Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

[HTML] Household time use, carbon footprints, and urban form: a review of the potential contributions of everyday living to the 1.5° C climate target

D Wiedenhofer, B Smetschka, L Akenji, M Jalas… – Current Opinion in …, 2018
The 1.5 °C mitigation challenge for urban areas goes far beyond decarbonizing the cities’
energy supply and needs to enable and incentivize carbon-free.
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[PDF] Global Ecology and Conservation

M Arfanuzzaman, AA Rahman – 2017
… The future water condition will be impossible to manage unless the world cities are able
to address the present water challenges including water security, demand management,
conservation, equity, water efficiency and sustainable consumption …
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From basic research to applied solutions: are two approaches to sustainability science emerging?

EMB Doran, JS Golden, BL Turner – Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2017
Despite its widespread emergence and adoption, sustainability science continues to suffer
from definitional ambiguity within the academe. A review of efforts to.
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Empirical study of sustainable food supply chain management practices in China

J Wang, Y Huili, M Goh – British Food Journal, 2018
Page 1. 1 Empirical study of sustainable food supply chain management practices
in China Structured Abstract Purpose – This paper seeks to contribute to the
understanding of the impact of Sustainable Supply Chain Management …
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An ISM approach for the barrier analysis in implementing Sustainable Practices: the Indian Oil and Gas Sector

R Raut, BE Narkhede, BB Gardas, HT Luong – Benchmarking: An International …, 2018
Page 1. An ISM approach for the barrier analysis in implementing Sustainable Practices:
the Indian Oil and Gas Sector Abstract Purpose – The aim of the present article is to
identify and model critical barriers to sustainable practices …
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[HTML] Young consumers’ preferences for water-saving wines: An experimental study

E Pomarici, D Asioli, R Vecchio, T Næs – Wine Economics and Policy, 2018
Freshwater scarcity is becoming one of the most pressing issues of the global
environmental sustainability, and agriculture is the main responsible of that scar.
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Pilot study on food sharing and social media in Italy

L D’Ambrosi – British Food Journal, 2018
… rental services of rooms or private homes (9%), cultural services (8 %) and
social eating (6%). The focus of our study on purchasing/exchange of food
and/or objects is interesting (See table 2). There is a positive trend towards
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Assessment of copper and zinc recovery from MSWI fly ash in Guangzhou based on a hydrometallurgical process

J Tang, M Su, H Zhang, T Xiao, Y Liu, Y Liu, L Wei… – Waste Management, 2018
Fly ash commonly accumulates a significant amount of heavy metals and most of these
heavy metals are toxic and easily leached out to the environment, posing ris.
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I Gurauskiene, Z Stasiskiene – Environmental Engineering & Management Journal …, 2018
… 3 layers of prevention implementation could be distinguished: producers –
integration of environmental aspects in the construction process (cleaner
production, eco-design, environmental labeling); users – sustainable
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Editorial overview: How to promote transdisciplinary, evidence-based sustainability solutions?

R Leemans – 2018
… 5, Promoting sustainable rural futures. 6, Improving human health by incorporating global
change concerns. 7, Encouraging sustainable consumption and production patterns.
8, Improving governance and early warning systems to respond to complex future threats …
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[PDF] Why achieving the Paris agreement requires reduced overall consumption and production

E Alfredsson, M Bengtsson, HS Brown, C Isenhour… – 2018
… Various institutions have tried, and continue to try, to operationalize
sustainable consumption paths towards such fair shares, formulating upper
and lower limits on consumption … “Sustainable Consumption Corridors:
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Preventing household food waste via nudging: An exploration of consumer perceptions

C von Kameke, D Fischer – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… As such, numerous successes in enhancing peoples’ welfare and supporting
sustainable consumption using this approach can be reported, for example
in regard to monetary cost reduction via energy saving, reduced greenhouse
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Sustainable Tax Behavior on Future and Current Emerging Markets: The Case of Romania and Brazil

L Batrancea, A Nichita, I Batrancea, AMRVC Cesar… – Sustainability and Social …, 2018
… Econ Voice 7:1–3Google Scholar. OECD (2006) The political economy of environmentally
related taxes. OECD Publications, Paris CedexGoogle Scholar. OECD (2008) Promoting
sustainable consumption: good practices in OECD countries …
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Framework for selecting sustainable supply chain processes and industries using an integrated approach

SS Padhi, RK Pati, A Rajeev – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
This study introduces a process view of sustainable supply chain management and
identifies 17 sustainable supply chain processes (SSCPs) from literature. Furthe.
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A novel interval-valued neutrosophic EDAS method: prioritization of the United Nations national sustainable development goals

A Karaşan, C Kahraman – Soft Computing, 2018
Page 1. Soft Computing FOCUS A novel
interval-valued neutrosophic EDAS method: prioritization of the United Nations national
sustainable development goals Ali Karasan1 · Cengiz Kahraman2 …
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Consumers’ Perception of Food Quality and Safety in Terms of Buying Processes

M Stoma, A Dudziak, T Słowik, J Wasilewski, A Kuranc – 2017
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Impact Factors of Household Energy-Saving Behavior: An Empirical Study of Shandong Province in China

CY Zhang, B Yu, JW Wang, YM Wei – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Yue et al.(2013), 638, Nanjing and other 5 cities, Regression analysis, √, √, √,
Energy-saving behavior, Wang et al.(2014a), 1403, 50 villages among these 35 selected
regions, SEM, √, √, √, Sustainable Consumption Behavior …
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[HTML] Will the Future Be Greener? The Environmental Behavioral Intentions of University Tourism Students

SL Pan, J Chou, AM Morrison, WS Huang, MC Lin – Sustainability, 2018
Sustainable tourism is essential for tourism sector development. Environmentally
responsible behaviors and behavioral intentions are important prerequisites
for sustainable tourism. This research explores the behavioral intentions of
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Groundwater Governance in Bangladesh: Established Practices and Recent Trends

S Bhattacharjee, B Saha, B Saha, MS Uddin… – Groundwater for …, 2018
Legal framework is very crucial to protect the vital resources, to provide rights to public
and administration, to support national policy and to bring technolo.
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Drivers of multidimensional eco-innovation: empirical evidence from the Brazilian industry

ODS Rabêlo, ASSDA Melo – Environmental Technology, 2018
… maintenance, repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing and recycling [19]. In discussing
sustainable consumption and production, the circular economy takes on noteworthy
importance. Rigamonti et al. [20] interpret circular economy as an economic …
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