Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018


EA Severo, JCF de Guimarães, LMP Brito… – Revista de Gestão Social e …, 2018
Resumo The different generations, Baby Boomers, X and Y are inserted in society,
consuming natural resources and impacting the environment. This study aims to analyze the
perception of generations on the relationship of environmental sustainability, environmental
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Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness Into a Retail Management Course

L Beitelspacher, VL Rodgers – Journal of Marketing Education, 2018
Both students and industry are demanding that marketing instructors incorporate discussions
of environmental and social responsibility into their courses. Marke…
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[PDF] Consumer Buying behaviour–A Study with reference to Organic Products in Hyderabad City

B Lavanya, S Saraswathi – 2018
… Both qualitative and quantitative data used for the study revealed interesting facts that help
retailers and consumers topromote organic products and sustainable consumption KEY WORDS:
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Low-Carbon Development (LCD) Pathways in Australia, Bangladesh, China and India—A Review

G Kibria, AK Haroon, D Nugegoda – Journal of Climate Change, 2018
… agroforestry; use of energy efficient appliances, afforestation/reforestation/restoration of forests;
use of low carbon power (solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, biofuels); energy production from organic
waste; zero waste, zero carbon emissions; sustainable consumption; carbon capture …
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Sustainable Packaging

V Siracusa, MD Rosa – Sustainable Food Systems from Agriculture to Industry, 2018
Fresh food industry is even more interested in developing efficient and innovative solutions
to guarantee quality and distribution while taking into considerati.
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Social Sustainability as Buying Local: Soft Policy, Meso Level Actors and Social Influences on Purchase Intentions

F Testa, MV Russo, TB Cornwell, A McDonald, B Reich – Journal of Public Policy & …, 2018
… Abstract Recently issued United Nations Sustainable Development Goals call for extensive
behavioral changes, including more sustainable consumption. We explore the role that meso …
Production,” later revised to “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.” …
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Factors affecting low-carbon consumption behavior of urban residents: A comprehensive review

Z Ding, X Jiang, Z Liu, R Long, Z Xu, Q Cao – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2018
In recent years, with the increasing concern about environmental problems, the influencing
factors of low-carbon consumption behavior of urban residents have be.
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Introduction to Sustainable Food Production

RO Zocca, PD Gaspar, PD da Silva, J Nunes… – Sustainable Food Systems …, 2018
This chapter presents an overview of the current production methods for food and food
ingredients, and describes the options for making healthier foods in a mor.
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Technological innovation for sustainable growth: An ontological perspective

CA Cancino, AI La Paz, A Ramaprasad, T Syn – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Technological innovations are seen as means to optimize the efficient and clean use of vital
resources in social-biological-economic systems. However, partial t.
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Transportation sustainability index in dairy industry–Fuzzy logic approach

I Djekic, N Smigic, R Glavan, J Miocinovic, I Tomasevic – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… Matthews, 2008). Food-mile may be considered as a sustainability indicator (with
environmental and economic impacts) when analyzing sustainable consumption and
production in the food supply chain (Govindan, 2017). However …
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Public and Private: Chinese Urban Residents” Environmental Behavior Logic

W Xiaonan – 한국사회학회 사회학대회 논문집, 2017
… This lack of attention to different categories of behavior that vary in their regularity seems
all the more puzzling given the growing emphasis in sustainable consumption research on
temporal aspects of human actions (Shove et al., 2009, Rau, 2015) …
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[PDF] Design a Successful Program for Voluntary Carbon Footprint Reduction

