Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

A low energy dense diet in the context of a weight management program improves appetite control in overweight and obese women.

NJ Buckland, D Camidge, F Croden, JH Lavin… – The Journal of Nutrition, 2018
… Conclusion: LED meals improve appetite control in women attempting weight loss and
the effect is sustainableConsumption of LED meals likely contributed to weight loss
in the #NCT02012426. Metadata …
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Influence of ‘Green School Certification’on Students’ Environmental Literacy and Adoption of Sustainable Practice by Schools

D Goldman, D Baum, O Ayalon, B Weiss – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
The whole-school approach to sustainability is recognized as a vital educational component
for moving toward sustainable societies. ‘Green-school certificatio.
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On carrots and mobs: The transnational diffusion of a collective ethical consumption tactic

A Nassauer, IB Vasi – Acta Sociologica, 2018
This study explores the global diffusion of a new ethical consumption tactic named carrotmob.
We trace the spread of carrotmobs from the US across six continent…
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The Sustainable Model: Designing Within a Sustainable Framework

S Sharma – Models for Sustainable Framework in Luxury Fashion, 2018
… patterns as well (Muslu 2012). By providing important information through labelling,
packaging, etc. these fashion brands can increase awareness of the consumer about
sustainable consumption. In a study by Cone Communications …
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Trends of the Large Marine Ecosystem assessment and management approach as reflected in the literature

E Kelley, K Sherman – Ocean & Coastal Management, 2018
… to working towards SDG #14, these projects have also delivered measurable environmental and
socioeconomic status improvements directly related to the other SDGs, including ending poverty
and hunger, ensuring healthy lives, ensuring sustainable consumption, and taking …
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Innovation and Sustainability in the Luxury Fashion and Fabrics Industry

I Coste-Manière, P Charpentier, G Boyer, K Croizet… – Models for Sustainable …, 2018
… This segment represents the markets’ future in terms of potential income and cash flow. Even
if this generation is willing to commit to a sustainable consumption; the communication as not
been effective and the generation has few knowledge on the subject …
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[PDF] The Distribution of Material Footprints in Germany

F Pothen, T Reanos, M Angel – 2018
… but, to our knowledge, this is the first study employing a demand system to investigate material
footprints. It is, furthermore, the first to use the EASI demand system to study sustainable
consumption. We use the EVS waves of 1993 to 2013 which contain 122,500 observations …
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[PDF] Analyzing the greenhouse gas impact potential of smallholder development actions across a global food security program

U Grewer, J Nash, N Gurwick, L Bockel, GL Galford… – Environmental Research …, 2018
… Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UNGA 2015) call to (i) take urgent action
to combat climate change and its impacts; (ii) protect, restore, and promote the sustainable use
of terrestrial ecosystems; and (iii) ensure sustainable consumption and production …
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Intellectual Property Policy Strategies for Sustainable Manufacturing in India

KV Nithyananda – Sustainable Operations in India, 2018
… we are to preserve the earth for our future generations and make their lives comfortable, then
we have a moral obligation to monitor our existing economic activities, especially in terms of
adopting sustainable manufacturing practices as well as sustainable consumption process …
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Improving the environmental sustainability of reusable food containers in Europe

A Gallego-Schmid, JMF Mendoza, A Azapagic – Science of The Total Environment, 2018
Modern lifestyles have popularised the use of food containers, also known as food savers or
Tupperware. However, their environmental impacts are currently unkno.
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[HTML] Reducing GHG emissions while improving diet quality: Exploring the potential of reduced meat, cheese and alcoholic and soft drinks consumption at specific moments …

ME van de Kamp, SM Seves, EHM Temme – BMC Public Health, 2018
… Health-related arguments may be more effective than environmental motives to promote
sustainable consumption [38], but coupling these arguments in communication strategies or in
dietary guidelines may be worthwhile since both arguments may appeal to different segments …
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Sustainability in the textiles & clothing fashion industry: an ongoing study in Portugal

AC Broega – 2017
… In this paper we intend to present an overview of sustainability practices in the Portuguese
Fashion Industry (Textiles & Clothing) starting with a brief characterization of the sector, followed
by perspectives of sustainable consumption practices in Portugal …
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[PDF] INTREPID Futures Initiative: The future of Academia and trans-disciplinary knowledge production in the urban field, 6th INTREPID Report, COST Action TD1408, 8 …

G Verdini, O Bina, S Cioboata – 2018
… SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production Ensure sustainable consumption
and production patterns Through the encouragement of innovation and the
diversification of industries such as tourism or agriculture in a …
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Communicating green fashion across different cultures and geographical regions

C Dickenbrok, LF Martinez – International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 2018
… The price ranges from an affordable to a high-end value. Whereas earlier research has viewed
sustainable consumption being driven by environmentally and socially concerns, more recent
studies revealed self-interested facets (Black and Cherrier 2010) …
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Design for sustainability in companies: two case studies from Turkey

E Küçüksayraç – Journal of Design Research, 2017
… 1 Introduction Design for sustainability is a strategy for achieving sustainable consumption and
production and, therefore, sustainable development. A previous study that investigated best
practice companies that apply design for sustainability in Turkey cited the Page 2 …
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A fresh look at understanding Green consumer behavior among young urban Indian consumers through the lens of Theory of Planned Behavior

