Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

European Timber Consumption: Developing a Method to Account for Timber Flows and the EU’s Global Forest Footprint

M O’Brien, S Bringezu – Ecological Economics, 2018
… footprint indicator. Keywords. Monitoring; Global land use; Forestry; Sustainable
consumption and production; European Union. 1. Introduction. The demand for timber
is increasing both in the EU and globally. Meeting renewable …
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The reDesign Canvas: Fashion design as a tool for sustainability

A Kozlowski, C Searcy, M Bardecki – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… entrepreneur. Using the reDesign canvas as a basis for shared thinking and discussion,
the tote bag was designed along with a sustainable business model that focused on
circular design and sustainable consumption behaviours …
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The Socio-Economic Metabolism of an Emerging Economy: Monitoring Progress of Decoupling of Economic Growth and Environmental Pressures in the Philippines

MFG Martinico-Perez, H Schandl, T Fishman… – Ecological Economics, 2018
… and consumption patterns of nations. Sustainable consumption and production
(SCP) calls for the efficient use of natural resources and for minimizing waste flows
(UNEP, 2015a). Decoupling economic growth, employment …
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[PDF] Modeling of quality of life in terms of energy and electricity consumption

R Nadimi, K Tokimatsu – Applied Energy, 2018
Some scholars have addressed the relationship between the Human Development Index (HDI)
and energy consumption in terms of the semi-logarithmic or hyperbolic fu.
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Foods with increased protein content: A qualitative study on European consumer preferences and perceptions

M Banovic, A Arvola, K Pennanen, DE Duta… – Appetite, 2018
Foods with increased protein content have rapidly become one of the fastest-growing product
categories targeting image- and health-focused consumers. However, i.
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Modelling perception and attitudes towards renewable energy technologies

F Ribeiro, P Ferreira, M Araújo, AC Braga – Renewable Energy, 2018
While renewable energy technologies (RET) increase their share in power generation systems
worldwide, some questions remain open, namely those concerning the op.
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Sharing economy perspective on an integrative framework of the NAM and TPB

YG Kim, E Woo, J Nam – International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2018
The study adopts the concept of the sharing economy to investigate sharing services in the
service industries by examining an integrative framework made up of t.
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Food waste in school canteens: a reference methodology for large-scale studies.

M Boschini, L Falasconi, C Giordano, F Alboni – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Food waste reduction is increasingly seen as a main way to improve sustainability of food
systems and efficiency of resource use. The provision of reliable data.
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W Łuczka, J Smoluk-Sikorska – International scientific conference RURAL …, 2017
Abstract The aim of the considerations is to define the essence of sustainable consumption 
as one of the conditions of the practical realisation of sustainable development concept. The
paper underlines the importance of sustainable consumption implementation as well as its
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Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on Biological Diversity in Nigeria: Current Issues and Future Directions

DS Olawuyi, OO Olusegun – Global Journal of Comparative Law, 2018
… 2.1 Goal 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production Goal 12 of the sdgs calls on countries
to, by 2030, achieve the sustainable man- agement and efficient use of natural resources.32
It encourages countries to reduce the release of chemicals and wastes into the air, water …
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Planetary Passport for Social and Environmental Justice to Address an Increasingly Vulnerable and Unequal World

J McIntyre-Mills – Planetary Passport, 2017
The participatory action research discussed in this chapter aims to contribute
to discovering and piloting new forms of architectures to address the
increasingly diverseDiverse world views of people l.
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[DOC] The sustainability of ethically traded coffee and the case of non consumption in Brazil and Peru

LK Aguiar
… Evidence shows that the gains of ‘green consumerism’ and ‘sustainable consumption‘ are
accrued by the developed world only … ILDES December. Goodman, D and Goodman, M. (2001)
Place, Space and Networks: geographies of sustainable consumption …
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S Banerjee, A Nagwani
… Saathi is also working on the sustainable consumption of natural resources and has
introduced the concept of gas furnaces for artisans. Although this concept is still not very
popular with the artisans, it is still a step forward in the right direction …
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[PDF] Developing a Unified Approach to Sustainable Consumption Behaviour: Opportunities for a New Environmental Paradigm

