IU Perez, A dos Santos – MIX Sustentável, 2017
… Page 7. 27 Iana Uliana Perez e Aguinaldo dos Santos Mix Sustentável | Florianópolis | v.3 |
n.4 | p.21-28 | nov. | 2017 Ease Transition Towards Sustainable Consumption Behaviour.
Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 17(1), pp. 23–38, 2013. ____; FUAD-LUKE, Alastair …
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[HTML] The impact of parenthood on environmental attitudes and behaviour: a longitudinal investigation of the legacy hypothesis

GO Thomas, R Fisher, L Whitmarsh, TL Milfont… – Population and Environment, 2017
Page 1. ORIGINAL PAPER Open Access The impact of parenthood on environmental attitudes
and behaviour: a longitudinal investigation of the legacy hypothesis Gregory O. Thomas1 & Rose
Fisher2 & Lorraine Whitmarsh2 & Taciano L. Milfont3 & Wouter Poortinga1,2 …
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[PDF] Engaging Consumers’ Sense of Place through Food Citizenship

R Shifren, CA Lawry, AD Bhappu – Archives of Psychology, 2017
Page 1. Shifren, R. et al. Archives of Psychology, vol. 1, issue 3, December 2017 Page 1 of 14
Copyright © 2017, Archives of Psychology. All rights reserved. http://www.archivesofpsychology.
org Engaging Consumers‟ Sense of Place through Food Citizenship …
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Canonical Authors in Consumption Theory

S Askegaard, B Heilbrunn – 2017
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resource nexus

B Daher, S Lee, RH Mohtar, JO Asaka, SD VanDeveer – Routledge Handbook of the …, 2017
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[PDF] Gender awareness towards green Products

S Khurana, MM Aujla
… The value basis of environmental concern. Journal of Social Issues, 50, 65-84. [18] Tanner, C.
and Kast, SW (2003). Promoting sustainable consumption: Determinants of green purchases
by Swiss consumers. Psychology & Marketing, 20(10), 883-902. [19] Welford, R. (2000) …
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G Rekettye, G Rekettye Jr
… In marketing literature however the expression and definition of sustainable consumption has
emerged and a discussion and dispute has started about it (Schaefer and Cane, 2005; Webb
et al., 2007) … Bigger attention of the research of sustainable consumption …
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E Papaoikonomou, C Valor
TIMEBANKS. Eleni Papaoikonomou. Carmen Valor. Accepted for publication in Journal of
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Introduction to the Special Issue on „Sustainable Food Consumption in China “

X Yu, D Abler, S Shimokawa – 2017
… China is no exception. How to use resources efficiently for consumption, minimize negative
impacts on the environment, and not jeopardize the well-being of future generations are
the central issues for the concept of “Sustainable Consumption” …
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Technology acceptance perception for promotion of sustainable consumption

A Biswas, M Roy – Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017
Abstract Economic growth in the past decades has resulted in change in consumption
pattern and emergence of tech-savvy generation with unprecedented increase in the usage
of social network technology. In this paper, the technology acceptance value gap adapted
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Diffusion of Electricity Consumption Practices in Mexico

AE Castillo, LS Peña – Social Sciences, 2017
… Keywords: energy consumption; sustainable consumption; consumer practices; diffusion of
consumer practices; sustainable development (search for similar items in EconPapers) JEL-codes:
A B N P Y80 Z00 (search for similar items in EconPapers) Date: 2017 References: Add …
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Enabling low-carbon emissions for sustainable development in Asia and beyond

CT Lee, JS Lim, Y Van Fan, X Liu, T Fujiwara… – 2017
Over 90% of economies in Asia have submitted the mitigation objectives in the Intended
Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) for reducing GHG emissions targ.
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Discussing Practical and Educational Challenges in Teaching Circular Economy

H Kopnina – … Growth: Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics within …, 2017
… Helpful directions for future research and teaching practice are outlined. Keywords: Circular
economy, cradle to cradle, sustainable business, sustainable consumption Publisher: Emerald
Publishing Limited Chapter Fulltext. 1. The Concept of Sustainability …
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[HTML] Applying cultural evolution to sustainability challenges: an introduction to the special issue

JS Brooks, TM Waring, MB Mulder, PJ Richerson – Sustainability Science, 2017
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) 1 3 Sustainability Science
017-0516-3 SPECIAL FEATURE: EDITORIAL Applying cultural evolution to
sustainability challenges: an introduction to the special issue Jeremy …
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[HTML] Do Sustainable Procurement Practices Improve Organizational Performance?

