Publications Sustainable Consumption Research Week 11, 2018

The LOHAS Lifestyle and Marketplace Behavior: Establishing Valid and Reliable Measurements

S Choi, RA Feinberg – Handbook of Engaged Sustainability, 2017
… 16 References . . . . . 17 Abstract Increasing interest in sustainable consumption/
development suggests the need to define sustainable lifestyles …
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[PDF] Understanding of Sustainability amongst Students of Management–A Case of Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, State of Chhattisgarh, India

PK Sharma – Journal of Sustainability Education, 2017
… 68% 30% m. Tourism that encourages visits to slums and the tribal area is ethical. 66%
33% n. Higher education leads to sustainable consumption. 70% 27% o. Privatisation will
lead to better utilisation and management of resources. 64% 36 …
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Global Governance of Resources and Implications for Resource Efficiency in Europe

B Milligan, M O’Keeffe – Ecological Economics, 2018
Consumption and production of natural resources in Europe is associated with increasingly
globalised dependencies and impacts. It is crucial in this context tha.
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5 Enabling green spillover

S Blazejewski, A Gräf, A Buhl, F Dittmer – Contemporary Developments in Green …, 2018
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[PDF] Ecological Farming in Slovakia and Its Regional Disparities

J Némethová, A Dubcová, Ľ Nagyová, H Kramáreková – European Countryside, 2017
… The essence of sustainable consumption consists in the preference of the eco
products and in the consumption of renewable amount of natural resources and
products. The concept of sustainable consumption can be divided …
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[PDF] Accessibility of Local Food Production to Regional Markets–Case of Berry Production in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

K Korhonen, O Kotavaara, T Muilu, J Rusanen – European Countryside, 2017
Page 1. 709/849 Europ. Countrys. · Vol. 9 · 2017 · No. 4 · p. 709-728 DOI: 10.1515/euco-2017-
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[PDF] Waiting for Godot: Leadership for sustainability in higher education and the emergence of Regional Centres of Expertise (RCEs).

P Kolenick – Journal of Sustainability Education, 2017
… RCE Graz-Styria: Influencing sustainable consumption and production in Styria. In Z.
Fadeeva, U. Payyappallimana, & R. Petry (Eds.), Towards more sustainable consumption
and production systems and sustainable livelihoods (pp. 64-67) …
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Synthesis of an intelligent rural village microgrid control strategy based on smartgrid multi-agent modelling and transactive energy management principles

G Prinsloo, R Dobson, A Mammoli – Energy, 2018
Humanitarian and other development organisations are calling for replicable self-sustaining
solutions to shared micro-utilities to ensure equitable modern energ.
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[PDF] The effect of price regulation on the performances of industrial symbiosis: a case study on district heating

R Sacchi, YK Ramsheva – International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning …, 2018
Page 1. ABSTRACT This study of the district heating system of Aalborg (Denmark)
analyses how fiscal instruments affect the extent excess heat recovery helps reduce
the carbon footprint of heat. It builds on a supply-and-demand …
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Expanding Sustainable Business Education Beyond Business Schools

CG Beehner – Handbook of Engaged Sustainability, 2017
Page 1. Expanding Sustainable Business Education Beyond Business Schools
Christopher G. Beehner Contents Introduction . . . . . 2 Background …
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Sustainable Environmental and Social Practices in Companies in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

S Sehnem, HPV Machado – Entrepreneurial, Innovative and Sustainable …, 2018
… and Reintegrate), treatment of industrial effluents, water recycling, water reuse, pollution control,
eco-efficiency, eco-innovation, biotechnology, a system of environmental management, clean
energies, eco-design, composting, incineration, sustainable consumption, zero wastes …
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Towards Climate Change Awareness Through Distance Learning—Are Young Portuguese and Brazilian University Students Vigilant?

FJP Caetano, CMBP Oliveira, MFF Araújo, MCFD Rêgo – Climate Literacy and …, 2018
… Everyone acknowledged that climate change has an impact on our biodiversity by
interfering with species reproduction and causing habitat loss, but changes in livelihoods
and sustainable consumption have been little remembered …
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Food and Sustainability: An Emerging Subject in Sustainable Environmental Sciences Education Applying to the e-Learning Environment

AP de Moura, L Aires – Climate Literacy and Innovations in Climate Change …, 2018
… Keywords. Activity theory Diet Environmental impact Food safety, food security Public health.
Download fulltext PDF. The Relevance of “Food Dimension” for Sustainable Consumption. Food,
health and environment are dimensions that are interchangeable (Loo et al. 2017) …
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Dealing with Climate Change as a Wicked Issue via Innovative Approaches

D Iliško, O Dedels – Climate Literacy and Innovations in Climate Change …, 2018
… Both, focus group interviews and the analyses of students’ essays indicate that the course raised
environmental consciousness of students but did not fully modify their habits and behaviors
towards sustainable consumption and lifestyles, desired by the course mentors …
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[PDF] 2 The Co-Creation of Competitive Knowledge between Higher Education Institutions and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

A Janeš, R Biloslavo, A Faganel – Connecting Higher Education Institutions with Small …
Page 25. 2 The Co-Creation of Competitive Knowledge between Higher Education
Institutions and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Aleksander Janeš University
of Primorska, Slovenia aleksander. janes@ fm-kp. si Roberto …
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