V Byers, A Gilmer – European Journal of Sustainable Development, 2018
Abstract Politicians and national policy makers seek to encourage individuals to engage in a
wide range of pro-environmental practices to address both discrete environmental problems
and major global challenges such as climate change. Theoretically, the field of behavioural
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The water-energy-food nexus at home: new opportunities for policy interventions in household sustainability

M Foden, A Browne, D Evans, L Sharp, M Watson – Geographical Journal, 2017
… research agenda of translating home practices research into wider conceptualisations of
‘intervention’, with a specific orientation towards academic and non-academic stakeholders who
are interested in influencing systems of sustainable consumption and production within, and …
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What should consumer organizations do to drive environmental sustainability?

C Jaca, V Prieto-Sandoval, E Psomas, M Ormazabal – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… The research presents a content analysis of the websites of 30 Ibero-American organizations
that promote sustainable consumption habits, classifying those organizations according to their
purposes and services based on the six dimensions of consumer sustainability …
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[PDF] The role of social message using norm abstraction level and ecological value orientation to achieve sustainable consumption

A Ekasari – IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental …, 2018
Abstract Pro-environmental behavior is one of human activities to achieve sustainability. In
order to encourage people to do so, it needs contribution from marketing discipline using
social message. The research aims to investigate the effect of social message framed by
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[PDF] Towards Sustainable Production: The Case of the Manufacturing Industry in Colombia and México

MH González, PJR Sánchez – European Journal of Sustainable Development, 2018
… This concept is used to generate a differentiation of both product and image of the company.
For this reason, the green market is constantly related to concepts such as social responsibility
and fair trade, which in turn are part of sustainable consumption …
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When titans meet–Can industry 4.0 revolutionise the environmentally-sustainable manufacturing wave? The role of critical success factors

ABL de Sousa Jabbour, CJC Jabbour, C Foropon… – … Forecasting and Social …, 2018
… To highlight the relevance of sustainable manufacturing, the United Nations selected
sustainable consumption and production as one of society’s major goals in tackling
poverty and creating environmental equilibrium (UN, 2015) …
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The Mediterranean diet, an environmentally friendly option: evidence from the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) cohort

U Fresán, MA Martínez-Gonzalez, J Sabaté… – Public Health Nutrition, 2018
Page 1. The Mediterranean diet, an environmentally friendly option: evidence from
the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) cohort Ujué Fresán1,*, Miguel-Angel
Martínez-Gonzalez1,2,3, Joan Sabaté4 and Maira Bes …
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Tackling the issue of food waste in restaurants: Options for measurement method, reduction and behavioral change

L Sakaguchi, N Pak, MD Potts – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Target 3 of the 12th SDG for sustainable consumption and production, introduced by the UN in
2015, has a similar objective to the USDA goal: to cut the amount of food waste per capita by
50% on the retail and consumer levels by the year 2030 and to reduce food losses …
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Television, Sustainability and Subjective Wellbeing in Peru

M Guillen-Royo – Social Indicators Research, 2018
… Heavy viewers will be inclined to equate the good life with the frequent acquisition of products
and services; they will also be more likely to aspire to high levels of consumption, financial success
and popularity, while de-prioritizing sustainable consumption practices (Harmon …
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Understanding ethical consumers: willingness-to-pay by moral cause

KC Park – Journal of Consumer Marketing, 2018
… Keywords: Behavioral Sciences, Cause Related Marketing, Experimental Design, Narratives,
Pricing, Quantitative Methods, Responsibility, Social responsibility, Sustainable consumption,
Sustainable Marketing Page 2. UNDERSTANDING ETHICAL CONSUMERS 2 …
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