MM Islam, A Turki, MW Murad, A Karim – Sustainability, 2017
This exploratory study investigates the impacts of sustainable procurement (SP) practices on
organizational performance by using the established scales of SP practices and organizational
performances, taking Saudi Arabia as a case country. Data used in the study was collected …
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Mismatch between food sustainability and consumer acceptance toward innovation technologies among Millennial students: The case of Shelf Life Extension

A Cavaliere, V Ventura – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
The academic interest towards food products produced with innovative technologies has
increased and a specific attention has been paid on the factors that could.
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[HTML] Economic Growth, Development, and Innovation: The Transformation Towards a Knowledge-Based Bioeconomy

A Pyka, K Prettner – Bioeconomy, 2018
… 11.3 Innovation in Knowledge-Based Societies. It has already been mentioned that also consumer
knowledge plays an important role for the development and establishment of sustainable
consumption patterns in a knowledge-based bioeconomy (Geels 2002) …
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11 Economic Growth, Development, and Innovation: The Transformation Towards

A Pyka, K Prettner – Bioeconomy: Shaping the Transition to a Sustainable …, 2017
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Collaborative consumption: The influence of fashion leadership, need for uniqueness, and materialism on female consumers’ adoption of clothing renting and …

C Lang, CMJ Armstrong – Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2017
… December 2017. Highlights. • Collaborative consumption is a type of sharing that has
moved from a community practice into a business model, which is considered as a
new trend in sustainable consumption. • Fashion leadership …
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[HTML] Sustainable Seafood Consumption in Action: Relevant Behaviors and their Predictors

I Richter, J Thøgersen, CA Klöckner – Sustainability, 2017
Within the discussion around sustainable diets, seafood consumption is still a relatively neglected
field. This article discusses relevant behaviours consumers can perform to consume seafood
sustainably. The predictive power of intention, descriptive social norms, trust, awareness …
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The role of organizational orientation and product attributes in performance for sustainability

H Mann, IJS Mann, N Gullaiya – Procedia Computer Science, 2017
… Fostering change to sustainable consumption and production: an evidence based view. Journal
of Cleaner Production, 16 (11) (2008), pp. 1218–1225 … The impact of emotions on the intention
of sustainable consumption choices: evidence from a big city in an emerging country …
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‘A bigger living room required a bigger TV’: Doing and negotiating necessity in well-to-do households

R Aro – Journal of Consumer Culture, 2017
This article investigates how necessity is ‘done’ and ‘negotiated’ in Finnish well-to-do
households’ domestic practices and asks whether and how households are …
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Green Travel Behavior in Urban China: Influencing Factors and their Effects

H Jia – Sustainable Development, 2017
… For example, Hanss et al. (2016) applied TPB to the study on sustainable consumption of
groceries in Norway and found that environmental attitudes and social norms positively affected
the intention of sustainable consumption of groceries. Moreover, Lo et al …
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[HTML] Mapping and linking supply-and demand-side measures in climate-smart agriculture. A review

L Scherer, PH Verburg – Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 2017
… 2015). The obstacles point again to the opportunities for motivating sustainable
consumption. Changes in consumer behavior may be achieved by improved access
to climate-smart alternatives (Hoek et al. 2011; Schösler et al …
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[PDF] Teaching Circular Economy: Overcoming the Challenge of Green-washing

H Kopnina – 2018
… Current research in sustainability education often involves the conventional models
of “sustainable consumption” based on the diffused notion of sustainable development
(Kopnina 2012, 2014; Bonnet 2013; Washington 2015) …
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[PDF] Situating Green Practices within the Context of Sustainable Development Agenda

OM Solaja, OB Adetola – Equidad y Desarrollo, 2018
… For instance, a shift toward sustainable consumption patterns and life-styles will discourage
production of non-green products (ie, shampoo, soap, and cleaning detergent) containing
toxic chemicals capable of damaging water, soil and air qual- ity …
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… 42000 billion dollars. Moreover, consumption in the most developed countries is much
higher than the goal of a sustainable consumption level, while it represents the present
world population (The Royal Society, 2012). Figure 4 …
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[PDF] Particle Science and Technology

F Masoudzadeh, M Fasihi, M Jamshidi – Journal of Particle Science and Technology, 2017
… [10] used a combination of polypropylene fiber and steel fiber to improve the toughness
of cementitious composites. Today, efforts to achieve sustainable consumption patterns,
especially in construction and building materials, are growing …
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The role of nature and environment in behavioural medicine

L Venhoeven, D Taufik, L Steg, M Bonaiuto, M Bonnes… – … in Improving the Health of a …, 2018
… Household actions can provide a behavioral wedge to rapidly reduce US carbon emissions. Proc
Natl Acad Sci USA, 106, 18452–6. Evans, D. & Jackson, T.(2008). Sustainable Consumption:
Perspectives from Social and Cultural Theory. Guildford, UK: University of Surrey …
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[PDF] Welfare vs. Income Convergence and Environmental Externalities

