Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

[PDF] At Home with Sustainability: From Green Default Rules to Sustainable Consumption

LA Hale – Sustainability, 2018
Abstract Although it is often assumed that default rules affect change without awareness, this
paper suggests that contrast with the default and transition into conscious adoption of the
default design may be the starting point to establish long-term changes in consumer
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Beyond consumption: the promising contribution of voluntary simplicity

S Kraisornsuthasinee, FW Swierczek – Social Responsibility Journal, 2018
… The concise review in this study begins with the position of voluntary simplicity related to
sustainable consumption followed by classification of different levels of simplified lifestyles …
Sustainable consumption is perceived as a promising approach to cope with socio-ecological …
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Addressing food wastage in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

M Grosso, L Falasconi – 2018
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The role of psychology in sociotechnical transitions literature: A review and discussion in relation to consumption and technology acceptance

PM Bögel, P Upham – Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 2018
In the sustainability transitions literature, social phenomena have mostly been examined
in relation to – and at the level of – collective forms of action.
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[PDF] Circular Speeds: towards a new understanding of designing for fashion textile rhythms

K Politowicz, K Goldsworthy, R Earley – 2017
… Design Issues, Vol. 13, No. 2, A Critical Condition: Design and Its Criticism (Summer,
1997), Published by: The MIT Press (pp. 44-54) Thorpe, A. (2010), Design’s Role in
Sustainable Consumption Source: Design Issues, Vol. 26, No. 2 pp …
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[HTML] Green and Sustainable Separation of Natural Products from Agro-Industrial Waste: Challenges, Potentialities, and Perspectives on Emerging Approaches

VG Zuin, LZ Ramin – Topics in Current Chemistry, 2018
… ‘Prevention’ is an intrinsic part of optimized processes, avoiding overproduction. Therefore,
the least probable option is ‘disposal’ as the supply chain is designed to attend sustainable
consumption, using all bio-based material generated …
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[PDF] Annotated provisional agenda. Second meeting of the Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development

NU CEPAL – 2018
… Page 7. 7 Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Goal 15: Protect,
restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat
desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss …
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[PDF] Energy Research & Social Science

O Guerra-Santin, S Boess, T Konstantinou, NR Herrera… – 2017
Page 1. Delft University of Technology Designing for residents Building monitoring
and co-creation in social housing renovation in the Netherlands Guerra Santin, Olivia;
Boess, Stella; Konstantinou, Thaleia; Romero Herrera …
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[PDF] A Postulate for Accelerated Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and Principles

A Kassenberg – Papers on Global Change IGBP, 2017
… engagement in the education of society vis-à-vis sustainable development; • in the economic
sphere: – a transfer away from the inefficient linear economy to a circular economy based around
restraint and moderation; – the generation of sustainable consumption that stresses …
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[PDF] Consumers’ and Retailers’ Attitudes Towards a Mexican Native Species of Aztec Lily as an Ornamental Plant

Y Mayett-Moreno, JS Popp, M Sabogal-Salamanca… – Sustainability, 2018
… There exist three main variables for behavioral intention, relevant to sustainable consumption
[28]: (1) values, needs and motivation, which are related to the level of involvement and social
norms; (2) information and knowledge, related to uncertainty; and (3) behavioral control …
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