X Hartling – International Review of Advances in Business …, 2018
… Eco-labels can serve as an effective communication tool and a critical quality assurance
role to express product information on environmental impacts thus promoting sustainable
consumption (Bratt, Hallstedt, Robèrt, Broman, & Oldmark, 2011) …
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… 97, pp. 30-39. Belk R (2014), Post-ownership sustainability. In: Ekström KM (ed.), Waste
Management and Sustainable Consumption: Reflections on Consumer Waste, pp.
199-213. Bocken, NM, de Pauw, I., Bakker, C. & van der Grinten, B.(2016) …
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… goods, services and works, they Page 61. 47 can make an important contribution
to sustainable consumption and production and especially support circularity in
domestic industry sectors. The European commission refers to …
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[PDF] Sustainability assessment of the university buildings: an application of a multi-criteria and multi-actor tool to help the decision-making process

M Bittencourt
Page 1. HAL Id: tel-01693337 Submitted on 26
Jan 2018 HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination
of sci- entific research documents, whether they are pub- lished or not …
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Sustainable Consumption and the Leading US Retailers

P Jones – Indonesian Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility …, 2018
Abstract In its 2017 Retail Sustainability Management Report, the Retail Industry Leaders
Association identified sustainable consumption as the most critical issue for retailers to
address. With this in mind, the aims of this paper are to provide an exploratory review of how
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[PDF] Understanding the Intention to Trust Product Information and Certifications to Promote Sustainable Consumption: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior

D Sayogo, J Zhang, S Picazo-Vela, B Bahaddin… – Proceedings of the 51st …, 2018
This paper explores consumers trust in sustainable product and certification information
included in the product’s package and label by using Azjen’s theory of planned behavior as
a framework. We used 327 observations collected from an international survey distributed to
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L Zhao – Journal of Asian Rural Studies, 2018
… smallholder producers and consumers. The discussion puts a particular emphasis on
the interaction between sustainable consumption and production initiatives in the process
of achieving the network’s ecological goals. Based on the …
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The Circular Economy and the Leading European Retailers: A Research Note

P Jones, D Comfort – European Journal of Sustainable Development …, 2018
… concept of the circular economy to justify continuing economic growth. Item Type:
Article. Article Type: Article. Uncontrolled Keywords: Circular economy; European
retailers; consumption behaviour; sustainable consumption …
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[PDF] Introduction to the Minitrack on Trust, Identity, and Trusted Systems in Digital Environments

S Jarvenpaa, R Teigland – Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International …, 2018
… Finally, the fourth paper, “Understanding the Intention to Trust Product Information and
Certifications to Promote Sustainable Consumption: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior”,
is written by Djoko Sayogo, Jing Zhang, Sergio Picazo-Vela, Babak Bahaddin, and Luis Luna …
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[PDF] From the Classical Gini Index of Income Inequality to a New Zenga-Type Relative Measure of Risk: A Modeller’s Perspective

F Greselin, R Zitikis – Econometrics, 2018
… The index has been employed for analysing inequality in the use of natural resources
(eg, Thompson 1976) and for developing informed policies for sustainable
consumption and social justice (eg, Druckman and Jackson 2008) …
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[PDF] Nordic Best Practices: Relevant for UNEP 10YFP on Sustainable Buildings and Construction and Sustainable Food Systems

A Kortesoja, M Bröckl, H Jonsson, V Kontiokari… – 2018
… The working group on Sustainable Consumption and Production, under the Nordic Council of
Ministers requested consultants from Gaia to identify, write out and publish this third report on
Nordic best practice cases of sustainable consumption and production on the UNEP SCP …
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Economic inclusivity: Africa’s MDG-progress and lessons for SDGs

AJ van Niekerk – African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, 2018
… SDG11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. ➢
SDG12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. ➢ SDG13: Take
urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts …
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[HTML] Recurrence Interval Analysis on Electricity Consumption of an Office Building in China

L Hong, W Shu, AC Chao – Sustainability, 2018
… Previous Article in Journal Analysis of Blue and Green Water Consumption at the Irrigation
District Scale. Previous Article in Special Issue The Impact of Socio-Economic Indicators
on Sustainable Consumption of Domestic Electricity in Lithuania …
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On (not) knowing where your food comes from: meat, mothering and ethical eating