GJ Bannister, A Mourmouras – 2017
… IV. Environmental Externalities, Sustainable Consumption and Welfare …..17 … Section 4
presents our extension of Jones and Klenow’s methodology to include environmental
externalities and sustainable consumption for 2012, where data is available …
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B Lang, J Ervin, S Gidda – PARKS, 2017
… could contribute to progress towards achievement of the goals and several targets of the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development, not only those on life on land and life below water, but
also climate action, poverty eradication, and sustainable consumption and production …
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[HTML] Sustainable Production and Consumption Research Paper

H it Works
… The field is also referred to as ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production’ (SCP), usually with
a concomitant research emphasis, or simply ‘sustainable consumption‘ (often, however, without
signaling an exclusion of interest in production) … Sustainable Consumption …
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[HTML] Time Use and Resource Consumption Research Paper

H it Works
… Using qualitative scenario building, recent sustainable consumption research identified
promising practices that require a more or less radical reallocation of temporal and material
resources and that could be rolled out within households or organizations …
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[PDF] Creating Value through Sustainable Development in Higher Education

D Villikkai, C Wikstrom-Grotellii, GB Lejonqvist – of publication
… The first has to do with designing and supporting a culture and related processes in ways that
assure all pro- cesses are environmentally and socially benign within an organization, and are
adopted through a culture of sustainable consumption as a deeper concept …
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[PDF] Small flame but no fire

SS Africa
… implemented. These criteria were used to show whether and how countries prioritized
wood-fuel consumption and how they could formulate a strategy for the sustainable
consumption of wood fuel and use of alternative energies …
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OF CONTENTS A NEW HEDONISM Series Introduction ….. 3 Introduction ….. 5 …
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The sharing economy and its implications for sustainable value chains

K Rong, J Hu, Y Ma, MK Lim, Y Liu, C Lu – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
… B5: Is there a role for closed-loop and reverse logistics in the shared economy? C. Consumption:
C1: How can sustainable consumption and production be integrated into the sharing economy
especially with respect to resource savings and waste reduction …
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The more I care, the less I will listen to you: How information, environmental concern and ethical production influence consumers’ attitudes and the purchasing of …

J Cerri, F Testa, F Rizzi – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… Product price and availability, or the practical feasibility of purchasing and handling sustainable
products, are typical external barriers to sustainable consumption (Cassady et al., 2007; Gleim
and Lawson, 2014; Steg and Vlek, 2009 ; Zsóka et al., 2013) …
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Potential to curb the environmental burdens of American beef consumption using a novel plant-based beef substitute

B Goldstein, R Moses, N Sammons, M Birkved – PLoS One, 2017
… Although the apparent environmental benefits of the PBB are contingent on actual uptake of the
product, this study demonstrates the potential for non-traditional protein substitutes to play a role
in a transition towards more sustainable consumption regimes in the US and …
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Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: an enabling role for accounting research

J Bebbington, J Unerman – Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 2017
… Sustainable Cities and Communities Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient and sustainable 12. Responsible Consumption and Production Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns 13 …
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[HTML] Cities as hotspots of indirect water consumption: the case study of Hong Kong

D Vanham, BM Gawlik, G Bidoglio – Journal of Hydrology, 2017
During the last years, the city of Hong Kong has made large investments to make its urban
water supply system more water efficient and sustainable. As such, its.
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[PDF] Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Organic Agriculture: Empowering Poor Women to Build the Future

S Setboonsarng – 2017
… 10 J SDG 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries 10 K. SDG 11: Make
cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable; SDG 12:
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns 10 …
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[HTML] Integration of concepts about lean construction, sustainability and life cycle of buildings: a literature review

AEB Freitag, R Anholon, VM de Oliveira, TV Larrain – Brazilian Journal of Operations …, 2017
… on the Triple Bottom Line. Sustainable consumption, sustainable resource use and
sustainable livelihoods are relevant to all organizations and are related to society’s
sustainability as a whole. Martínez-Jurado et Moyano-Fuentes …
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Ash blended cement composites: Eco-friendly and sustainable option for utilization of corncob ash

SA MEMON, MK Khan – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017
… Therefore, to cater these problems, this research would achieve multiple objectives ie safe
disposal of ash after being used as source of energy, aiding in eco-friendly production of cement
composites and sustainable consumption of raw material expended during production of …
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31. Geographies of energy justice: concepts, challenges and an emerging agenda

K Bickerstaff – Handbook on the Geographies of Energy, 2017
… Spaargaren, G.(2011),’Theories of practices: agency, technology, and culture: exploring
the relevance of practice theories for the governance of sustainable consumption practices
in the new world-order’, Global Environmental Change, 21, 813–22 …
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[PDF] Students’ attitudes to paper consumption in relation to carbon emissions and the impact of electronic course documents

M Kapuka, O Shumba, W Munthali – Southern African Journal of Environmental …, 2017
… & Herzig, C. (2014). Emerging areas in research on higher education for sustainable development:
Management education, sustainable consumption and perspectives from Central and Eastern
Europe. Journal of Cleaner Production, 62, 1–7. Ajzen, I. & Fishbein, M. (1980) …
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