KMR Taufique, S Vaithianathan – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Rapid economic growth and resulting overconsumption have accelerated environmental
deterioration worldwide, prompting escalated consumption-related environmenta.
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Capabilities for providing socially beneficial services to consumers in low-income markets

H Gebauer, M Haldimann – SMR-Journal of Service Management Research, 2018
… Journal of Macromarketing, 29(4), 406–425. Viswanathan, M., & Rosa, JA (2010).
Understanding subsistence marketplaces: Toward sustainable consumption and commerce
for a better world. Journal of Business Research, 63(6), 535–537 …
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Community energies: Exploring the socio-political spatiality of energy transitions through the Clean Energy for Eternity campaign in New South Wales Australia

D Hill, S Connelly – Energy Research & Social Science, 2018
… intervention. Energy transitions are often conceived of having multiple sites for
intervention, from global (such as through global climate change agreements) through
to the individual scale (such as sustainable consumption) …
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Consumer Rights Paradigm: Development of the Construct in the Jordanian Context

S Alsmadi, I Alnawas – Journal of Business Ethics, 2018
… Protecting vulnerable consumers; • Protecting the economic interests of consumers; • Freedom
to form consumer groups; • Protecting consumer privacy; • Availability of effective consumer dispute
resolution and redress; • Promoting sustainable consumption patterns; and …
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Design for alternative ways of doing & explorations in the context of thermal comfort

S Renström, H Strömberg, U Rahe – Journal of Design Research, 2018
Page 1. J. Design Research, Vol. 15, Nos. 3/4, 2017 153 Copyright © 2017 Inderscience
Enterprises Ltd. Design for alternative ways of doing – explorations in the context of thermal
comfort Sara Renström*, Helena Strömberg and Ulrike Rahe …
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Challenging the business case logic for sustainability as an instrument of CSR: Do consumer attitudes in Germany support a business case?

P Kraus, B Britzelmaier, P Stokes, N Moore – 2018
… It examines indicators and attitudes towards sustainability and sustainable consumption together
with socially responsible investments and considers whether the buying patterns of German
consumers may serve as a rationalisation for a potential business case for CSR and …
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Smart and sustainable? Five tensions in the visions and practices of the smart-sustainable city in Europe and North America

CJ Martin, J Evans, A Karvonen – Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2018
Smart cities are increasingly advocated by governments and the private sector as the primary
means to deliver urban sustainability. Particularly in Europe and N.
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Environmental impacts of chocolate production and consumption in the UK

A Konstantas, HK Jeswani, L Stamford, A Azapagic – Food Research International, 2018
This study evaluates life cycle environmental impacts associated with chocolate products made
and consumed in the UK. The paper focuses on three representative.
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[PDF] ESPR special issue on Asian environmental chemistry

T Nakano, Y Shibata, M Denison, R Weber – 2018
… the UNEA/Stockholm Convention BAT/BEP expert group. He co-authored the
Mediterranean action plan for sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and
the SCP toolkit for policy makers. He is an active member of the …
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Handbook of Research on Social Marketing and Its Influence on Animal Origin Food Product Consumption

D Bogueva, D Marinova, T Raphaely – 2018
… approaches for reducing world hunger. Psychological strategies for nutritional
transitions towards more sustainable consumption patterns and criteria for market
success of meat alternatives are presented. This is followed by …
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Modelling the driving forces of the municipal solid waste generation in touristic islands. A case study of the Balearic Islands (2000–2030)

C Estay-Ossandon, A Mena-Nieto – Waste Management, 2018
… Gonzalez-Martínez et al. (2012) suggest that a sustainable MSW management system requires
the incorporation of policies and governmental regulations, as well as a model of sustainable
consumption, cost containment, and citizen education campaigns …
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Different impacts of resources on opposite sex ratings of physical attractiveness by males and females

LM Vaanholt, C Niu, MD Faries, JR Speakman – 2018
… Page 6. Brough, AR, Wilkie, JE, Ma, J., Isaac, MS, & Gal, D. (2016). Is eco-friendly
unmanly? The green-feminine stereotype and its effect on sustainable consumption.
Journal of Consumer Research, 43(4), 567–582. Buss, DM (1989) …
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Integrating Environment, Food Systems, and Sustainability in Feeding the Growing Population in Developing Countries

AE Obayelu – … Systems Sustainability and Environmental Policies in …, 2018
… COUNTRIES The form of food system is a major issue in the politics of sustainable
consumption and production (SCP) because of its impact on the environment,
individual and public health, social cohesion, and the economy …
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[PDF] Exploring Green Skills: A Study on the Implementation of Green Skills among Secondary School Students

A Kamis, RC Rus, MB Rahim, FA Nur, NZ Yunus… – International Journal of …, 2017
… Saravanan, Rosta and Ahmad (2013) carried out a study attempting to identify aspects related
to sustainable consumption practices among students in Johor, Malaysia; the author found
the practice of sustainable use of students are at a moderate level …
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[PDF] Developing Socio-Techno-Economic-Political (STEP) Solutions for Addressing Resource Nexus Hotspots

B Daher, RH Mohtar, EN Pistikopoulos, KE Portney… – Sustainability, 2018
… SDGs) [47]. These goals include specific targets and local indicators for monitoring
progress on water, energy, and food securities, and others related to economic growth,
and sustainable consumption, among others. The water …
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