K Cairns, J Johnston – Agriculture and Human Values, 2018
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) 1 3 Agriculture and Human Values
s10460-018-9849-5 On (not) knowing where your food comes from: meat, mothering
and ethical eating Kate Cairns1 · Josée Johnston2 Accepted …
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Responsible consumption and production in corporate decision-making models

ML Tseng, Q Zhu, J Sarkis, ASF Chiu – Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2018
… history in various international conferences and actions. RCP is meant to ensure sustainable
consumption and production patterns. This SDG sets the stage by stating that a strong national
framework for Achieving Goal 12 requires a strong national framework for …
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[HTML] The Impact of Socio-Economic Indicators on Sustainable Consumption of Domestic Electricity in Lithuania

S Vojtovic, A Stundziene, R Kontautiene – Sustainability, 2018
Abstract Lithuania is one of the EU Member States, where the rate of energy consumption is
comparatively low but consumption of electricity has been gradually increasing over the last
few years. Despite this trend, households in only three EU Member States consume less
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Barriers to Acceptance of Bio-Based Substitutes: How Schema Incongruity Can Hinder the Purchase of Bio-Based Products

K Rudolph – … a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Principles, Challenges and …, 2018
… Keywords. Acceptance barriers Bio-based substitutes Implicit association test Schema
theory Barriers to sustainable consumption. Download fulltext PDF. 1 Introduction … 2
Literature Review. 2.1 Barriers to Sustainable Consumption …
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Green product deletion decisions: an integrated sustainable production and consumption approach

C Bai, P Shah, Q Zhu, J Sarkis – Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2017
… Abstract Purpose: This paper seeks to identify how organizations can evaluate the green product
deletion decision within an environmentally sustainable consumption and production environment
through a hybrid multi-stage multiple criteria evaluation approach …
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Fostering Sustainable Bioeconomies: The Role of Conscious Consumption

M Venkatesan – … a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Principles, Challenges and …, 2018
… To the extent that consumers delegate responsibility for sustainable consumption to producers
and producers are focused solely on profit maximization increased understanding of the
responsibility inherent in consumption may provide a catalyst for increasing sustainable …
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Harvesting Experience for Sustainable Urban Water Management

JG Hering, K Vairavamoorthy – Assessing Global Water Megatrends, 2018
… Environ Sci Technol 47(19):10721–10726. doi: 10.1021/es4007096 CrossRefGoogle Scholar.
Hoff H, Doell P, Fader M, Gerten D, Hauser S, Siebert S (2014) Water footprints of cities—indicators
for sustainable consumption and production. Hydrol Earth Syst Sci 18(1):213–226 …
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[PDF] Consumer’s Acceptance to Green Building Concept for Sustainable Construction in India

AK Jat, PD Mane – International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and …, 2018
… The purchase decisions are described in terms of buying green products, adopting
sustainable consumption practices, supporting green companies and willingness
to pay more for green products (Essoussi and Linton, 2010) …
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[PDF] Gender Identity of Students and Teachers: Implications for a Sustainable Future

J Badjanova, A Pipere, D Iliško – Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, 2017
… Merrill Palmer Quar- terly, 11, 229ñ240. Heinzle, S., Kanzig, J., Nentwich, J., & Offenberger,
U. (2010). Moving beyond gender differences in research on sustainable consumption:
Evidence from a discrete choice experiment. Working paper No …
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Digital Technology and Sustainability: Engaging the Paradox

M Hazas, L Nathan – 2017
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A Sustainable Historic Waterfront Revitalization Decision Support Tool for Attracting Tourists

A Keyvanfar, A Shafaghat, S Mohamad, MM Abdullahi… – Sustainability, 2018
… the Post-Transformation Era. Previous Article in Journal The Impact of Socio-Economic
Indicators on Sustainable Consumption of Domestic Electricity in Lithuania. Choose
your preferred view mode. Please select whether you …
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